Keep Em Quiet Review – Activity Bags for Children

Dear Mummy, we were fortunate to visit Bluestone Wales last week for our long over due holiday. We had a four-hour journey down the M4 into Wales and my folks needed to keep me occupied. There’s nothing worse than having a four-year old constantly moaning in the back that they are bored. Even though my folks occasionally use the iPad to stream films and YouTube to keep me occupied they didn’t want to give me square eyes, so decided to try something different this time.

Keep Em Quiet Review

We’d heard of activity bags for kids called ‘Keep Em Quiet’. These bags are perfect for kids traveling to keep them well…quiet. These pre-packed bags are delivered super quick and take the stress out of searching for toys at the last-minute. I was very excited when mine arrived and it made the travelling to my holiday extra special as you can tell by the smile on my face.

Keep Em Quiet Review

We were kindly sent the Long Trip Activity Bag for Girls Age 3-5 Years at £15.99. Great for long haul flights, multi trip journeys such as long car, train or boat journeys. Perfect for when you want to keep your child entertained throughout the day or want them to have multiple toys and gifts they can keep going back to throughout their holiday. Included in the bag is between 9 to 12 entertainment items (depending on size of items) & 4 healthy snack products. All packed into a bespoke KeepEmQuiet rucksack.

This is what we got in the pack:

  • Sleeping Beauty Reading Book A5
  • Fairy Colouring and Activity Book A4
  • Disney Princess Sticker Book A4
  • Princess Jigsaw puzzle
  • Fairy Glider
  • Princess Crown
  • Troll Toy
  • Pink Dinosaur Rubber
  • Crayon Pen with multiple colours
  • Small tub of PlayDoh
  • Numbers and Words Flash Cards
  • Fairy Doll
  • PomBear
  • Sun-maid Raisins
  • Crushed fruit pouch
  • Get Fruity flapjack

My mummy liked the idea of the activity books and I used the hard backed Sleeping Beauty book to lay on and colour. Stickers are always guaranteed to keep kids amused and I loved the Disney ones. The cardboard jigsaw puzzle was a bit too fiddly and flimsy for me to use in the car but the PlayDoh was a winner and I had great fun sticking the pink mini dinosaur in and playing with that for a little while. The troll was good however I did ask for another one so they could play together so maybe they could add a pair instead of one. I can see fidget spinners featuring in these bags soon too, as they seem to be all the rage!

Keep Em Quiet Review

The fairy glider was fun at the motorway services when we took a break and stretched our legs but in the car it was a no-no and too distracting for daddy driving. I wore the crown for part of the journey and stuck stickers up my arms much to my mummy’s amusement. The crayon pen was a bit hit and miss and actually felt tips would have been better for the activity book.

Keep Em Quiet Review

We were thankful for the snacks in the car which diffused a couple of heated situations. I particularly liked the PomBears! It’s a great idea and takes the hassle out of packing. It’s a nice surprise for kids and has kept me amused even after the car journey. I can’t wait to see if they expand the range and do one for camping trips as they could do a nature themed one with a little torch, glow sticks, marshmallows and stories etc.. the possibilities are endless with the themes they could create!

Keep Em Quiet Review

I liked the number/picture flash cards and educational items are perfect for me as I start school in September. The book was right up my street and the pack included my favourite fairytale of Sleeping Beauty.

Keep Em Quiet Review

But the most successful item out of the bag was my own fairy to take away on holiday with me and she was the star of the show. This fairy princess not only kept me occupied on our journey but also throughout our trip and became my mascot going everywhere I did and she featured heavily on our holiday at Bluestone Wales. Keep your eyes peeled next week to see when she features again in our Bluestone review photos.

Keep em quiet review

For the price you pay we believe it’s great value for money. Even though some of the items are one use for the traveling we brought the bag back with the toys and I still play with them. We’d recommend Keep Em Quite activity bags to keep kids occupied this summer.

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We were sent an Keep Em Quiet travel bag, in order to conduct the review, all images and thoughts are our own.


25 thoughts on “Keep Em Quiet Review – Activity Bags for Children

  1. These are so cute! I can’t believe how much stuff is in them, I will have to pack one of these on the next long journey we do!

  2. These are a fab idea, travelling can be a bit of a nightmare with young children and these bags would definitely help to keep them entertained x

  3. This would totally come in handy for the many trips my brother and his family take to come visit my parents as that I would keep my nephew all occupied.

  4. Great range of products for a great price Perfect for a long trip or holiday

  5. Love the idea of this bag. The snacks are the best bit. Not a good idea to include a fairy slider if you are travelling by car though. And I love the troll as it’s one of the originals! #TriedTested

  6. What a brilliant idea – you must have been fully occupied on that drive! We are off on a 2 hour jaunt to Bournemouth in a couple of weeks but I am more worried about Oscar staying happy as Zach can entertain himself if need be! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  7. What a great idea – I always used to make up similar bags for Ben when we commuted to Leeds daily.

    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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