My Baby Born Summertime Adventure

Dear Mummy, for our regular readers it’s a well know fact that I love dolls. I own miniature dolls, fabric dolls, fashion dolls and we’re always on the look out for the next best thing (well a kid has to stay on top of the toy trends). So when an offer came in to review a new Baby Born Interactive Doll I jumped at the chance.

Baby Born Interactive Doll Review 3

I received a Baby Born Interactive Doll (£32) from Zapf Creations and it has nine life-like functions and eleven accessories in the box. I couldn’t wait to see inside and had to contain my excitement as we filmed our unboxing video on our YouTube Channel.

It’s a great starter pack for kids and included in the box are eleven items like matching bracelets for mummy (that’s me) and baby, a baby grow and hat, potty, nappy, bowl and spoon, birth certificate, food pouch and dummy making it great value for money.

Baby Born Interactive Doll Review 2

The Baby Born Interactive Doll also does amazing things like controlled wetting on the potty, drinking and feeding, tearing, opening/closing eyes, moving arms/legs and she is fully waterproof and bathable. I can’t believe she cries real tears when you squeeze her arm. If you press her belly button she has a wee and thankfully there is a functioning nappy included in the box. I love to check her nappy and put her on the potty.

Baby Born Interactive Doll Review 1

She is surprisingly life-like and her features are brilliant and very convincing. Even my mummy was rocking her when holding her. She doesn’t need batteries, as nothing is mechanical and she doesn’t make any sounds, phew that’s a relief.

Baby Born Interactive Doll Review 4

She goes everywhere with me and I even tried to smuggle her into school with me! We’ve been taking her on our summertime adventures and have already visited the coast with her. Check out our video to see our beach trip to West Wittering. We were also sent a sling/baby carrier £16.99 and extra food pouches (a box of 12 for £6) for our outdoor adventure.

Baby Born Interactive Doll Review 4

Baby Born Interactive Dolls are available from all good toys stores including Argos, Amazon, Smyth’s Toys and Tescos. There’s also a large range of clothing and accessories to accompany Baby Born Dolls, including prams/baby carriers and you can choose from both girl and boy dolls.

She’s a welcomed addition to our family!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were gifted an Interactive Baby Born in exchange for this review, all Ooooos and Ahhhhhs are our own.

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23 thoughts on “My Baby Born Summertime Adventure

  1. Can’t believe how close Baby born looks just like a real baby, i’ve seen this on the shelf but did not realise how life like they are. Will be getting this as a present for my niece.

  2. Oh Bella it looks like you are loving that doll so much and taking such good care of her! My daughter is exactly the same with dolls!

  3. We have the boy version that we gave Zach for Christmas and all 3 kids love it! Great features included for lots of fun! #thatfridaylinky

  4. Wow that does loads no wonder you are having so much fun with it! Love that you smuggle her into school, so funny! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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