Ode to a perfect holiday


Ode to a perfect holiday

I’m only 3 years old and haven’t spent much time on this planet. There’s a big wide world out there which I’d like to inhabit.

I’ve seen other entries to the Mark Warner bloggers competition so have decided to join in, I’ve made it my mission.

The perfect holiday for me isn’t just a destination, it’s a place in my heart with my family where we share our jubilation.

It’s the excitement we all have as we board a plane, for destinations like France, Greece or somewhere off terrain. It’s the feeling of getting ready and thinking something is a miss, not Macaulay Culkin, but passports or tickets – that’s why we write lists.

I’m only little so my needs are really cheap, a beach and some sand castles would be a really big treat. Oh, and maybe some ice cream and seafood for my folks, not together of course as that would be a joke!

I haven’t seen much snow, see I wouldn’t know what to do with that white powdery stuff, maybe learn how to ski but I’m sure that’s quite tough. My folks are both clueless so to watch them go off piste would make a great comedy video you wouldn’t want to miss.

When it’s time for me to go to bed, my folks would like to treat themselves to some free time instead. Maybe catch dinner and relax somewhere secluded, while I’m looked after with great childcare included.

All know is that I want to broaden my horizons, watch a sunset or two from a different view. Take in the crisp fresh air from the Northern hemisphere. Go swimming with the fishes on far away lands, escape from the monotonous everyday plans.

So, Mark Warner Holidays, I’m ready to take you up on your challenge, a toddler by the helm there’s no doubt that I’d manage.

For now though I’ll continue to dream of life’s little getaways until I’m on your team.

Love Bella (age 3) x
Yes, I’m a toddler that blogs.

This is my entry into the Mark Warner Holidays ambassador competition in the creative writer category. You can read all about it here and see all the other great entries by following the #MarkWarnerMum or #MarkWarnerDad hashtag. And you can check out their sun and ski holidays over on their website.


Mark Warner Mum


30 thoughts on “Ode to a perfect holiday

  1. I love this makes me think of the excitement i felt as a kid on holiday, it didn’t have to be the most amazing place but i can remember such hapiness as a kid when i was on holiday with my parents xxxx

  2. Well you are certainly a clever bubba if you have learnt to blog already it clearly runs in the family! I love that you think about swimming with the fishes as I would like to do that one day!

  3. What a lovely entry, so wonderful that you made it rhyme too. Best of luck in the ambassador contest πŸ™‚

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