Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

Dear Mummy, I’ve always wanted a fluffy bunny as a pet so I was over the moon to get one to review, not a real one but a ROBOT one. Yes, a robot bunny with fluffy ears and fuzzy tail which wiggles, eyes that light up and arms that move! I couldn’t wait to open up the box, switch my bunny on and play with him.

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

We were sent one Zoomer Hungry Bunny and there are two available to buy in the range, Chewy and Shreddy. Strange names for little bunnies I thought, but we found out they actually eat paper treats the names made sense. Each bunny comes with 4 paper snack sheets containing roughly 80 snacks, a treat tracer to make your own snacks and a cardboard snack basket which is easy to assemble.

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

My bunny is always hungry so we are constantly feeding him and we love the noise Shreddy makes when he chomps away happily. The bunnies require 3 x AA batteries which are not included, which is a shame as my mummy had to hunt around for some. Check out our video of Shreddy in action!

Just by touching his cute button nose bunny along with his head you will get some wonderful interactions. You can make the bunnies giggle, sneeze, burp and sigh. Shreddy burped a lot on our video and I tried to guess what he needed by listening to the sounds he made and responding like a caring owner.

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

His belly growled when he was hungry, he sighed when content and groaned ‘Uh Oh’ when he was full or wanted attention. I loved the magical sound before he pooped colourful paper confetti from his bottom. You should have seen my reaction and face!

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

We found that my bunny was super greedy and chomped away on his paper snacks far to quickly and it got stuck making a ‘Uh Oh’ noises and grunting when this happened, so we patted his back upside down to release the paper. Just be aware that he also gobbles up batteries too and his eyes are blue when fully powered up, this also means he is more responsive. If you press his head and nose at the same time then he plays some music and wiggles.

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

I’ve really enjoyed playing with him and having a pet all of my own, so much so that I have fashioned his own rabbit hutch and basket where he sleeps and hides away from our family cat. The Zoomer Hungry Bunnies would make a great starter robot and a great gift for us little ones, ages 3 – 12 years. They are available to buy from Smyths, The Entertainer, Amazon and all good toy retailers at £29.99.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent a Zoomer Hungry Bunny in order to produce an honest review. All photos, video reactions and burping noises are our own.


16 thoughts on “Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

  1. OMG I love this toy , i think i would love to have a go at playing with this amazing bunny myself – interactive toys are trully the very best x

  2. Wow, that bunny is so cute and such a perfect gift to give for kids this Christmas and I am sure they will like it.

  3. How adorable! Though my kids are a little past this stage, I’ve got a couple of others on my list that this would be perfect for!

  4. I can confirm that real bunnies are just as greedy as robot ones! My son would LOVE this toy; definitely one for the Christmas list.

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