Toni & Guy – It’s over.

My mummy’s break-up letter to Toni & Guy.

Dear Toni & Guy, I’m sorry to have to do this online but you see I couldn’t do it face to face.

My mummy needs to break up with you.

She’s gone to great lengths to keep the relationship going. She’s been a loyal customer for 10 years, seen over 3 managers run the salon in Basingstoke, she’s gone through 2 house moves, 1 wedding and a pregnancy with you.

But now it’s time to say goodbye. Your relationship has fizzed out. You don’t ‘do it for her‘ anymore. The only spark is that from a dodgy hairdryer.

Her friends have told her to leave you long ago, saying that you were bleeding her dry, you never paid for anything and she always came out of the salon feeling robbed and not good about herself. This shouldn’t happen at a top hairdresser.

The final straw, like the straw-like feeling from her supposedly sleek hair, came this week when she actually cried while having her hair done at your salon.

It was a catalogue of errors and the feeling of being made to feel unwelcome. Right from walking through the doors, staff were heard bitching about other members – really unprofessional. Being told that she was undercharged on her last visit and being made to feel it was her problem and it “won’t be happening again“. They told this to a customer that till only a year ago had been getting her hair coloured and cut for £140!! My mummy must have spent thousands in that salon and they are arguing over a tenner! Jeezee!

She’s noticed that things have been getting worse at the salon since last year. The place looks shabby, uncared for and dirty. But today her whole experience was one she’d rather forget.

It’s not nice sitting for a long period of time with cold colour dumped on your hair, having to go and grab your own magazine because the ‘girls’ are having a mothers meeting at reception.

Then sitting at a cold sink for a further 10 mins, with the TV’s above you blank (broken or not switched on).

Then having the torture of colour being dragged through to the ends of your hair with plastic gloves pulling and yanking. It made my mummy cry out in pain a couple of times.

She told the lady that she was hurting her, the technician wasn’t best pleased that she spoke up to complain and as a result she didn’t get a head massage, actually she was unsure she even got conditioner on her hair at all. The worse hair wash she’s ever had. Visiting the hair salon should be a comforting and relaxing experience. She could actually have washed her hair better at home.

In this day and age when purse strings are tight and my mummy doesn’t get much time to treat herself you expect a level of customer service and care. Going to get her hair done is my mummy’s only indulgence. Now she’s not even having a good time relaxing. You may think that my mummy is overreacting here (this is the first and hopefully the last ranty post she’s every written on the blog).

Visiting Toni & Guy used to be her escapism her sanctuary, a place to reset and make herself feel good.

Towards the end of her blow dry she had 2 technicians pulling in opposite directions with roller brushes trying to dry her thick damp hair. Tears streaming down her face, they didn’t even notice her discomfort. My mummy isn’t a confrontational person. However she did speak up to say it hurt but they carried on.

Once they finished she couldn’t even bring herself to look at her face. Her hair was still damp and frizzy. Her scalp was itchy and whenever she scratched her head, black thick colour would be on her fingers. She thanked them polity, cashed in her Toni & Guy rewards card and left. She will never be going back there. As she left she could hear the group of salon girls giggle and stare holes into her back.

So, Toni & Guy I’m sorry to tell you that we’re over. You lost a good, loyal customer today. I’m sure you don’t care, why, you have plenty of customers that get ripped off everyday. Well, not me and not my family. We’re going to go somewhere where they will treat us right, appreciate that stressed out mums need a bit of down time and a pamper. I’m hoping this is just an isolated incident in this particular branch and I would hate for anyone else to go through what my mummy did.

Good bye and good riddance we’ll be better off without you in our lives.

Bella and her Mummy Dawn x

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57 thoughts on “Toni & Guy – It’s over.

  1. This is awful!! You should definitely write to their head office. I know it’s probably a franchise sort of deal but still, that is an absolutely appalling way to treat another human!

