My Super Smash with Smashers Series 2 – Finding an Ultra Rare Character!

Dear mummy, I had so much fun discovering Smashers for the first time. I lot of boys in my class have been playing with these and I wanted to check them out for myself. I had some given to me for Christmas so couldn’t wait to get smashing them open to see what was inside.

Smashers series 2 review

Smashers are little rubber characters hidden inside plastic eyeball spheres. You throw the eyeball at something hard to smash it apart and find out which of the gruesome collectibles you’ve got. We love the concept of these toys with the actually physical element of smashing them and then rebuilding them, its best throwing them or dropping them on the floor though. The smashing is fun but the rebuilding is tricky afterwards.

Smashers series 2 review

There are six pieces which break apart neatly and easy and larger to pick up, so no tiny pieces will be left behind. There are instructions on how to rebuild them on the back of the collectors sheet included in the pack.

Smashers series 2 review

I was so glad I checked out these toys. I wanted to see how gross they really were. As with most series of collectibles, there are common ones, rare, special edition and the super ultra rare ones.  You can collect ghastly characters like Awful Animals, Odd Bodies, Ooze Dudes, Icky Insects, Filthy Food, Smash Trash and Toilet Humour.

I was lucky enough to discover an ultra rare see-thru character in my unboxing video above, can you guess what one it is? I loved discovering the characters in the smashball packs and have started collecting these revolting critters much to the surprise of my mummy! Even when I found some in gooey slime I still wasn’t put off playing with them.

Smashers series 2 review

We have the series 2 toys but you can still get the first series which are in red smashable balls and are sports themed. Inside a one-pack (£1.99) you get 1 x exclusive smasher ball, 1 x smasher character and 1 x collector guide. You can also get 3 packs (£5) and 8 packs (£11) which make good pocket-money toys and there’s something for everyone’s budget. These are produced by ZURU Toys and available at good toy shops!

Smashers series 2 review Have you heard of Smashers? We had so much fun playing with them and we didn’t expect too which was a welcomed surprise from the usual girly ones I play with.

Love Bella x


14 thoughts on “My Super Smash with Smashers Series 2 – Finding an Ultra Rare Character!

  1. Oh these look really fun. My nephews loved Shopkins because they were small and cute, but I bet they would love these even more as they are less pink and purple! 😀

  2. I can’t say I’ve heard of this range but I know collectibles like these are Greta for children and engaged their imaginations. I love your daughters happy face in the photos

  3. I have not heard of this brand but I’ve seen similar collectibles and can see how good they are at giving your child fun and imaginative play. She looks so thrilled to get an ultra rare character

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