PJ Masks Toy Beanie and Blind Bags Review

Dear Mummy, the last items from our surprise box to review are the fantastic soft plush toys from the PJ Masks range, but don’t just take our word for it – they also won the best pre-school characters award at this year’s London Toy Fair! We love these squishy characters as they depict my favourite super heroes the PJ Masks. So far I have reviewed the children’s Owlette Costume and the super cool PJ Masks Toy Vehicles from my favourite show. We’ve also got videos of them in action!

PJ Masks Soft Toy Review

PJ Masks is an animated pre-school television series on Disney Jnr channel (also coming out on Tiny Pop soon!) and the show is based on the Les Pyjamasques book series from French author Romuald Racioppo. The series revolves around three 6-year-old kids who lead relatively normal lives by day, where they are neighbours, classmates and friends. At night, however, they activate their bracelets, which link into their pyjamas, turning them into their alternate identities: The PJ Masks!

“Amaya becomes: “Owlette!”

“Greg becomes: “Gekko!”

“Connor becomes: “Catboy!”

“The PJ Masks!”

PJ Masks App

Owlette is my favourite character and I was over the moon at getting my own soft toy. I take her to bed every night and during the day I play with the other two characters, Catboy and Gekko as well.


Each soft toy has a shiny logo on the front displaying their individual super hero emblem, sewn facial features and a printed costume. Their over-sized head is bang on trend and offers a great alternative to the plastic POP Vinyl toys! At RRP £8.99 per soft toy they are priced well, making purchasing all three toys reasonable. The stitching was neat and tidy and they were super soft.

PJ Masks Blind Bags Review

I also got really excited about opening a couple of PJ Masks Blind Bags. I’m a massive fan of blind bags and unboxing videos on YouTube which is a crazy phenomenon sweeping a generation of youngsters.

PJ Masks Blind bag Figures

Collectables are all the rage and at RRP £2.49 per bag they make a great pocket-money gift for kids. The first series of has 12 figures in total including a super rare Conor figure. We had fun opening them on our video. There are also some larger PJ Masks Figures available to buy which are the PJ Masks Collectible Figures 5 pack at £14.99.

PJ Masks Mini Figures

The mini figures you get in the PJ Masks Blind Bags are a good size with great attention to details and made out of hard plastic with a lot of them displayed on stands ready to stand up on shelves and small enough to pop in rucksacks for unlimited play. The characters you can get are Conor, Rare Conor in his special PJs, Catboy standing and Catboy in a pouncing pose. Greg, Gekko, Amaya, Owlette and the baddies Luna Girl, Romeo, Ninjalino, Night Ninja. I can’t wait to collect the whole set 🙂

PJ Masks Toy Full Range

The PJ Masks toy range is due to be added to later in 2017 and we can’t wait! If its anything like the initial stock we’re going to be rushing to the shops to add to our collection. It’s such a great show too and I love catching up with it on DisneyJnr and YouTube Kids.

Love Bella x A PJ Masks Super Fan x

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post, we were sent the above toys to review as part of our #PJMasksToy Twitter party pack. All opinions are our own. Twitter Party is on Wednesday March 1st at 4pm – 6pm.


38 thoughts on “PJ Masks Toy Beanie and Blind Bags Review

  1. These have only just come to my attention and Sebby is super-hero mad so I think he will love them

  2. Haven’t heard of them before but they are so adorable and cute. Will check them out for my cousins.

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