  2. Oh my goodness! How awful for you. I felt so angry reading this post. I go to a lovely independent hairdresser near where I live and like you say it’s a real treat for me to get my hair done (where by the way highlights and a cut cost £50!) I hope this post goes viral and the realise what a rubbish service they’ve been providing. I hope you find a better hairdresser who appreciates what a loyal customer you are.

  3. Woah that’s so bad. I feel so sorry for your mummy reading this. I really hope she complains to their head office. I go to Rush to get my hair cut, and the staff in my local one are really nice. I’ve also been to Headmasters and they all seemed really nice there as well. I’ve never been to Toni & Guy, for some reason there’s always been something that puts me off, now I definitely won’t.x

  4. I’m so glad you’ve ditched them. I don’t go to the high street at all. I found a girl who cuts and colours my hair beautifully for a fraction of the price. I haven’t found anyone who makes it look as good as she does, and I’ve been with her for 10 years now. It takes more than a name to impress me these days

  5. I would definitely complain! I have always gone to Box down by St Michael’s Church and I’ve never had a problem with them 🙂 I’ve heard so many bad things about Toni & Guy- they shouldn’t get away with making you cry! xx

  6. Oh my! That’s awful! But it’s the reason I rarely visit the hair salon! I’ve yet to find one that makes me feel valued and welcome. I live in the same town as you so if you find somewhere please share!

  7. I have been to Toni and Guy once. Never again. The hairdresser spent the whole time chatting to the hairdresser next to her. It was like I didn’t even exist. Even.worse they were slagging off the customers they had had that morning. No thanks. Support the independants!

  8. you pay how much?????? Good grief, I spend less than that in a year let alone one visit, yes I know I should go more often.
    That treatment sounds terrible. I would feel terrible as well had that been me. I really think you should put in a complaint in writing, that sort of behaviour and treatment is atrocious. If you are working in a customer service job especially where the customer has a choice then your behaviour should be appropriate.

  9. Oh that is terrible. As you say it is a real treat for mums to go to the hairdresser. Glad you won’t be going back and I hope you find somewhere else that gives you a relaxing haircut. #effitfriday

    1. Wow that is shocking. I am training to be a hairdresser and the one thing that scares me is working in a salon and them being really bitchy! Also being older and a mum I understand what a treat it should be to get your hair done… and why are so many salons so unfriendly! ? def tweet them and shame them as thats bad and shouldnt be allowed.. especially from such a big chain

  10. Oh my goodness, I left there years ago as I never felt as though I was a valued customer! I now use Box in church street, and can truly say I have always had a great experience ! Give it a try!

  11. I went to Tony & Guy once when I was pregnant and I would never go back again. I paid extra to have the head stylist and she butchered my hair.. Never again!

  12. Poor you! What a terrible experience! Like others have said I would write in and complain. That’s a shocking way to treat a customer, especially one who has been as loyal as you have and Toni & Guy aren’t known for their cheap prices. I feel so angry for you. I hope that you find a lovely new hairdresser who gives you the head massage you deserve. It’s the little things that us mummies look forward to xx

  13. It’s ridiculous that you were treated so badly, especially at a place that is so over priced. You should tweet them this post! I hope you find a salon that knows how to treat customers. Getting your hair done is supposed to be something to look forward to and enjoy! #effitfriday

  14. Sounds awful, I’m so sorry you had such a pants experience. My last visit to a hairdressers didn’t go well either and I’m putting off getting a trim although I need one. Toni and Guy once took 3 hours trying to trim my hair and got me to stand up for most of it!
    Buy yourself a lovely smelling hair mask and relax in the bath for a bit and try to forget about it xx

  15. This is an appalling way to treat a customer! I never felt welcome at Toni and Guy, there is a salon in town and I went a couple of times and found they were very rude and unwelcoming, they were never helpful and when it costs so much you end up wondering where your money went! Hope you find somewhere better and more deserving of your custom. #JustAnotherLinky

  16. Sorry to hear this, it’s such a horrible feeling when you put your trust in someone and are then made to feel ridiculed. I hate the hairdressers for this exact reason, I’d prefer to go to the dentist or a gynecologist than go and get my hair cut. The last one I went to told me that my ‘hair is crap’, too soft and thin. I’m yet to find a hairdresser I trust… X

  17. This is disgusting! I hope this gets in their radar and punishments happen. I’m so sorry you had to go through that, I’ve never heard of such horrendous customer service at a hairdressers!!

