Let it snow…

Dear Mummy, it’s not every day that you meet someone you idolise. I’ve grown up with Disney’s Frozen. I sing all the songs and know the story inside out. All day I’m constantly singing “Let it goooooooooooo”. In the early days I demanded to watch the film back to back and I was hooked from the very first snowflake.

Finkley Down Farm held a massive Frozen event called “Let it snow” at their farm and indoor play centre in Andover over the weekend. We had such a great time we had to share our experience and piccys.Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

Finkley Down Farm is a family run children’s farm with all the character of a traditional farm plus indoor and outdoor play areas, sheep racing and a lot of things to see and do. At Finkley you can feed the goats, cuddle a rabbit, or stroke a baby chick. However on this occasion we were here for the Frozen event. My folks have never seen so much delight on my face. I was beaming all day despite the weather being gloomy. I got to meet Elsa the Snow Queen and Anna the Snow Princess, Olaf my favourite snowman and even Kristoff (who I wasn’t too sure about).

Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

The meet & greet and show was performed by Enchanted Parties, Hampshire. Part of the Ruby Slippers Show School based in Andover. All I can say is that the performers did a great job of keeping us kids entertained throughout the day, especially as some of the children were quite clingy and attention grabbing. (I might have been one of them)

Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

At first I was a bit shy, so hid behind my mummy, but they came to us and chatted to make me feel at ease. The performers gave every single child there a hug and posed for photographs. We played games with actions, I was taught some dance moves and shook my toosh. I even won a prize for some of the best dance moves to the Macarena. What added to the atmosphere was the awesome snow machine, which sputtered out clusters of light foam, which added to the wintry scene.

Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

Finkley Down Farm staff had also dressed up the indoor play centre with twinkly lights and a large Christmas Tree. There’s a little cafe selling sandwiches and cakes and some hot meals with children’s meals. It’s not too pricey and we had a bite to eat in Moodys Cafe. I noticed they had Frozen cupcakes but was too late as they sold out before I got to the till. Finkley Down Farm is well maintained, clean and the staff are very friendly too. The toilets have children’s toilet seats and there’s a decent size baby changing area for families.

Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

Moody's cafe at Finkley Down Farm

I loved running around and playing in the soft play areas with daddy. I also had my face painted by the kind Joy Davies from A Face of Joy – Face Painting who spared us 20p off the full price when we hadn’t the full money and made me one happy little girl. I sat patiently for the lady to finish painting my face, and she was very skilful at adding such fine detail and glitter to my cheeks and temples. It looked beautiful and I couldn’t help stare at myself in the mirror.

Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

It’s so wonderful for a small child to be in awe of a situation. My folks witnessed pure joy on my face many times throughout the day. I think the pictures do the talking in this instance. I had a fantastic day. Even though it was wet and windy outside I was happy and content indoors for at least 3 hours playing on the play equipment and dancing with the frozen characters. We did venture outside for 20mins, but the weather got the better of us and the drizzly rain was a bit off-putting. The cold never bothered us anyway?! well today it sadly did. Finkley Down Farm has lots for children to do. There are a number of play areas outside including a fenced-in one for under 8s which I love but it was too cold and wet on this occasion to visit.

Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

It’s easy to forget there are animals here too: donkeys, ponies, llamas, goats and chickens among others. You can buy food to feed some of them. We ventured to the reptile enclosure briefly and also saw the bunny rabbits in their winter wonderland. The staff at Finkley Down Farm had tried to brighten up the place on this dark and gloomy day with Christmas decorations and sparkle and it did hold my attention as we walked outside. They must have loads planned for Christmas here, as we could see a number of Christmas displays being created.

Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

Finkley Down Farm’s Magical Christmas runs from the 27th November to the 24th of December and activities include an Elf Hunt, meeting a real reindeer, visiting father Christmas, a Christmas barn and lots of crafting activities too. Hopefully we’ll try to make it down before Christmas again! We started to walk back to the indoor play centre and I couldn’t resist jumping onto one of the wet tractors. I’ve been photographed on this many times before and my mummy can’t believe the change in me and how quickly I am growing up.

Let it snow at Finkley Down Farm

We’ve visited Finkley Down Farm many times before in all seasons and I can safely say this was the best event we’ve been to so far….but then I am a massive Frozen fan so they couldn’t have really gone wrong in my eyes.

Thank you Finkley and Enchanted Parties you made a little girls dreams come true.


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33 thoughts on “Let it snow…

  1. Slightly ashamed to admit I’ve never actually seen frozen….but you obviously had a great day out and the farm looks lovely #letkidsbekids

  2. What a great day, looks like you had a fabulous time meeting your frozen heroes. This farm looks amazing, my little boy would love to go and meet all the animals. The indoor snow storm looks like fun!xx p.s your Mummy take lovely photos #PointShoot

  3. Oh my goodness this is amazing! My little girl is 2.5 and loves those frozen princesses something fierce. She ‘met’ them at our local fireworks display at the weekend and was awestruck! Lovely picture of your little girl, I bet she loved it. #pointshoot

    1. It was a weekender event with 3 meet & greet times daily, so it was busy but everyone had their turn thankfully 🙂 Hopefully we might bump into you and Baby at Finkley one of these days x Thanks for hosting x

  4. I just love that photo on the tractor, gorgeous smile! You definitely seem to have had a fun time meeting the Frozen characters and playing and generally enjoying yourself. At least you managed to get outside for a short while even though it was a but wet and windy!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  5. I love Frozen. It sounds like a great farm and it’s amazing that they went all out with the snow, the christmas decorations and the face paints. The characters sound brilliant too, it’s so lovely that they came up to you and chatted and congratulations of winning the dancing award for your Macarena moves! Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather. x

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