My Hot Pink Moccasins

Amy & Ivor Hot Pink Moccasins

Dear mummy, last month I won a fabulous competition from Little Flea Kids over on Instagram.

Amy & Ivor Moccasins

One of the prizes was a beautiful pair of Amy & Ivor Moccasins for toddlers.

Amy & Ivor Moccasins

I was a bit unsure to begin with as I’ve never had a pair of these shoes before and didn’t really know how I would wear them. They are very funky. The kind of baby/toddler shoes you see in photo shoots and on glossy fashion blogs.

Amy & Ivor Moccasins

Are they ‘red-carpet shoes?’ Well, yes. In a glamorous and special way…

They are not really suitable for the outdoors as they are made entirely out of leather and the soles are not reinforced. Amy & Ivor’s soft structured shoes are intended for indoor and light outdoor use. The leather is buttery soft and the stitching detail is exquisite. A real luxury item. Made from baby safe chrome free leather that is naturally soft, supple and breathable they hug my feet!

Amy & Ivor Moccasins

They come in a range of stunning colours from electric blue through to muted pastels and natural colours. I went for the hot pink colour as its my favourite colour and we were intrigued. I can honestly say they are gorgeous!

Amy & Ivor Moccasins

My mummy and I were amazed when they came out of the box and I wanted to try them on straight away. They smell of real leather.

The moccasins are soft inside with flurry suede which keeps my feet snuggly warm. They have no hard edges and mould to my feet. They are handmade in the UK and made to order within 10 days, so each shoe is unique.

Amy & Ivor Moccasins

Perfect for dancing around in the house and lounging. I’m wearing them as slippers to keep my feet warm on our laminate flooring and they are perfect. They are easy slip on shoes with a little concealed elastic in the tongue which opens up gently to enable little ones to get their feet inside. They can be worn with or without socks too!

Amy & Ivor Moccasins

We’d recommend them as a great Christmas present this year. Perfect to keep little ones feet warm in the winter and really stylish. Yes they are a crazy colour but they are so cute! You can pick them up online for around £38 and they make a welcomed addition to my wardrobe. Every time we look at them they make us smile and they are super comfy!

Amy & Ivor Moccasins

I love wearing them around the house! Well, when else would I get to wear something so pink!

Love Bella x

Family Fever


19 thoughts on “My Hot Pink Moccasins

  1. I love love love these moccis, I have a monthly internal battle about whether to spend the money on them after every pay day, but they look so comfy that I might just have to bite the bullet

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