My Autumn Mandala

Last week I wasn’t very well, we decided to stay local and near the house as I was feeling under the weather. (I later find out that I have a bout of tonsillitis – ouchie!)

However, after being confined to the house for a couple of days we decided to go out for a short walk and get some fresh air.

Autumn Mandala

We only walked around the block but we were amazed at the amount of wildlife and autumnal scenery we saw just outside our front door.

From blackberries to caterpillars and red berries to squirrels. We found conkers and helicopter leaves, fire leaves and magical twig wands.

Autumn Mandala

We played in the small play park, which we always drive past on the way home and went tree climbing in the grassy area next to our house.

Our walk ended following the path back to our house and we collected leaves and bits of ‘nature’ to take back with us and make some land art.

Autumn Mandala

My mummy joins in with a crafty #somum Twitter make-date every month organised by Pippa at Story of Mum. So we used our collected leaves to join in with this months activity, making Natural Mandalas.

Mandalas are produced by repeating patterns in order to create a bit of art. It’s great for relaxation and is very therapeutic. We often find cool activities though our #Somum make dates. It’s nice we can make use of the leaves we’ve collected.

You can read more about Story of Mum here.

Autumn Mandala

We laid out our bounty and made pretty shapes on the carpet. I helped make the conker heart while my mummy added the leaves and embellished with twigs and berries. We had a really good time collecting our items and making our land art.

Next time we are out and about we’re going to make one on the grass in the park for someone else to find and hopefully it will brightening up their day.

Autumn Mandala

It’s a really good free activity to do with children and gets them outside playing and foraging (a bit like a treasure hunt) and it’s great for their creativity afterwards when they make some art with what they’ve collected.

We’ll be doing this again at Christmas to see what we can find 🙂

Love Bella x

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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35 thoughts on “My Autumn Mandala

  1. ooooh I love this post – I love the textures and the colours and the creativity and the joy and the play and goodness me, you’ve made me feel very happy to have inspired just a tiny little bit of all of that. Thank you for writing about it here xx

  2. Lovely photos, all those autumnal colours, such a lovely idea to leave some art for someone else in the park too!

  3. such a lovely autumn scavenger hunt. I love all the things you have found and made and what beautiful photos, it has been the kindest autumn I remember for years with lovely mild days perfect for woods and parkland visits. I look forward to seeing this one on Country Kids.

  4. Beautiful autumn pictures! I just love your mandala. Gorgeous use of nature items. Visiting from #LetKidsBeKids

  5. I love your autumn mandala, it looks beautiful! I’ve been meaning to make one with the boys too, maybe we shall do that on the grass somewhere for someone to find, I love that idea! Beautiful photos too!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  6. Your pictures are so beautiful. Every single one is true autumn and the lighting is absolutely stunning. I love the mandala and the idea of doing land art. It looks like such a fun day out and what a brilliant outdoors activity to do too. I’m glad you’re feeling better now. Thank you so, so much for sharing this on #whatevertheweather x

  7. When I was little helicopter leaves were one of my most favourite things about autumn, as well as conkers of course 🙂 looks like such a nice walk even if it was a local one!

  8. Sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. 😦 Hope you are getting better now. Love your Autumn walk – lovely photos and ideas gathering around for the heart shape. Very nice. 🙂 x

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