Beat the January Blues!

Dear Mummy, emotions always run high during the Festive period. All the pressure and expectation of putting on a great Christmas can leave you feeling a bit flat in the New Year.

Beat the January Blues

Just like returning from a fab holiday many of us suffer from the holiday blues. But what makes it worse in January is that the weather is miserable, people are skint and the whole world seems to be on a bloody diet.

Cutting back, denying, making strict resolutions and feeling like a failure is not a good way to start the year!

Here’s what WE do to beat the January blues!

1) Don’t diet. Don’t deny yourself simple pleasures in life during January. Eat. It’s a hard month without chocolate and wine in hand. Start making sacrifices in the warmer months when you can substitute hearty meals for green salads. Everything tastes better with sunshine!

2) Book an adventure. Whether it be a small staycation or an elaborate destination abroad, booking a holiday will give you something to look forward too!

3) Be thankful. Write yourself a ‘thankful’ list. Start off basic and remind yourself how lucky you are to have a roof over your head.

4) See friends and talk to people. Don’t hide yourself away dodging social events because you are skint, on a diet or feeling fat. I’m sure seeing your mates or worse case curling up on the sofa with your online mates will help cheer you up. Don’t hide – chat.

5) Start a new hobby. Try and focus your negativity on learning something new. We’re learning how to knit!! (2nd year running!!)

6) Window shop. Make a wish list and lose yourself in a dream world. Use Pinterest to fantasize over that beautiful bedroom. You still get the same satisfaction pinning than you do spending money!

7) Escape. If you have the time read a book or lose yourself in a movie – do it! Find your escape from the daily grind.

8) Play the lottery! You gotta be in it to win it, there has been loads of rollovers already in the Lotto….who knows it could change your life!

9) Write a diary. Write down what’s making you unhappy and try to change it. I know it’s hard and sometimes you are stuck in an awkward situation that you sometimes can’t get out of, but try to find a solution even if it’s only a small change for the better.

10) Hibernate. If all else fails….sleep through it! Wait for the Spring. That’s what bears do….isn’t it?

*This is no way intended to be sound advice! This is what WE do to lighten the mood on dreary January days*

Love Bella x

29 thoughts on “Beat the January Blues!

  1. Hibernate sounds about the best idea, would save a) dieting b) being skint in Jan and c) a huge amount on the leccy bill.
    I agree with to hang with the diet, seems a bit silly when everybody still has masses of temptations left cos they over bought biscuits and chocolates galore for Christmas.

  2. Some great tips here. I did dry january last year and it was so hard and awful so decided not to do it this year and choose a different month instead. Also you are right you should;t deny yourself too much in Jan as it’s a hard month anyway. Great tips.

  3. Great advice. I like the idea of hibernating until Spring..! I definitely agree that dieting is easier when it is sunny, so hard to resist comfort food when it’s freezing outside and you’re spending lots of time inside. Love this post x #TheList

  4. I’m with you on all of these. This is why Santa brings us so much chocolate… It is to help us through the drudge of January! 🙂


  5. I never know why people start diets in January as its so cold and miserable – we need comfort food. The Lottery fairy hasn’t been kind to me so far but with tonights mega jackpot I have my ticket

  6. Good plans! I don’t diet either! My plan tends to be to keep watching Christmas films & refuse to acknowledge Christmas is gone! & hope for snow! & actually I WAS considering getting a lottery ticket! #justanotherlinky

  7. Great advice here! January can be a tough time – I like to plan things to help make it a little bit brighter – off to buy a lottery ticket! hehe

  8. Love this! Really hit home as i am currently on my computer trying to book a trip, and just heard on the car radio about a new lottery going that I’m def getting tix for ha. But abstaining from wine for two weeks, sorry :).

  9. Hi Bella, sound advice even though it wasn’t meant to be. Just the word ‘diet’ (used in relation to loosing weight) makes me groan. The world goes diet mad in January and it does my head in. Eat sensibly and in moderation, don’t deny yourself anything (just think before you eat that treat and if you still want it, then consume it!).

    Making the most of the bad weather by reading a good book, watching a film or taking up a new hobby are great ideas. Good luck with the knitting!


  10. I’m so guilty of hibernating with a slab of chocolate and a bottle of wine. I just don’t feel like going anywhere in January. Something my bank balance will no doubt be thankful for! My waistline? Not so much… xxx #TwinklyTuesday

  11. Love it, I never start a diet and always need something to look forward too, I’m planning a night away with my husband next week. Happy January! #TwinkleyTuesday

  12. I love your list! I have been feeling a bit ‘January-ish’ of late and some of your suggestions have already been put into practise around here in an attempt to combat the ‘blues’! I love the idea of a ‘thankful’ list. I was only thinking the other evening that I should snap out of my mood and count my blessings. I think writing them down daily would encourage me to get through the hard times – and reading them back in the future would surely be a lovely way to pass the time too. That’s it. I’m doing it!! Thanks for the ideas xx #TwinklyTuesday

  13. Great list 🙂 I hate the January blues! I wish I could actually do the hibernating one lol #TwinklyTuesday

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