My Yummy Mummy at LUSH

Dear Mummy, on Valentine’s weekend you escaped the house and took some time for yourself to be pampered.

Yummy mummy at LUSH

You were invited down to the Southampton LUSH store to be shown some new products. You’d been to this LUSH store before last year and you were looking forward to a child free evening. Beauty bloggers joined my mummy for a relaxed informative evening with nibbles and demonstrations full of LUSH products.

Yummy mummy at LUSH

It’s hard to make a full-time working, tired mummy feel glamours and pampered but the evening was a roaring success. My mummy was introduced to a red lipstick in a shade she wouldn’t ordinarily wear (well in fact she doesn’t wear lippy at all) a new lip care routine perfect for helping to ease her chapped winter lips and some new bath products.

Yummy mummy at LUSH

A new lip care routine.
In the mornings my mummy doesn’t have time to invest in a beauty routine (a bit of soap and a splash of mascara) before work and her lips and face are usually the last thing she pays any attention to as she dashes out to work on the nursery run.

However at the LUSH event she was drawn to this deep shade of red. Maybe it was the influence of Valentines Day in the air or she wanted to be more dramatic amongst all the young beauty bloggers – but she gave it a go and whacked some on. She was also drawn to a crazy bright Coral colour but it did nothing for her dull and tired complexion.

Yummy mummy at LUSH

The red lippy she tried was called ‘Decisive’ which is a darker blueish red of the brighter ‘Ambition’ red lipstick that LUSH sell. She took advice from the helpful staff to use some lipscrub called ‘Kissed’ and a fruity Passion Fruit lip balm before she applied the deep shade of red. It was really empowering putting it on and she felt good as soon as she saw her reflection. *hence the posing – see she CAN get away with pretending to be a beauty blogger! ;)*

It had great staying power and being the non-beauty blogger she is, she fell asleep and woke up the next day with it still on, actually it had stained her lips! So no need to reapply then!!

Yummy mummy at LUSH

Unicorn Power

Another product that she was shown was Unicorn Horn. She’d see this on social media before arriving at the store and made a beeline for it straight away. It’s a crazy shaped magical Bubble Bar with a twisting of rainbow colours and a silver powdery finish. It contains Lavender and Neroli oil and is great for easing stress and boosting your mood – a winner for my mummy. She has a unicorn tattoo on her wrist and is slightly obsessed with these magical creatures so this was going ‘straight in her basket’. As the Unicorn Horn is fairly large my mummy reckons she can get at least 3 baths out of it when crumbling it under a hot tap. Watching the in-store demonstration it created loads of bubbles and smelt wonderful!

Yummy mummy at LUSH

Roses All The Way soap was another product that caught her eye and smelt beautiful. Inspired by the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland each one has been painted in a beautiful shade of reddy pink. When added to warm water it turns into a creamy lather which smells of delicate Turkish Rose. No red stained water either which is good for a white bathroom!!

Yummy mummy at LUSH

Ladybird Bubble Bar is new to LUSH for Mother’s Day and it has a Spring feel to it. This one is a beautiful bright red and purple spotted bar shaped like a cute bug and uses both Geranium and Peppermint to relax weary minds. Perfect for stressed out mummies! It was bubble fantastic too!

Yummy mummy at LUSH

The new Lover Lamp Bath Bomb was another product she was shown and took home. It’s an amazing fizzing bath bomb that leaves the water milky and soft. It smells like Terry’s chocolate orange and uses Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute and Brazillian Orange Oil.

Yummy mummy at LUSH

During the LUSH event my mummy watched how to make a face mask called Cupcake which was mint chocolate heaven in a tub and ate popcorn and fruit. It was a lovely pamper session. Thanks to Lucy, Nicole and the Southampton team! Her LUSH stash is growing and hopefully it will take her all the way through to Mothers Day!

What’s your favourite LUSH product at the moment?

Love Bella and her Mummy x

Yummy mummy at LUSH



23 thoughts on “My Yummy Mummy at LUSH

  1. ooo I love lush products! terry’s chocolate orange smelling bath bomb would be all kinds of confusing for me though – i’de be trying to lick the water ! :p the ladybird bath soaps are cute though!

  2. I love Lush and I live a couple of miles from their factory and when the wind blows the right way I get all the essential oils smells at my house – they do some amazing blogger events so I am told, but not been invited yet

  3. I’ve still never tried lush products, I’m a little concerned as to the ingredients they use. Looks like a great day out though.

  4. That look great! I don’t usually get blogger envy, but I’d love to go to a Lush event! Glad you had a great time and that lippie looks amazing on you! Really lovely 🙂

  5. ooh i love Lush but I haven’t had any for ages. I usually get for xmas but I got soap and glory instead. popping over from Mummy2Monkeys

  6. I recently got a unicorn horn, some prince charming and a creamy candy bubble bar. I used a small bit of the unicorn horn last night and it made so many bubbles, and smells really good. I love lush. x

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