My Ideal Holiday with Mark Warner

Dear Mummy, I’ve spent ages looking for the ideal family holiday by browsing through your travel magazines. A lot of pages are marked but we’re yet to book anything this year! Why are you waiting?

#MWAbassador 1
Me and my mummy on our last holiday in Dubrovnik

I understand booking the perfect family holiday can be a tricky task, you see everyone in the family has to be happy. I’ve been frantically scribbling in my travel notebook, drawing pictures of what I’d like out of a family holiday, you know, sunshine, a pool and a beach. A holiday that caters for everyone is hard to come by these days but I’ve found the perfect solution.

My daddy and I on our last holiday

Equally I know what you’ll be dreaming of, a spa day and time to relax by the pool…on your own! Daddy on the other hand can’t sit still so he’d doing watersports or burning off the copious amounts of holiday food in the gym.

#MWAbassador 6
I love a good beach holiday!

Plus, I don’t like walking too far to places especially in the heat, so this ideal place would need to be beachfront, near bars and restaurants and have lots of culture with a friendly atmosphere. Sounds like too much to ask?! I think not!

We love discovering places

Let’s head to Turkey! No, not the one that comes out of our oven – yes I did say that on our YouTube video, see below.

Word on the grapevine is that a new hotel has been added to Mark Warner’s holiday portfolio and it has everything we could possibly want from a family holiday in the sun.

©MarkWarner2018 – Phobia Beach Resort. Wish you were here…?

It’s called the Phokaia Beach Resort on the west coast of Turkey. As it’s near the harbour town of Foça, your Instagram itch will be scratched as you can snap away at all the beautiful fishing boats. With me frolicking in the Mediterranean Sea it’s an InstaStory waiting to happen!

I’m a keen photographer

You know I love swimming pools and with plenty of sun loungers, you can relax knowing that daddy has it covered! Talking of daddy I’m sure the two of you can enjoy a romantic meal overlooking the beach watching the stunning sunsets, without failing asleep.

I’d love to paddle in the sea

It would be our home away from home.  We’d relax together as a family, have lazy breakfasts and long lie ins*. I know for a fact you’d escape to the Turkish bath and spa for a bit of ‘me time’.

My mummy can have some ‘me’ time

We’ve heard the people of Turkey are friendly and I can’t wait to make friends with other holiday goers and the entertainment staff. They won’t know what’s hit them when they meet me! The childcare centre sounds like real fun and will help alleviate the “I’m bored mummy” or “play with me daddy” moments. However I’m sure we’ll still have lots of fun creating holiday memories together.

Family holidays are the best!

So what are you waiting for mummy? Let’s get this party started…I’ll sort the travel arrangements.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: This is an entry for the #mwambassador 2018 programme. God help them if they pick me!

*one of these is a lie.





37 thoughts on “My Ideal Holiday with Mark Warner

  1. Child friendly is such a must….if the children are happy and relaxed then the parents can be, and it is so important to remember it is the grown ups holiday too

  2. I’ve never been to Turkey, but everyone I know who has adores it! Fingers crossed and good luck, I hope you win!

  3. I’ve never been to Turkey but I’m sure it’s great there. I know lots of people who have and they’ve loved every second of it. You’ve got some lovely holiday snaps!

  4. I’ve never been to Turkey but I’ve heard good things from all of my friends that have been. The hotel looks lovely and sounds like a great place to stay. Good luck with your entry

  5. We loved our visit to Turkey with Mark Warner. The kids learned to sail and windsurf as well as playing games and making new friends.Good Luck

  6. It sounds like Mark Warner have the most amazing places to go and spends some time for a family holiday. I have to admit I was saying to Ash earlier I would love to jet off sometime soon! Good luck.

  7. Ah it’s sounds ideal. Good luck with the competition. We are currently on holiday and seem to have struck a really good balance between family time and actual holidaying and relaxing whkch is nice. Something I hear Mark Warner is perfect for! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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