Winning the war against headlice!

Nits are the Pits.

How to treat them with Vamousse Head Lice Treatment.

Dear mummy last week, I started scratching my head. I had a really dry and flaky scalp, I refused to wear hats and didn’t like anyone brushing my hair. My folks originally thought a change of shampoo had caused this problem.

It wasn’t until Grandma noticed (while I was sat on her lap) that I had little creatures running around in my hair! Urgh! Yuk! I had NITS!!!!

Vamousse Review

My daddy rushed up to Sainsbury’s where the pharmacist assistant recommended a bottle of Vamousse Head Lice Treatment along with a couple of other types of treatment. In its bright red (danger) bottle and stark claims “Kills 100% of Lice & Eggs in 15 Minutes Kills Super Lice (Lice that are resistant to other treatments)” he was suitably impressed and bought it.

By the time he got back home all off us were itching!! Even Uncle Ben on the sofa (who’d just arrived at the N.I.T scene) was scratching his head!!

All of us itching to get this mousse on my hair and try to kill the little buggers.

Vamousse Review

Vamousse Head Lice Treatment is a Non-Toxic, Pesticide-Free easy to use mousse application. You just massage it onto the scalp. It smells pretty grim and filled the house with a weird smell. But I didn’t mind having it applied to my hair, while I sat on daddy’s lap watching a bit of telly. We drapped an old towel over my shoulders to catch any fallen lice and eggs.

Vamousse Review

Apparently “One application of Vamousse Head Lice Treatment is proven to kill 100% of lice and eggs, in just 15 minutes.” So we waited 15 minutes then headed upstairs for my bath.

One louse even jumped on daddy jumper! So he treated his scalp and beard too, just to be safe!!

Vamousse Review

Included in the box is a Steel Lice Comb which is super effective, safe and fast. So while I was happily splashing about in the bath daddy sat with me and combed my hair. It was grim….the eggs and the lice got caught up in the comb. They were ALL dead!! Even the ones that seemed glued to my hair follicle just peeled away when my mummy used her nails and a tissue.

Vamousse Review

One use and it worked. Most people will clear them all on the first or second comb through, especially if the infestation is caught early and the hair is less thick and long. I’ve got really short, fine hair so this worked a treat for me!

What to do if your child gets head lice:

Day 1 – Comb the head thoroughly with a Steel Lice Comb in sections removing all the live lice and as many eggs as you can see. The eggs you should be concerned about are the darker coloured oval shapes near the root. The white ones are empty shells. If you’re combing thoroughly you’ll be removing any that are large enough to move to another head so they won’t infect other children.

Vamousse Review

Apply the Vamousse Head Lice Treatment to scalp and hair, comb through. After 15 minutes wash out and comb through with the Steel Lice Comb removing as much of the lice and eggs you can see.

We also washed clothes, bed sheets, pillows and hats and teddies in my cot.

Day 3 – Inspect the scalp (we felt like monkeys doing this to each other!) section the hair and comb through the hair with a nit comb. To remove deadlings and see if any have reappeared. Luckily for us one treatment of Vamousse Head Lice Treatment did the job!

Day 6 – Repeat and continue for at least another week. If you spot any live ones or eggs use the Vamousse Head Lice Treatment again. By this time you should only be removing new hatchlings. If you get them all before they have chance to reproduce you will have solved the problem.

The eggs take a week or more to hatch then another ten days or so to become mature enough to lay eggs of their own. If you catch them in that time you have broken the cycle. They look like little black dots and can collect at the map of the neck and behind the ears.

Vamousse also produce Vamousse Preventative Shampoo which we’ve yet to try. It is specifically formulated for every-day use at times of high-risk which is great to help avoid re-infestation or for parents who’ve received the head lice letter from school or nursery who want to protect against infestation.

My mummy’s itching just writing this!

Vamousse Review

We found that Vamousse Head Lice Treatment lived up to its claims and we were pleasantly surprised that it worked with one treatment. But we were thorough with it, spending at least two hours treating and combing out the nit and eggs.

It worked great for us as I have thin, whispy blonde hair so they were easy to spot too which helped with extraction with the Steel Nit Comb. Vamousse Head Lice Treatment is £14.99 and you can pick it up from Boots, Sainsbury’s and Tescos.

Vamousse Review

All in all a good product for us and we will be using it again. (Hopefully not too soon though!)

Love Bella x

p.s This is NOT a sponsored post and we are not affiliated with Vamousse Head Lice Treatment. We just thought it was an awesome product and wanted to share it with you!


27 thoughts on “Winning the war against headlice!

  1. Oh we had our first outbreak of “creepy crawlies” last month and we could NOT get rid of them! I used six different brands of lice treatment and we just could not get rid of the little bleeders!! My daughter has such long, thick hair and every time I thought we had got them all they just came back, bigger and badder! Eventually I discovered Vamousse, one treatment later and they have totally gone!! Hoping that’s the end of them, they creeped me out!!!

  2. Poor you Bella, headlice are horrible – I feel like my daughter has been fighting a constant battle against them ever since starting preschool. We now use a daily protect and go treatment which seems to be keeping them at bay and works well as a detangling spray too (win-win!) plus I go through her hair with conditioner and a steel nit comb a couple of times a week just to make sure her hair stays clear. I didn’t realise that Vamousse worked so quickly – the treatment we’ve used had to stay on her hair overnight which is a bit of a pain – being able to wash it out and get rid of dead lice after about 15 minutes sounds good to me so will have to try this next time we have an outbreak. I’m itching now though just thinking about it! Thanks for sharing 🙂 #twinklytuesday

  3. Oh my, I haven’t had to deal with lice yet (knock on wood) but I do have 3 little ones running around and my oldest is finally in school, so wouldn’t be too surprised if some made their way to us. I’m totally keeping this in mind for if/when the time comes! Thanks for the heads up. #twinklytuesday

  4. Oh I’m itching now!!! Really good to read your review though, I’m sure it won’t be too long before Elliot brings some “little friends” home from pre-school, now I know which brand to go for! I had nits loads as a child, my hair was so thick and curly and they seemed to love it. My poor mum was forever going to the chemist to buy some of that stinky shampoo…..really hoping this new stuff smells better than the stuff of the 80s!! xx #twinklytuesday

  5. Ah no! My head is itching just reading this! I really am not looking forward to Boo’s first case of these – it’s great to know about this product

  6. Poor you! When I was younger I had nits and nothing seemed to help it go away. Then I was brought a badge that I had to wear and its impulses killed all the headlice immediately. I never got it again.

  7. We had an awful run of these sneaky little pests…hateful. Seemed to itch for a month at least, after…good luck! We went all natural fix too–thank goodness it worked.
    Have a #FabFridayPost!

  8. Takes me back to when I was a young kid. I remember my sister and I getting it from school. The amount of laundry and putting stuffed animals in bags and washing/combing of hair…I don’t know how my mom did it!

  9. I hate how easy it is for children to catch them when they are young. Sounds like a fab product. So many of them seem to use chemicals that I am sure do more harm than good! #FabFridayPost

  10. Yep itching just reading. I like the idea of a preventative shampoo. Apparently there’s nits at my daughter’s nursery atm *sigh*
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  11. We’ve only faced one serious lot of lice and it is soooo gross. Glad you found a suitable option!!! We used one which was very oily and suffocated them… that worked well too. … Oooops started itching just with the thought of it!!!

  12. This is a really good step-by-step guide. I would have no idea what to do if my kids have nits. (I hope they don’t!) Thank you for this. It is so very useful. Thank you for linking up with us again. #FabFridayPost x p.s. Glad she is okay and nits free now. What a brave girl! xx

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