Disney on Ice – Passport to Adventure Review, O2 London

Dear Mummy, the Christmas holidays have gone past in a whirlwind of excitement with a trip to London to visit Winter Wonderland and see Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure at the O2. Heading up to the city is starting to become a bit of a habit for us. We saw Disney on Ice last Christmas at Wembley so were intrigued to see what it was like at the Dome.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

Arriving at the O2 for Disney on Ice

The O2 was buzzing with lots of families taking advantage of the restaurants outside the arena and buying souvenirs. We walked up from the tube with the crowds, butterflies in my stomach at my first time in this large space. Security was tight as we queued to enter the arena, bag searches and ticket checks thankfully were swift. Tickets clutched in our hands we made our way around the perimeter of the arena to our section high up with an incredible view across the venue. In fact it made my mummy feel a bit dizzy, as we settled into our seats with my grandparents.

Disney On Ice Review

Suddenly the lights came on as the auditorium lights dimmed and the show started with a quick warm up skate with the characters from Zootropolis. Afterwards Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy took to the stage dressed as explorers, ready to take us on an adventure around the world. We liked Goofy’s suitcase as he tripped over it several times making the children giggle.Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

As intrepid travellers we started in Africa, visited London, swam under the sea and finished in a frozen land. Mickey and the gang came out between each act to introduce the next section of the show. Even my folks got into the action, singing along and wearing headpieces.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

Great fun for big kids too!

I liked watching characters from the Lion King, we saw Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki and heard some incredible songs like Hapuna matata and Circle of Life. The ice skating between Simba and Nala was mesmerizing and flawless.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

Booing Captain Hook!

Afterwards we peeked through the window of the Darling house in London where Wendy, John and Michael were just off to bed. This act went through the whole Peter pan story, with him flying above the ice with Tinkerbell and fighting with Captain Hook. We were really impressed by the giant ‘tick tock’ croc that appeared on the ice for the finale.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

Flying Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

We were fortunate to be sat higher up in the arena which gave us a great view of all the action. It also allowed us to appreciate all the group choreography and synchronisation. We loved the full-scale props they used in the show this year, from the awesome pirate ship to the enormous shells in which the mermaids appeared from.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

Smee and the pirate crew take on Peter Pan

Peter Pan is one of my favourite stories having recently seen it as a pantomime and I wasn’t disappointed with the Disney on Ice adaptation. The action was fast paced and dynamic with smoke machines, snow machines and colourful lights.
Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

Frozen delights

There was a short interval after this which gave us the chance to nip to the loo and stretch our legs. One thing we were disappointed with was the actual venue. It’s not the cheapest. Along with paying for travel to the O2 and food throughout the performance you could spend well over £100 for a family.

With bag searches at the security gates you are not allowed to bring any food or drink into the arena, so you are forced to eat what the vendors supply on the outer rings of the arena. Lots of surgery snacks and fatty food and by the end of the performance we were craving for fruits and greens. We wish the O2 would provide more healthy options for families watching the show.
Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

High on sugar!

After a quick rush to the ladies toilets, queuing for the majority of the break, we were eager to see the remainder of the show. The second half kicked off with Sebastian, my favorite crab, coming onto the ice. Instantly the audience atmosphere changed with kids edging off their seats to see the mermaids appear out of large oyster shells. We watched the whole story of The Little Mermaid unfold on the ice with Prince Eric saving the day. The underwater scenes were depicted beautifully with elaborate costumes and clever lighting effects. The show stealer was Ursula becoming larger than life as a giant inflatable at the end! Very dramatic!
Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

Impressive set design and props

Disney on Ice finished with Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristof and Hans all acting out Frozen. Snow fell from the roof of the arena with lots of fantastic skating. Let it Go is always a highlight of the show for little ones and with all the children singing along it really was magical.
Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

Olaf and the Frozen cast

However, it would be nice if Disney on Ice was a bit more varied next time as we’ve seen lots of Frozen shows now. With so many wonderful Disney stories available it wouldn’t be hard to please audiences with something fresh. We’d love to see Sleeping Beauty with Maleficent or Disney’s Descendants.
Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

The Little Mermaid

If you’ve never seen Disney on Ice we’d thoroughly recommend it at least once. It’s a great atmosphere with children dressing up in their favourite costumes and people of all ages attending.
Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Review

Spectacular skating

It would be the perfect Christmas outing – or a special treat for the start of the year. You can find all the tour dates and more information over on the Disney on Ice website.
Love Bella x
Disclosure: We were invited to the above show for the purpose of this review. All travel and purchases were self funded.














31 thoughts on “Disney on Ice – Passport to Adventure Review, O2 London

  1. Oh wow, this show looks amazing and seems like you all had a fabulous time there. Our kids would have loved this too as they are Disney fans.

  2. Shame that the Disney show wasn’t more varied as you are right there are more shows than Frozen but I am still glad that you had a good time. The elaborate costumes looks beautiful on ice!

  3. Oh wow this show looks like it would be absolutely amazing, I bet it is such an amazing atmosphere seeing favourite Disney characters in front of you and how they do it on ice just WOW!

  4. Oh this does look fab!! What a wonderful day out. I bet my little people would love this one day. Love the mini ears! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  5. Oh wow, it seems as though you had an amazing time at the show and the little ones seems to have enjoyed it more so!!!! I think I would have probably enjoyed it more than them though as I can be a massive child at heart.

  6. I saw a couple of the Disney on Ice shows as a kid and they were magical! I loved how you enjoying booing Captain Hook and getting lots of sugary treats x

  7. I am so jealous. We wanted to go and see this so badly. It’s definitely on our bucket list for when its on again. It looks like such a magical experience! x

  8. I remember going to see Disney on ice about 25 years ago and I loved t. I’m glad that it’s still going strong. I can’t wait to take my daughter one day.

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