My Family’s Top Ten Travel Essentials #MarkWarnerMum

Dear Mummy, we’re heading away on holiday soon so our frantic packing of suitcases has begun! Cue running around like a mad loon trying to squeeze every last item from my fancy dress box into my holdall, much to my … Continue reading

Real parenting tips to get through summer

Dear Mummy, the summer holidays are almost upon us and while teachers breath a sign of relief some parents up and down the country are dreading the six weeks over the school break. How do some folks cope with six weeks … Continue reading

Keeping me refreshed over the summer!

Squash’d Review #enjoymorewater

Dear mummy, I’m a crazy toddler and over the summer months you are always trying to find ways to keep me hydrated and cool. Children are at a greater risk of dehydration than adults as they have higher water requirements in … Continue reading

Toni & Guy – It’s over.

Toni & Guy Basingstoke

My mummy’s break-up letter to Toni & Guy. Dear Toni & Guy, I’m sorry to have to do this online but you see I couldn’t do it face to face. My mummy needs to break up with you. She’s gone … Continue reading

My Funny Bones!

Dear mummy, this week I discovered what bones are. I may only be a toddler but you helped me understand what they are and what they do. The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone, The foot bone’s connected to … Continue reading