Camp Bestival 2018 Warm-up with Big Fish Little Fish Raves!

Dear Mummy, before I was born you and daddy used to a have pretty hectic social life. Nowadays the invites for clubbing nights have dried up but your disco days are not behind you! Raving doesn’t have to end when you have kids thanks to Big Fish Little Fish. We returned for their 2hr family friendly rave in Farnham, Surrey. Watch our video to see us in action!

Day dancing is the best and a great way to get exercise while having fun at the same time. It was our third time attending a family rave at Farnham Maltings and in the past we’ve also visited the Engine Rooms in Southampton. We’ve also been lucky enough to indulge in festivals shenanigans with BFLF.

Big Fish Little Fish’s Family Raves
Mummy and I in our sequins

But this was no ordinary rave it was a nautically-themed family rave with DJ Chad Jackson. Part of the Camp Bestival and Big Fish Little Fish Tour “Around the World in 18 Raves”. A warm-up tour to get us land lubbers ready for the main event at Camp Bestival 2018 in July. If you haven’t heard of the award-winning Camp Bestival before check out our last adventure to this awesome family festival.

Big Fish Little Fish Rave Review
DJ Chad Jackson on the decks

We listened to ‘Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked)’ producer DJ Chad Jackson play acid house, techno, house and some ol’skool classics. We wore our finest sequins and hit the daytime dance floor at Farnham Maltings, a massive arts and community centre in Farnham, Surrey. Families with 0-8 year olds couldn’t wait to get their groove on at this SOLD OUT gig, a true testament to BFLF’s popularity. Shiver me timbers – these parties sell out fast.

BFLF Family Raves Review
Loadsa bubbles!

The dance floor was filled with balloons and folks dressed in their best clubbing outfits and we had fun spotting people dressed in the theme ‘Camp Bestival Sets Sail’ I wore my mermaid costume and had my face painted by the resident face painter.

BFLF Family Raves Review
Getting my mermaid groove on!

These raves are perfect for families with younger children (8s and under) however older siblings are welcome too. The event is standing/dancing with limited seating and it does get busy with several hundred people and in low lighting conditions. It’s just like being in the club and adds to the atmosphere. Glitter canons went off and showered families in foil. We loved the giant balls which also floated across the dance floor, even though they knocked over a couple of drinks that we saw. There is a licensed bar, chill out area and cafe upstairs available for party goers to escape too if it all gets a bit too much.

BFLF Family Raves Review
Making an octopus headdress for the rave

I had fun getting crafty on the Captain Cookie Craft tables making an octopus headdress for the rave and helped to colour in a massive wall mural designed for the event. At the back of the venue there was also a baby soft play area, with a ball pit and tents which was still in the heart of all the action and gave new parents a chance to listen to the music, feed and take in the atmosphere.

BFLF Family Raves

Whilst the dance floor was really busy at times there was also plenty of room for us to move around especially at the back away from the DJ Stage. A small face painting table was set up and cost £5 extra and was very busy and saw us standing in the queue for 20 mins but it did look awesome once my face was transformed into a mermaid.

BFLF Family Raves Review
Getting in on the action on stage

This was the first time that we noticed the adults having more fun than the kids, so much so that some of us little ones had been pushed aside as a lot of big groups of parents congregated on the dance floor. We’d had an idea though, imagine if the kids could have a kids pit at the front so that they can enjoy the bubbles on their own without silly big folk getting in the way? Like a Mini VIP Area?

BFLF Rave Review

We’d really recommend giving one of the many BFLF events a go. Two hours later we were all partied out and went for a post-rave toastie (sadly the kebab shop was closed). We are warmed up for the main event which is Camp Bestival 2018 and with the line-up looking amazing its set to be the best one yet!

CB Lineup 2018

For tickets and information visit the BFLF website or follow @bflfevents on Instagram.
Camp Bestival or follow @CampBestival

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were offered tickets to BFLF in order to conduct an honest review of the rave. All sequins and dance moves were our own.

One Messy Mama
Pink Pear Bear








32 thoughts on “Camp Bestival 2018 Warm-up with Big Fish Little Fish Raves!

  1. This looks like so much fun! I’ve been to Bestival 7 times, 2018 will be my first ever Camp Bestival. Big Fish Little Fish do such amazing events for families!

  2. We have still to go to a Camp Bestival, they always sound so amazing. I think my boys would love a Big Fish Little Fish rave!

  3. I have heard about these and they sound like such fun for you smaller people. Your face paint looks very beautiful and I think if we still lived in the UK my three would love doing this

  4. Oh what fun! I have heard so much about Camp Bestival, every year I say we will go and we never find the time. I’d like to actually do it this year!

  5. I don’t have children but if I did,I would sooo go to this with my kids. This even looks like so much fun! And I agree day dancing is the best.

  6. Just make moms and dad ain’t dropping any “e” while they’re blowing their whistles and dancing non-stop. The cheetah wants to know what a “rave” is now….I went to quite of few of them back in another life,always had a great time

  7. We’ve been to one of their events before and loved it!! We should book again really because its been a while and they’re great fun!

  8. Aw, I’m college I did a lot of promo work for The Maltings and we still visit there often for cinema trips and events. Wonderful place and is run by lovely people! I saw this event but unfortunately couldn’t make it, sounds amazing though!

  9. This looks so amazing! its like you all had so much fun dancing the night away, love your daughter’s face painting and dress.

  10. This family rave sounds absolutely dreamy and so much fun, seems like you guys had so much fun. I dont have kids but my disco days have dried up for sure.

  11. Loving the sequins gals! What a brilliant event for parents, nice to think you can share your love of music with the little ones.

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