  18. This is the second time I come across your blog and I just realized I should be reading you more often. Your take on writing as your daughter is so unique it should be read by everyone. Oh and Toni & Guy has been losing credibility for years. It’s too bad cause it was so hot in the 80’s and 90’s. Go and find a really cool hairdresser where they take care of you like a queen! #justanotherlinky

  19. how awful, you pay all that money and don’t expect to be treated like that! I used to go to Toni and Guy years ago but I found another salon because I hated the bitchiness of the staff and I never felt satisfied with my haircut. Best decision ever because I’ve been a loyal customer at my current salon for the last 10 years and don’t plan on going anywhere else. Really hope they sit up and take notice of this and I hope you manage to find somewhere that values your custom xxx #justanotherlinky

  20. OH GOODNESS, what an awful, horrible experience. Paying that much for a hair cut you would be expected to be treated like royalty. I stopped using expensive salons years ago for this very reason…….such a shame :0(

  21. What you endured is simply horrendous! No person should be left crying coming out of a hair salon without so much as an apology or compensation. I’d definitely complain to them and their HQ and I’m going to be sharing his post across my social media accounts. You poor thing xx

  22. Well, I liked this post, but I don’t LIKE it obviously! What a horrible experience. I do hope you will tweet them a link to your post at least, if not write to their head office. It’s a shame that they’ve obviously let the name above the shop allow them to think that they don’t have to make an effort to make their customers feel valued and special. Having your hair done can be fun, but is actually a really vulnerable position to put yourself in, as this experience illustrates. 😦
    Hope you find a nice new hairdressers soon.
    x Alice

  23. It’s SO hard to find a decent hairdresser! I have to say, haven’t heard great things about Toni and Guy, or any of the big branded hair dressers to be honest. Shop local and independent is what I say! x #ABitofEverything

  24. Oh no, this is awful. You need to write a complaint or something, they can’t treat people like that and especially not people who are paying lots of money. I hardly ever go to the salon because it is so expensive and I don’t have the time but when I do go I like it to be a relaxing experience. I hope you find a lovely new hairdressers, maybe a nice independent salon where the staff actually care about their customers. xx #abitofeverything

  25. Oh my God. Sod not normally complaining or being confrontational. You need to report these a-holes. So annoyed reading this post and I feel so sorry for you. You cried. You poor thing; it’s awful. I’m amazed they’re still in business to be honest. I went there once to my local one and it was such a rip off. Just factory haircutting. File an official complaint. Tweet this post to them!! #Abitofeverything.

  26. This is brilliant, and I really hope it reaches Toni & Guy. Will tweet a link in in the hopes of helping to make that happen!! (ps. I think I should get my toddler to pen a few letters for me too; I feel so “old” saying this but what on earth has happened to customer service these days?!) #abitofeverything

  27. What an aweful experience. I can only echo what other people have said here, you need to write to the head office and make an official complaint. Im sure they wouldnt appreciate their company sending out that sort of image.
    Thank you for linking up with us, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

  28. I go to Toni and Guy in Cardiff but only to one stylist, when she went on maternity leave my hair was a mess! If she left I wouldn’t go back. They are pleasant enough and no bitchin’ but it’s just too expensive for what you get. I think your mummy should print this post and send it to their head office 🙂 A few tweets from us fellow bloggers may help too 🙂

  29. It’s the end of the era! So sorry you had to experience this, I know it can be hard trusting someone new. Good luck with your search! I’ve stopped women in the street before to ask where they got their hair done.

  30. What an awful experience! And for them to not notice what they put you through! I hope this post reaches them and you find someone new!

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