Orchard Toys Animal Families Review

Dear Mummy, it’s nearly the summer and you are planning days away and camping trips for when you feel better and weather starts improving. Orchard Toys have launched a  new collection of six mini travel games in 2017, perfect for keeping children entertained while at home or away.

Orchard Toys Animal Families Game Review

We couldn’t wait to try one and see whether it really was that compact and entertaining to amuse a 4-year-old like me. It was small enough that the post man even dropped it through our letterbox and I was eager to empty the contents of the colourful box out on our dinning room table.

Orchard Toys Animal Families Game Review

All Orchard Toys games are designed with education and fun in mind. They work with educational advisors to ensure that skills necessary in the National Curriculum Key Stages and Early Years Foundation Stages are built into the games and jigsaws. It’s nice to think that teachers and early learning practitioners are happy to have these games in their schools and nurseries. In turn my folks are happy and reassured to have these games at home.

Orchard Toys Animal Families Review

As this game is portable and travel-sized it’s going to be a welcomed addition on our camping trips and in our backpack. We could see the game coming out at picnics and to break up boredom in restaurants. Much better than a tablet or an app as it encourages active play with family and friends. At just £4.99 it’s the same price as some kids magazines! I’m sure this would last longer than a one time flick through!

Orchard Toys Animal Families Review

The game we are reviewing is called Animal Families, based on the classic game of Happy Families. Designed for children aged 4 and over, players use their matching and memory skills to collect a variety of different families, from familiar animals such as lions to the more unusual ostrich family. The first person to collect all of their animal families wins!

Orchard Toys Animal Families Review

It’s really simple to play and really addictive! We played six times in a row on our last play session and I never seem to get bored at beating my mummy! I helps develop my memory skills as I try to remember where I put certain cards back and I also try to trick my mummy using my strategy skills by not going for the obvious choice all the time. I really have this game sussed out!

Orchard Toys Animal Families Review

I watch like a hawk when it’s the other players turn and the game is great for encouraging my observational skills. I love the little animal characters and the illustrations are modern and fun. The box contains 30 animal cards (10 families) and 2 wild cards which are all made out of bright, laminated durable cardboard.

Setting up

  • Shuffle the cards and spread them out, animal side down, in the centre of the table.
  • For a more basic version of the game remove two sets of families and the wild cards.
  • Take it in turns to pick up two cards from the centre.
  • If the two cards are from the same family you may keep them but if they are different, show all players and return them face down to the centre of the table.
  • If one of the cards you turn over matches a pair you have already collected, add that card to complete the family, returning the other card face down to the table.
  • If a wild card is picked up, take a complete animal family from another player.
  • The wild card is then taken out of the game.
  • Continue to pick up and put down cards, two at a time, until all families of three have been collected.
  • The winner is the player with the most sets of complete animal families.

Orchard Toys Animal Families Review

The mini games would make great pocket-money toys, kids birthday gifts and Christmas stocking fillers. There are 12 more different versions too on their website and we can see us getting the whole mini range! They are available to buy at www.orchardtoys.com and all good retailers.

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We were sent this game to play with and all thoughts are our own.

29 thoughts on “Orchard Toys Animal Families Review

  1. Oh wow! These look amazing! My daughter would probably love them! And they’re not too small either, which is awesome 😀

  2. I used to love playing these games when I was a kid, and they’ve kept my little ones entertained for ages. Lovely illustrations on the card too!

  3. What a great kids game. My niece and nephew would love something like this – really colourful.

  4. Oh we love the Orchard games and have quite a few of them!!! So good and fun for the kids!

  5. Oh Bella! This reminds me of when my children were small! They used to love Orchard Games and I think we still have some in the games cupboard!
    I love the joy and happiness on your face as you play the games, it makes me wish for little ones in the house again! xxx

  6. I love Orchard Toys, I recently got Dinosaur Dominoes for my kids birthday, they’re so fun for parents and kids! I’ll have to look into getting this one too

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