My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

Dear Mummy, we’re learning about where our food comes from at school. It’s fascinating finding out that it grows from the ground. So I was eager to grow my own in my new kitchen garden!

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

I’m a big fan of My Fairy Garden and I couldn’t wait to try out their latest product which allows me to grow my own pea shoots. I can see me eating these in ham sandwiches and garnishing pea and ham soup! My mummy is going to eat them in salads and on top of pizza!

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

Inside the box you receive a long planter and some white picket fencing with a gate at one end, a plastic fairy house with opening door and removable roof, instructions, pea shoot seeds and Fenn the Fairy. We first saw this product at The London Toy Fair back in January so was delighted at having the opportunity to review.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

My mummy cleared a place indoors for me to construct my Fairy Garden, as bad weather had stopped play outside. This gave me the opportunity to be green-fingered without necessarily being outdoors.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

Inside the box there is a little bag of dried pea seeds, we soaked these while setting up and filling the planter with soil collected from outside.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

We lay a mat underneath the table to collect any debris and mess as I got stuck in. There’s everything you need in the box to get started apart from soil. I had fun building the little house and the pieces just slotted into place.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

I followed the instructions to make my garden complete and sowed my pea shoot seeds. I soaked them first to soften them and made sure I had a sunny spot on my windowsill available.

My seeds needed lot of light to grow and you need to remember to water them regularly! Thankfully it only took a couple of days to see results which made me want to care for my little seedlings more!

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

I loved the addition of Fenn the Fairy, which is a beautiful new fairy that comes with the garden. She is different from the usual Fairy Garden fairies because she has hinged legs and can sit on the fence.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

The peas were easy for little fingers to plant and I had loads of them! In fact I could have planted half of them and saved the rest for another cycle.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

Only a week after planting on my sunny window sill my kitchen garden was growing well and green shoots were sprouting though.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

Soon afterwards my garden started to resemble a jungle. Day eight and we decided to harvest them. Before I cut my pea shoots I had fun playing with Fenn the Fairy amongst the tall shoots.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

After the initial fun of sowing the seeds at the beginning and making my Fairy Garden it was exciting to see the results. It’s brought so much joy watching the seeds grow and monitoring every morning before school. I loved having the responsibility of watering the seeds and tending to my garden.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

I didn’t feel sad after I harvested my garden either and collected my pea shoots, as the beauty of this toy allows me to re-plant and re-use the planter when we’ve eaten what we’ve grown.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

I can’t wait to buy some more seeds and grow flowers this time round (not eat them) in my Fairy Garden. It’s such a simple kit to help kids grow seeds. Priced at £11.99 it’s perfect for little green fingered people.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were given this Fairy Kitchen Garden to review, all pea shoots are grown by us and we’re super proud!

33 thoughts on “My Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

  1. Absolutely love the fairy garden kits. My daughter has s few haven’t seen this one though so I will have to have a look for it as she’s bound to want to add this one to her collection!

  2. This is really cute! I’m an avid gardener, and I love this as a way to get kids excited about growing their own food early on.

  3. This is such a lovely kit – and it’s so great that you can reuse it after the first cycle! Pea shoots are a good choice too – they’re delicious and grow super fast!

  4. That’s just so incredibly awesome! We already grow some of our herbs for our kitchen adventures. This is something that would really appeal to my nieces.

  5. what a great way to learn how to garden! I do wish they included wooden pieces instead of plastic though!

  6. How fun!! This would be a great way to teach kids about growing, gardening and food in a fun learning environment. As soon as Olivia is old enough, I’m on this garden!!

  7. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! And such a good idea to get the little ones into gardening. Good luck with those peas.

  8. Gardening is really fun for kids. They love it naturally, and asking them to do so at early age makes them nature lover by heart.

  9. Wow, this is so cute! My daughter will definitely love to have this garden kit as she loves planting seeds even in a small can.

  10. This is such a perfect addition to our collection as we are experiencing more and more sunny weather. Our kids love gardening and I know my daughter just adores fairies

  11. I super love the idea, very interesting. I love DIY gifts, they are entertaining and they also help with the child’s development. Thanks for sharing.

  12. My kids are likely too old to enjoy something like this, but this is such a neat idea for little ones! Very cute!

  13. This looks so cute and fun. My kids would be so happy to have this. I’ll have to check this out now.

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