My fantasy world with Schleich!

Dear Mummy, there’s nothing better than seeing my imagination run wild as I play with toys. It makes you content knowing that I’m happy pottering around creating fantasy worlds in my head. I love playing with Schleich toys which are mini figurines inspired by nature and folklore.

Bayala Mermaid Review

Every area of a child’s development can be enhanced when they engage in pretend play or make-believe, so free play is something that every parent should make a priority, plus it’s great fun!  Schleich toys are great for encouraging creative thinking and tapping into a child’s imagination and we recently talked about the importance of play in our last Schleich post.

Schleich Mermaids

Schleich has expanded its magical Bayala World of Elves to include additional figurines and play-sets. Little fantasy fans like me can explore a fairy-tale world and let their imaginations run free by playing with these magical creatures. We were kindly sent a Schleich Beyala Mermaid with a Baby Turtle to review.

Bayala Mermaid Review

The set comes with 1x mermaid, 1x baby turtle, 1x shell, 1x music instrument, 1x fern. They are aimed at girls aged 4-8, so perfect for me. We have previously enjoyed several Schleich models and these lived up to my expectations of detail and quality.

Bayala Mermaid Review

What sets this toy above the rest of the Schleich range is that it comes with an opening and closing shell and I love putting keepsakes inside and carrying my treasure around. The brunette mermaid with a sparkling pink tail is always accompanied by her baby turtle and the shell also helps as a prop in my game play.

Mermaid Bayala 7 Review

The mermaid figurines have movable arms and the accessories that come with them can be swapped over, just be careful though as the little pieces that come with them are super small and fiddly. Kids like me love this but they end up getting lost very quickly. Each figure and accessory is embellished with lovely glitter and fine painted detail which makes these toys a pleasure to look at. I’ve heard that someone has used them as cake toppers they were so attractive.

Schleich Mermaids

At home I also have a Schleich Bayala Royal Seashell Carriage £29.99 and the detailed modelling on the white carriage is lovely. These toys are definitely a hit in our house and I’m sure I will be asking Mummy and Daddy for new additions to add to my collection.

Have you heard of Schleich before?

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We were sent this Schleich Bayala Mermaid Toy in order to conduct our review. All thoughts and underwater adventures are our own.

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29 thoughts on “My fantasy world with Schleich!

  1. We love toys with fairy tale themes in our house, Soph has just started imaginative so these would be perfect for her & her brother 🙂 x

  2. Oh how cute I so would’ve loved this as a child! It all looks so magical and I bet u had lots of fun playing and mummy too 😉. Definitely a great toy for encouraging use of imagination.

  3. We have young kids but not heard of these toys before. I love that they encourage creative play and will order some for their upcoming birthdays.

  4. Oh my gosh my kids were such huge Schleich fans when we first moved to Bavaria, no super market trip was complete without bringing some character or animal home! 😀

  5. I loved mermaids as a kid so I’d have loved these, and you’re right free play is so important x

  6. I love these! We are a big fan of Schleich, we have lots of there animals and I recently treated myself to a Wonder Woman figure.

  7. I would have loved these as a kid. I remember having a Polly Pocket car which was my favorite toy for quite some time. These remind me of that.

  8. Considering that I class myself as a part time mermaid and unicorn at weekends of course the mermaid fantasy world from Schleich makes me super excited! I am glad you enjoyed your beautiful mermaid toy!

  9. I’ve not heard of these before. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for them
    When my kids are old enough. Oldest is 2 at the moment. You look like you have great fun with them! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  10. That is really cute. I bet my niece would really love this for her birthday. I will definitely look into this.

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