PJ Masks Toy Vehicles Review

Dear Mummy, as if the PJ Masks toy range couldn’t get any better – it just did! My PJ Masks surprise box revealed even more goodies in the form of little character vehicles from the show. All week we’ve been playing and reviewing the new PJ Masks toy range from the super box of goodies we received from the PJ Masks headquarters.

PJ Masks Boxes

We’ve already reviewed the PJ Masks costumes and were really impressed with the quality of them. The PJ Masks toy range launched at the beginning of February in the UK and the range has role play costumes, plastic figurines, vehicles and soft toys to appeal to all PJ Masks fans.

We’re reviewing the PJ Mask vehicles at £13.99 and as I took them out of the box I squealed with delight! Watch our video to see!

There are three vehicles in the range for each hero character, Catboy, Gekko and Owlette. Catboy comes with his blue Cat-Car, Gekko with his green Gekko-Mobile and Owlette and her red Owl-Glider. Each vehicle is a good replica of the vehicles from the TV show and they come with a three-inch figure to drive them. The detail on the figurines is super impressive and their super hero costumes and masks are textured and bright.

PJ Masks Cat Car review

The vehicles come equipped with three colour coded seats for each character to ride along, meaning you can fit all the figures into one vehicle. The vehicles are a simple shape with not many moving parts, so less chance to break them.

PJ Masks Gekko Mobile

The plastic is substantial and the vehicles are light-weigh easy for kids to pick up and hurled across laminate floors, they even work well on carpets as the wheels are large, smooth and thick. There is no wind-up option which is a shame though. We also found that getting characters in and out of the seats can be a bit tricky for little hands as the toys we have were a bit stiff.

PJ Masks Owl Glider Review

Overall though a really good replica of the vehicles from the show and would make any PJ Masks fan happy. It makes the TV programme go much further too as I have fun reenacting scenes of rescues from the show. Keep your eyes peeled for the exclusive Deluxe Vehicle set available at Argos for £19.99 each.

Love Bella x AKA Owlette


13 thoughts on “PJ Masks Toy Vehicles Review

  1. I adore these vehciles, probably because I know how much my little boy would love them. They are perfect for all kinds of adventures.

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