A princess for a day!

My 3rd Birthday Party

Dear Mummy last weekend you organised a beautiful 3rd Birthday Party for me (with the help of my Prince Charming, Daddy and my Fairy Grandmother). It was a party fit for a Princess!

Princess Party Ideas


My folks hired Kempshott Village Hall in Basingstoke, Hampshire, which was a superb space! It had a little stage and a kitchen with access to loads of chairs and tables with plenty of parking all for £18.50 per hour. Daddy dressed up the space with fabric drapes that he made (including cutting up some old net curtains), a rail for fancy dress, a couple of pop-up castle tents and a small crafting table. There was plenty for little folk to do there from fancy dress to decorating crowns and playing with PlayDoh.

Princess Party Ideas


My mummy had purchased a pop-up photo stand from Amscan International and all the children had fun pretending to be princesses by popping their heads through the cut-outs (even the adults). My folks provided crowns and tiaras which children could dress up and play with, balloon swords and wands. On the day I noticed lots of damsels being rescued and knights duelling with balloons. My dressing up box was put to good use!

Princess Party Ideas

Party Table

I loved the Princess Party table, with miniature carriages from Party Pieces to carry our party food in, matching plates and tablecloths. I was most impressed with the effort that the rest of the family made with bringing handmade cakes in a variety of colours. My Grandparents had fun making and transporting the white chocolate coated strawberries on popsticks, as the hundred and thousands went everywhere in the back of the car! Everyone helped dress the tables and organise the hall, it was a complete team effort! Mummy and Daddy catered for the grown ups with platters from Morrisons which were great value at £6 for sandwich platters to £8 platters with savoury items.

Princess Party Ideas

Routine Riots

But the highlight of my princess party was actually meeting a real life princess! We’re not talking about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge here, but infact Cinderella. My folks had hired Routine Riots to help with my Princess Party, we’d heard good things about this local company based in Andover, Hampshire.

Routine Riots provided entertainment for an hour and Cinderella surprised me half way through my party. You should have seen my face! It was priceless. Routine Riots not only provide princess parties but also bespoke dance and themed parties for all ages of children. They also specialise face painting and balloon modelling and on the day Cinderella never broke character and was sweet and sincere. She made me feel so special and spent time with all of my friends making sure they had a wonderful time (even the boys and adults).

Princess Party Ideas

Routine Riots provide different tiers of entertainment packages ranging from 15 mins (character meet and greets) up to 2 hr performances. Each 1 to 2.5 hr session is jam-packed with fun dancing, singing, competitions, games and led by friendly CRB checked and qualified dance instructor. What we liked was that my party was tailored for my age range, we had storytelling and role-playing which all the kids enjoyed. We had royal  dancing (with lots of curtsying and bowing), classic party games like pass the parcel and musical statues (a prize was include in the party package for each child) all organised and overseen by Cinderella. This meant that my folks could take a step back and enjoy the moment while mingling with older guests.

It’s doesn’t have to be a princess every time though as Routine Riots have loads of fancy dress characters and themed parties as well on their website too like Pirates and Fairies. As an added bonus each child had a balloon twisted into a flower or sword to play with after she left.

Princess Party Ideas

Birthday Cake

My birthday cake was created by local blogger and cake extraordinaire Sian at Cakey Dreamer. It was the perfect cake for my Princess party and with no creative direction Sian dreamt up this beautiful and classic cake. We loved the pink quilted icing and gold dusted crown. It tasted as good as it looked too and was a really substantial with two jam and buttercream tiers. It was lovely, moist and fluffy too and all the guests enjoyed it. A week on we are still eating it and it still tastes great! Thanks Cakey Dreamer!

Princess Party Ideas

My First Dance

I loved the way my beautiful Cinderella party dress from the Disney Store swooshed and the twinkly lights shimmered under the netting. With all the twirling going on in the hall it was only a matter of time before the music came on and I was asked to dance by my Prince Charming AKA daddy.

Princess Party Ideas

We waltzed to Beauty & The Beast soundtrack and my daddy lifted me up in his arms and spun me around. The pure joy on my face and the realisation that I was at my own ball was lovely for spectators to see. It made my mummy well up with pride.

Princess Party Ideas

All the children that attended had a good time, they loved dressing up and pretending to be royalty for one day. Even in their sugar induced craziness at the end they all seemed to leave with smiles.

Princess Party Ideas

Party Bags

The party bags that my mummy put together included a mixture of sugar-free lollies, curly straws, a bag of wine gums, some animal clips, stickers, animal pencils and wands which the majority came from TIGER.

Princess Party Ideas

All in all a lovely day and another wonderful memory created for the family. My folks love organising parties and getting into the spirit. They dressed up too, my mummy wore her wedding dress which is nearly 10 years old, you are never too old to act like a princess!

Love Princess Bella x

Disclosure: Routine Riots & Cakey Dreamer offered us a discounted rate in return for an honest review. All thoughts are our own.


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24 thoughts on “A princess for a day!

  1. What a fantastic party! You can see how much she is enjoying it. I read it carefully as I think I’ll be doing something similar for my own princesses 3rd birthday this year.

  2. Aww what a fab party. You thought of loads! I love the Cinderella; she looks so like the real one. I bet Isabella had a fabulous day and enjoyed making a dent on that cake!! Xx #twinklytuesday

  3. What a fab party!! I have a little Cinderella here too, infact I have just bought her the glass slippers for her birthday next week! It’s amazing how into it they get isn’t it? Thanks for sharing such a beautiful occasion. #TwinklyTuesday

  4. The daddy daughter dance has given me leaky eyes – so cute!! What a fab party for a princess! xx #triedtested

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