Having fun with Plasticine #CreativePlayWithFlair

Dear Mummy, I love crafting and anything to do with making things. It’s the perfect way to keep me occupied on rainy days. I was kindly sent some cool Plasticine sets from Flair_GP to play with. Plasticine is the original modelling clay and a timeless classic that conjures up all sorts of childhood memories for my … More Having fun with Plasticine #CreativePlayWithFlair

Sneak Artz – Customise your own mini trainers!

Dear Mummy, I can’t wait to kick-off 2021 with Sneak Artz! Cool, creative, collectible sneakers that I can personalise and colour in. These are no ordinarily sneakers, or trainers as us Brits like to call them, as they are miniature and fuzzy allowing coloured pens to stick to them. Meaning that I can create my … More Sneak Artz – Customise your own mini trainers!