My first trip to Disney on Ice at Wembley!

Dear Mummy, excitement was at fever pitch when we headed to Wembley SSE Arena in London over the weekend, and we’re not talking about the cup final game either which was being held across the road at Wembley Stadium! We visited Disney on Ice at the weekend and it was amazing.

Disney on Ice Review at Wembley

So what possessed us to head into London on cup final day with a pre-schooler? Well we were drawn to the biggest show on ice, Feld Entertainment’s Disney on Ice. With over 50 performers dressed in beautiful costumes we couldn’t resist seeing this spectacular show.

Wembley crowds

We weaved our way through football supporters, with their faces painted blue and white, wearing shirts emblazoned with their favourite club. Occasionally we would spot a small Disney princess on her daddy’s shoulders, a flash of yellow and pink breaking up the mass of blue whitewash. A small Buzz Lightyear coming out of MacDonalds. People were chanting songs and the atmosphere was buzzing. It was a real experience in its own right!

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We live in Hampshire and drove up to Richmond Tube Station where we boarded the overground train to Willesden Junction then took the Bakerloo Line to Wembley Central. My folks have oyster cards and I can travel for free so it was a cheaper option compared to parking at Wembley. It was surprisingly easy too travelling by rail, much to my folks relief, having stressed the night before about having to navigate the London traffic on the North Circular with road closures.

Disney on Ice Review

Our journey time was just under 2 hours and allowed us to have a small mooch around the London Designer outlet which was next to the arena as well. If you’re visiting Wembley then you can find lots of restaurants and cafes in this area which is handy.

Disney on Ice Review in London

My mummy picked up her tickets from the box office with ease along with her media pass allowing her to take our fancy camera into the arena. In the foyer there were loads of outlets to buy Disney of Ice memorabilia and gifts, so I picked up a wonderful rainbow snow cone and a Frozen wand which made me super happy…and also gave me brain freeze!

Disney on Ice Review

We also managed to pick up a limited edition programme with a Beauty and Beast rose £10, which will remind me of my first ever trip to this Disney event. The staff and security were really friendly which is super important for a kids event.

Food at Disney on Ice

We all sampled the hot dogs which were yummy and even my Grandma enjoyed them. Just remember to take loads of cash as you’ll need it before the performance and during the 15min interval when food kiosks open and staff wander round selling ice-cream and souvenirs.

Snow cones at Disney on Ice

It can get quite expensive at one of these shows with a wand costing £20! As it was our first time attendending we treated ourselves though. My mummy even had cotton candy and popcorn which was a real treat. Other souvenirs range from £5-£18.

Disney on Ice Review in Wembley Arena

When we entered the arena we all gasped in awe. The place was huge with thousands of twinkly lights from children wands and flashing Mickey Mouse ears! The show started with Mickey and Minnie Mouse teaching us all to do the ‘Mouse Bounce’ dance aimed to encourage kids to include fitness into their daily routine part of Disney’s ‘Fit To Dance’ program.

Visiting Disney on Ice

We were dab hands at this dance, having previously attended the ‘Mouse Bounce Party’ pre-show event. My folks joined in with the moves as the skaters glided across the rink.

London Disney on Ice Review

My mummy and grandma donned their Mickey Mouse ears bought at the Disney Store and worn them with pride, however they did find the flashing ones perched on peoples heads kinda distracting throughout the performance, especially having a whole row of them near us.

Disney on Ice Review

We had a good perspective during the show and being slightly higher up meant that we could see the ice skating dance formations in all their glory! However we’d recommend being at the back of the arena and not the sides, as most of the dances finished front facing and we would have loved to have seen more of the skaters faces and poses.

Disney on Ice 2017 Review

The first act is over an hour and is jam packed full of Disney film scenes. The principal of the show is that Mickey Mouse, his sweetheart Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy are creating a film to celebrates 100 Years of Disney Magic. They introduce us to all the Disney characters through short ice skating routines and accompanying music from the films. My folks and I had fun singing the Disney melodies  like “Hakuna Matata,” “Tale As Old As Time” and “Let It Go.” I was even impressed my daddy knew the words!

Beauty and the Beast at Disney on Ice

Our favourite part was the Beauty and the Beast section having just seen the new film the day before. I absolutely loved it and clapped all the way through. I boo’d Gaston when he skated on to fight the beast and found the costumes wonderful. My mummy was just amazed that they could skate in all the mascot gear! Impressive stuff. It was uncomfortably warm inside the arena too which was surprising, so the skaters must have been boiling when we visited.

