Character Care Baby Grooming Kit

Character Care Baby Grooming Kit by The Neat Nursery Co.

Dear mummy, I’m a vain little creature. I take after my daddy 😉 and can’t pass a mirror without staring at my reflection! My daddy is big on ‘beard’ grooming (he has an epic beard!) and has a little kit to look after it. My mummy has a make-up bag too, so I was feeling kinda left out not having a grooming kit of my own…that was until now!

Character Care Baby Grooming Kit

Yes, at last my very own Baby Grooming Kit from The Neat Nursery Co. It’s the perfect size and comes in a neat pink carry case with a little handle. I enjoying walking around with it. Inside is a good selection of items to help me look my best.  It will be on sale at around £19.99 and hasn’t even been released yet! We are the lucky few to be given the opportunity to test it.

Character Care Baby Grooming Kit

The Baby Grooming Kit contains grooming items that have been given character names and are smoothly shaped in pink and white.

1) ‘Benjamin’ Brush

2) ‘Charlie’ Comb

3) ‘Toby’ Toothbrush

4) ‘Sophie’ Scissors

5) ‘Chloe’ Clippers

6) ‘Bella’ Bath Thermometer – an awesome name! 

7) ‘Emily’ Emery Boards

8) ‘Harry’ Hippo Case

It would have been nice if the items were actually shaped like animals, that would have made it super cute. However, on closer inspection when all the items are lined up in a row they look like little people, with arms and legs! On the case there are illustrations around the grooming items to make them look like animals. They just needed to take it a step further if they were going down the animal route. The handles are a perfect ergonomic size for little ones and I can use the brushes already. Actually I wanted to use the toothbrush straight away!

Character Care Baby Grooming Kit

The kit contains scissors and clippers which means my mummy has to watch me like a hawk when I go anywhere near the kit. However, I’m 2 and a half now so she wants me to learn and understand what everything is.

We love the pink colour, I’m a real girlie girl, but if you had a little boy you might be put off having this colour. We later see that The Neat Nursery Co. actually have a Lime and Blue version of this set too online.

Character Care Baby Grooming Kit

The nail clippers are really practical for little ones, as we all know how hard it is to get wriggly toes and tiny fingers inside scissors quick enough to cut the nails off them. My daddy prefers to use scissors, where as my mummy feels she has greater safety and control with the clippers as they are steadier to use.

The emery boards are super miniature and good for quick nail files on the go when little ones fingers are super sharp and you just want to take the edge off their needle hands. It’s really import to file their nails or cut them to stop babies from scratching themselves or others unintentionally.

Character Care Baby Grooming Kit

The hair brush and comb is a perfect size for the parents to use on little ones. But it’s also good for little children to use on themselves and their dollies 😉 I spend ages role-playing and brushing my dolls hair with the brush and comb out of the kit. The brush has super-soft bristles and the comb is more rigid and good for combing out knots or helping with cradle-cap as it has wider teeth.

Character Care Baby Grooming Kit

The toothbrush is a perfect size too and great to pack as a travel version.

The thermometer is compact and handy to have in the kit too and is great for testing bathwater and bottle temperatures. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the kit.

It would make a great addition to a nursery (as it has everything in one place) or to take away in your suitcase. It’s light and small and there’s enough room inside to add other bits and pieces in as well. My mummy has added some plasters and wipes inside, you can even fit in a couple of nappies too as the carry case is domed and slightly rigid but soft.

Character Care Baby Grooming Kit

I’m sure this will come in handy for many more years to come…well until I am old enough to have a make-up bag of my own!

Love Bella x
Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. This is really cute. I had something similar for my daughter, but will probably need another one for when my next baby is born in a few months – definitely something to consider! x

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