My Eggventures at Hotel Chocolat

Dear Mummy, everyone seems to love chocolate and Easter is the best time to explore new tastes through a variety of chocolate creations. My mummy has been treating herself to Hotel Chocolat for years and we’re lucky enough to have a store near us in Basingstoke! Great for my mummy’s well-being and mental health but bad for her waistline. Well, everything in moderation…

Hotel Chocolat Easter Review

She doesn’t eat chocolate all the time but when she does she prefers luxurious brands. We love Easter not just for the chocolate but for the sentiment behind it so we’re happy to indulge in a treat to reflect the special occasion.

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

Each year Hotel Chocolat make Easter gifts which are a little bit more elaborate than the standard eggs you find on your supermarket shelves. We’ve always been impressed by their range of sculpted chocolate and different flavour combinations. They taste as good as they look too!

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat kindly sent me some of their mouth-watering goodies from their Easter range, an Egg Sandwich (£10) and three cute farm animals called Pen Pals (£8 set) – Elizapeck (caramel), Rabbert (milk chocolate) and my favourite of all, Woolliam (white chocolate) all crafted from chocolate!

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

The question was, were they going to last long enough for photos and review!? Being a child I was particularly drawn to the children’s range that Hotel Chocolat have on their shelves. With just the right amount of chocolate for a smaller tummies these little creations are perfect for me!

Check out the range of goodies in store on our March Favourites Vlog!

Hotel Chocolat have loads of goodies in store from eye-popping eggs to little dinky pots of chocolate drops and lickable lollies. It’s the most amazing experience heading into the shop and seeing all the chocolate laid out!

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

My mummy loves the chocolate Egg Sandwiches. Even though they aren’t new from Hotel Chocolat they are a best seller and we can see why! An actual loaf was put through a 3D scanner in order to create the chocolate slices of bread, so the sandwiches look and feel really realistic. How cool is that? They’re even served in takeaway boxes just like the real thing. These make a change from the plain old chocolate eggs or bunnies everywhere.

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

There are four egg sandwich flavours to choose from: Milk, White, Caramel and Dark. On our video can you spot a new design in store too?  I’d love to hear about your favourite kind of chocolate. Do you have a sweet tooth?

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent an Egg Sandwich and a set of Pen Pals in order to conduct our taste testing. I’m happy to report that they taste delicious and all lip smacking is our own x





26 thoughts on “My Eggventures at Hotel Chocolat

  1. I love Hotel Chocolat, it tastes amazing. I hope someone treats me this Easter. I will have to hint at the hubby 🙂 Lovely review and photos.The choc egg sandwich looks fun.

  2. Oh wow, what an important job being chief chocolate taster! I think it would be by dream job and all those chocolates look absolutely delicious 🙂

  3. I love Hotel Chocolat. I’ve been known to get carried away on the online store! I know my son would love the kids range too. Hope they taste just as yummy as the adult range!

  4. Oh my goodness check out those chicks! How adorable are they. Hotel Chocolat really do some amazing chocolate, definitely one of my favourite places to go to.

  5. I would live in a Hotel Chocolat if I could! When we are in Milton Keynes shopping center my husband always tries to distract me when we walk past the store… Haha! That Egg Sandwich is epic 🙂

  6. Love Hotel Chocolat and these Easter themed chocolates look so pretty and I am sure my kids would love to have them for Easter. The egg sandwich looks like a winner!

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