Disney on Ice Review

It was a trip down memory lane as my folks watched the ice skating rendition of Disney Pixar’s Toy Story and we found Buzz Lightyear to be very entertaining. Especially when he came out of his packaging which was lead in by a troop of green toy soldiers!

Disney on Ice Review Toy Story

Finding Nemo was the most visually impressive part of the show with a giant turtle entering the rink to help Marlin and Dory find Nemo, lost off the Great Barrier Reef. With the help from Crush and Squirt, Nemo and his dad are reunited. I laughed at all the little turtles.

Disney on Ice Review

Even though Frozen has been done to death the kids still loved the extended Frozen scenes in the show. The backdrop to the kingdom of Arendelle was impressive and we loved the set design. Individual props were wheeled onto the rink and used as part of the routine. The dance solo from Queen Elsa around her ice castle was one of our highlights and she was a great skater. Snow fell from the lighting rig along with large white drapes and snowflakes projected on the ice. The audience cheered when Olaf arrived and he added the comedy value.

Disney on Ice Review

Disney on Ice Review

During the performance we didn’t take any video as we weren’t allowed to, the arena operates a strict no video policy (plus we didn’t want to give the game away completely for anyone wanting to see it) but unfortunately we saw a lot of other people recording which kinda distracted from the show a bit, there’s nothing worse than seeing an audience full of blue phone screens videoing the action as opposed to watching the show.

Disney on Ice Review

We had a great time and would return to see Disney on Ice again. It was fun dressing up as a Disney Princess and immersing myself in the show. This is a real experience that every Disney fan should do at least once in their lifetime. It’s the perfect prelude to a trip to Disneyland and I can’t wait to return to see further performances on ice….now I know where to sit!

Tickets range from £28-£45 for a 2 hour performance and the tour continues. Keep your eyes pealed on Disney on Ice’s UK Facebook page for more performances.

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We collected tickets for Disney on Ice in return for an honest review. All thoughts and photos are our own.

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36 thoughts on “My first trip to Disney on Ice at Wembley!

  1. Isabella is the cutest Snow White I have ever seen. Sounds like an excellent day out. I may have to try and get tickets before my trip to Florida!

  2. Oh I really want to go to Disney on ice! We haven’t been yet as its so expensive for the six of us, but maybe for a special treat we will finally make it this year!

  3. Aww it looks amazing and we are going to try and go this year too. Those hot dogs and Olaf ices look amazing!!

  4. This looks seriously amazing – I’m a huge Disney fan and I’d absolutely love to go! I love the look of all the souvenirs too – the rainbow snow cone looks fabulous, I could go for one of those right now! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. You look like you all had a fab time. The snow cones look wonderful. We drive all the way to Wembley but I think your idea of parking and getting the tube there. Oh and popping into the shop outlets, Chloe #sharethebloglove

  6. We love disney on ice and cannot believe we managed to miss this one…….I thought it was at the end of April. Glad you had fun

  7. I would love this and I am sure the kids would too. It looks fabulous and so much fun. I adore the first picture, she looks so happy! #sharingthebloglove

  8. We’ve been once and we loved it. Yes it’s expensive and they pull all the moves to get your kids asking for expensive tat, but the look on their faces when it all starts is priceless x

  9. I took my girls to see Disney on Ice a couple of years ago, and they absolutely adored it. They were utterly transfixed for the entire show, which was so lovely for me to see. Agree about the show merch though – insanely expensive!!!!!!! x

  10. Firstly How cute do you look Isabella?? I love how you had such a good time watching the show. I love Disney and would like to see this too. Mummy looks great in her Mouse ears too. Oh and your rainbow snowcone is just too cool!

  11. We went at the weekend and had a fantastic time. It’s our 3rd time of going and I think it was my favourite yet. They really put on a great show for the 100 years. It looks like you loved it just as much as my girls did. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  12. Aww it looks like you had an amazing time – the set looks incredible! Such a lovely way of instilling that magic into children 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

    Helen x

  13. This just looks so incredible. I’m jealous every time I see someone post about Disney On Ice. It just looks so magical; I’m glad you all had a lovely time. #SharingTheBlogLove

  14. We went to Disneyland Paris many years ago and enjoyed the parades. I didn’t think it would be my sort of thing! So I bet this is even more exciting. #SharingtheBlogLove

  15. Wow that does look a fab show. Ive seen the Christmas shows but this does look amazing. #sharingthebloglove

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