Having a good hair day at last!

Dear Mummy, you’ve had a pretty rough time of it. But a lovely care package came through the post to perk you up. You have thick, black coloured long hair and have been neglecting it for weeks due to being in and out of hospital and on bed rest. It’s coarse and in bad condition.

Bad Hair Day

Having a bad hair day can really drag you down, you feel rubbish, look rubbish and it does nothing for your confidence. This is why getting your hair done feels like such a treat and a pick me up.

Hair Clinic

A place that knows this better than anyone is The Harley Street Hair Clinic who are most famous for their FUE hair transplant treatment (remember Wayne Rooney?), my mummy certainly doesn’t need that as she’s got too much hair! Although the other treatments they offer like tricho pigmentation for eyebrows would help her light eyebrows match her hair colour! The clinic shared with us their favourite products to keep her hair looking and feeling great and healthy.

Best Shampoos on the market

We’re reviewing the Iles Formula Shampoo which is step 1 of a 3 step hair routine. This Haute Performance Shampoo uses the most exclusive, high performing antioxidant-rich ingredients to work for all ages and hair types. It looks and sounds very posh and at £30 per 200ml bottle is way out of her budget. However she quickly finds out that you get what you pay for as it immediately detangles my mummy’s thick hair and gives it a lovely luscious silky texture. Just like she’s been to the hair salon. The formula cleanses her hair without stripping her colour or drying out her hair too. Already she notices that her coarse hair feels different and it has bounce and luster after just one shampoo. No frizz here just super soft and lightweight! It’s like she’s already used a conditioner as the silk proteins included nourish her hair. As a result she has volume and body.

3 step hair care

This is one of the few sulfate-free shampoos available that has a rich lather and she tends to find adding more water helps to increase the lather not more product. She can’t wait to try it with the Iles Formula Conditioner (step 2) and the Iles Formula Finishing Serum (step 3) to get the maximum results.

Moisturising shampoo

Another product she was sent to try out was the Balmain Moisturising Shampoo another high-end product which promises an end to her hair woes. It’s a deeply nourishing shampoo enriched with pure organic Argan oil. Suitable for treated and/or colored hair. Its good at adding shine and elasticity to create strong manageable hair. It’s supposed to thicken the hair by simulating hair growth. Maybe not one for my mummy to use all the time so she’ll be sharing this shampoo with my daddy! Even though he has a head full of hair (good family hair genes) anything that helps promote hair growth at his age is probably a good idea! We like that it’s paraben free too.

Balmain range

Again this product didn’t disappoint and at £22 for a 300ml bottle it is definitely on the expensive side but worth it for a salon experience at home every once in a while to give my mummy the boost she needs for her thick dull hair. The rest of the Balmain range looks good too! Even without straightening, her hair was transformed with these shampoos and a tiny bit of her normal TRESemmé condition. What a difference from the above picture! Her hair was smoother, the texture was straighter and less frizzy and it seemed thicker and more manageable drying it with a hair dryer.

Good hair day

Both these shampoos have really given my mummy a good hair day and made her think more about broadening her hair care choices. What’s your favourite shampoo and have you ever heard of the Harley Street Hair Clinic?

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: My mummy was sent a hair care package in order to write an honest review. She’s delighted with the results.

28 thoughts on “Having a good hair day at last!

  1. Oh these products look just what I’m after for my hair. Every now and then I find a change from usual shampoo & a real treat perks up my curls. Glad your mummy is feeling better!

  2. Bella, your Mummy’s hair really does look so beautiful after using these products from the Harley Street Hair Clinic! They really did make her hair so much silkier and sleeker and she looks so gorgeous. These products may be just what I need for my hair x

  3. wow! your hair really is transformed!! I will have to have a look for these products that sound pretty good

  4. Your hair is amazing!! I’m not sure, even at £22 a bottle, that the shampoo can perform miracles – my hair has been destroyed by so many babies in such a short time!!

  5. Oh wow, your hair looks gorgeous! Balmain products are meant to be amazing but I’ve never tried them unfortunately.

  6. I have used Balmain shampoo before and it really is worth the money. Too bad I couldn’t keep up with the price and went back to Tresamme.
    Your hair looks like a girl from the magazine’s!

  7. I haven’t heard of this before but willing to try anything that would make my hair feel better. It is so dry at the moment!

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