My Autumn Adventures

Dear mummy, we’ve had a hectic week and have been enjoying the last of the summer sun.

We’ve visited The Vyne (National Trust) a couple of times and played in their walled garden with the tractors and garden toys.

The Vyne

The Vyne Pumpkin

We’ve been to The Vyne many times before and every time we visit we find something else to occupy our days with. Walking around looking at all the different shaped leaves looking for apples and pears in the orchard was great fun. Autumn is filled with so much colour and it was easy to spot the red apples against the bright blue sky. We’ve been in every season but Autumn has to be our favourite time of year.Apples at The Vyne

We hunted for conkers and collected them on our picnic blanket, along with some colourful autumn leaves. My mummy calls them ‘fire leaves’ as they look like they have been burnt. She also picked up some really spiky horse-chestnut shells which house the conkers to show me where they come from and what they look like when they fall from the trees.

Conker Monster

Conker Monster

We had fun making ‘Conker Monsters’ out of the ones we collected and my mummy spent some time piercing their shells with a hot metal skewer which she heated up with a lighter and matches. The are actually easier to make a hole in than you think – it’s the threading which is tricky!!

Conker Monster

Once they all had holes in them, we used some foil parcel-wrapping string to feed it through the hole and make our conker monsters. We found that normal string didn’t work and kept bending half way through! We gave our conker monsters a green fluffy head and googly eyes. I’ve had real fun chasing people around with him…even scaring the cat!

Conker Monster

While we were at The Vyne over the weekend we also found some pumpkins in the gardens and I told mummy that someday these would be big enough to be transformed into Cinderella’s carriage! For the time being though they are the perfect size to carve ready for Halloween.

The Vyne Pumpkin

The Dahlias were out in full glory and their pretty petals filled the edges of the walled garden with a beautiful spectrum of colour. We even managed to purchase a bunch to take with us.

The Vyne

Bella and Mum


The Vyne

That wasn’t all of the autumn colour applied to our lives last week. My mummy got a new car to chauffeur me around. It’s called a Suzuki Vitara and is perfect for our little family. I love the Autumnal gold colour and over the next couple of months we’ll be putting it through its paces and testing it out. The Houndmills AutoPlaza team at Suzuki City, Basingstoke were very helpful and kind. Watch this space for a comprehensive review and we’ll let you know what we think. It reminds me of a giant shiny conker!

New Suzuki Vitara

Its been a great couple of weeks and I’ve had some great outdoor fun! It’s amazing how bright sunny days filled with friends and family and beautiful colours can really cheer you up.

Love Bella x

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26 thoughts on “My Autumn Adventures

  1. The fire leaves are beautiful, I think I’ll have to cal them that too and your conker stash is really impressive. We haven’t been hunting yet and I think we need to before they all run out!

  2. We have been conker hunting too! Emily collected a bag full and is going to take some in to her friends at nursery, although I love the idea of making conker monsters!! Poor cat!!

  3. Autumn looks a lovely time to be visiting the Vyne with all those conkers. Love the monster too, these are on my list for our activity hour too. with pumpkins and apples it looks like there is an autumn feat to discover there this month. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  4. Love all the colours of Autumn, the Vyne sounds like a great place to visit too.
    With conquers you can also use a little drill to make holes, less dangerous than matches, though then again they can be fun too, in safe hands with you.
    Love the look of your car, enjoy it x

  5. Wow, looks like a great fun and those conker monsters look amazing! Gorgeous photos =)

  6. I love all these autumnal posts I keep reading!! It is most definitely my favourite time of year. Beautiful photos, plus I never realised how easy it was to put holes into conkers… going to give that a go now! xxx

  7. Oh you can’t beat Autumn and the leaves changing and conkers too. We need to go on a conker adventure soon. It’s on my list. What a lovely round of Autumn darling. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I appreciate the linky loyalty and always look forward to seeing you again at SWM. #sharewithme

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