Even Superheroes need a break – BFLF x Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-Up

Dear Mummy, you and daddy have been a bit stressed recently, so when the opportunity came to let your hair down we jumped at the chance. We were recently invited to attend a Big Fish Little Fish event. I whisked my folks away for a couple of hours to Farnham Maltings in Surrey where we went for a rave. Yes, you heard me correctly. I took my folks to a indoor rave, in a hall, on a Saturday afternoon.

Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-up Rave

Raving? Yes. Relaxing? Not necessarily. Good Fun? Most definitely.

The music was pumping and I was PUMPED! My folks were knackered just looking at everyone dancing. However, after a quick pit stop to get my face painted, I noticed a change in them… they were starting to relax.

Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-up Rave

Tapping their feet to the music thumping away in the room, they started to sway and relax their shoulders. You see, this super-human iron-man of steel approach to parenting has to give away at some point. Music is a great remedy for stress and dancing like no-one is watching is quite liberating.

Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-up Rave

The theme for this months rave was aptly named superheroes, after the brand new Camp Bestival 2019 theme, of course I got into the action. Dressing up as wonder women.

It took my folks 20 minutes to get into the swing of thing, then I couldn’t get them off the dance floor! The DJ’s really knew how to please the crowd and it this sold out gig there really was a lot of people to impress.

Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-up Rave

Us kids were happy, with free balloons, bubble showers and lots of confetti cannons, for once it wasn’t our house getting messy it was someone else’s mess to tidy up. I bonded with my mummy over some crafting while my daddy headed to the bar area, elbow deep in glitter, pritt stick and feathers we had a whale of a time creating super hero masks.

Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-up Rave

Of course one of the highlights for me was the giant parachute dance at the end of the rave, but this time was also had a foam party! Not like the ones my folks remembered from 90’s Magaluf, but it certainly brought back some memories. The DJ’s were clearly enjoying themselves and the staff were happy go lucky and having as much fun as the crowd.

Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-up Rave

There was even a little chill out space at the back for younger kids, which resembled a Monday morning baby group tripping on acid, with large spinning projections on walls, lots of sensory play and even a wall to graffiti over!

Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-up Rave

This is our 6th time heading to a rave with Big Fish Little Fish and we’ve seen them at many different festivals and events and one thing always remains the same, the quality of the music and the friendliest of the staff. They really are the 2-4 party people.

Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-up Rave

Can’t wait to see you guys on the festival circuit this year! Check out the other dates below! Is there a rave near you?

Big Fish Little Fish Camp Bestival 2019

Love Bella x  (Aged 6 – going on 16)

Want to see more Rave Action? Then check out our other Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave posts for 2017 and 2018.

camp festival 2018 warm-up

Disclosure: We were invited down as guests to review BFLF Events, all photos, video and dance moves are our own.

37 thoughts on “Even Superheroes need a break – BFLF x Camp Bestival 2019 Warm-Up

  1. That looks like a ton of fun for any kid. When I was a kid, this was the kind of thing that really got me excited. I’m talking for days before and after.

  2. Wow! This looks so fun and amazing for kids and familys! Big Fish LIttle Fish is winning at providing cool things for people to do!

  3. Camp Bestival sounds totally amazing! Especially seeing all the things Bella and the whole family got to do the last time. I need to check out if we can get tickets for this year x

  4. Oh wow, This looks like a fun event. Looks like the kids really enjoyed it. My kids would be so happy to be here for sure.

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