My Hotel Chocolat Easter Surprise Egg!

Dear Mummy, everyone loves Easter. It’s probably the best excuse of the year to gorge on chocolate. We love Easter not just for the chocolate but for the sentiment behind it so we’re happy to indulge in a treat to reflect the special occasion.

Hotel Chocolat Easter 2019 Review

This year Easter lands at the end of the school holidays and we’ve already started to look in the shops for Easter eggs and treats to open. Our first port of call is always Hotel Chocolat and we’re lucky enough to have a store local that we love to go and browse in. The staff are always so helpful and occasionally we get the odd free sample to taste too!

Hotel Chocolat Easter Goodies 2019

Each year Hotel Chocolat make Easter gifts which are a little bit more elaborate than the standard eggs you find on your supermarket shelves. We’ve always been impressed by their range of sculpted chocolate and different flavour combinations. They taste as good as they look too!

Hotel Chocolat Easter 2019 Review

Hotel Chocolat kindly sent me some of their mouth-watering goodies from their Easter range and each year I look forward to seeing what they have on their shelves. They totally haven’t disappointed this year and my mummy had fun surprising me with a Surprise Easter Egg unboxing which makes a great alternative to a traditional chocolate eggs.

There is something for everyones budget and appetite too! Hotel Chocolat also do Easter Hampers and goodie bags perfect for families and events. And with Mix and Match offers in store there’s plenty of deals to be had.

Hotel Chocolat Easter 2019 Review

The question was, were they going to last long enough for photos and review!? Being a child I was particularly drawn to the children’s range that Hotel Chocolat have on their shelves. With just the right amount of chocolate for smaller tummies these little creations are perfect for me!

Hotel Chocolat Easter 2019 Review

One of the less expensive offerings is a super cute Egg On Toast Lick – Chocolate Easter Lolly at £2 and this is perfect for littler tummies and we like that it comes on a stick to save sticky hands!

Hotel Chocolat Easter 2019 Review

Elizapeck – Caramel-milk Chocolate Chick £6.50: A chirpy caramel chick perches atop dinky drops of milk chocolate. An Easter gift that will have them all a-twitter! We love the little characters that Hotel Chocolat create and their Farmyard friends are lifted straight from their chocolatier’s imagination. The original Elizapeck was first sketched, painted, then hand-carved. A great alternative to a traditional Easter egg. We especially love the packaging as well.

Eggs and Soldiers at £8: Milk chocolate truffle tiddly eggs with a troop of hazelnut praline soldiers smartly turned out in white chocolate perfect for pretend dipping! I love ‘Bang Bang’ eggs so we had a bit of a giggle with these pretending I was having my breakfast with toast and runny eggs…if only I could eat chocolate for breakfast everyday! We loved the concept of these and how we haven’t seen these anywhere else.

Hotel Chocolat Easter 2019 Review

Sunny Side Up at £8: My favourite had to be these award-winning milk truffle and caramel Easter chocolate goodies and I adore the faces! Nice and smooth for little ones, they melt in your mouth. These make a change from the plain old chocolate eggs or bunnies everywhere.

Hotel Chocolat Easter 2019 Review

Easter Egg Sandwich – Caramayo Caramel Chocolate at £10: White half-eggs sandwiched with caramel-milk. A light-hearted Easter gift, perfect for fans of the breakfast buttie! Even though they aren’t new from Hotel Chocolat they are a best seller and we can see why! An actual loaf was put through a 3D scanner in order to create the chocolate slices of bread, so the sandwiches look and feel really realistic. How cool is that? The presentation and idea are amazing and every year one of these will last me a couple of days. We like how many flavour combinations are available and loving the addition of the Cookie Dough & Ice Cream Sandwich version.

A Dozen Quails Eggs £10: 12 mellow tiddly chocolate quail eggs filled with caramel, praline and simple truffles. Seriously smooth, served in a sustainable egg box. The packaging is pretty nifty and is compostable, biodegradable and a great alternative to plastic. We love the concept of this and even though I helped myself to some of these on my video and I think my folks with indulge in the rest of these! With flavours like Vanilla, Simple Dark, Illegal Gianduja, Salted Caramel Cream, Nuts About Raspberry and Salted Macadamia they are packed with serious sophisticated flavours and there is something for every taste! Though mummy had to explain what a Quail was!

Hotel Chocolat have loads of goodies in store from eye-popping eggs to little dinky pots of chocolate drops and lick-able lollies. It’s the most amazing experience heading into the shop and seeing all the chocolate laid out! Have you been in store yet? I’d love to hear about your favourite kind of chocolate.

My Hotel Chocolat Easter Surprise Egg!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Make sure to check out my reaction video above we would love to see more of you over on our Youtube channel.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent an Egg Sandwich and a set of Pen Pals in order to conduct our taste testing. I’m happy to report that they taste delicious and all lip smacking is our own x


17 thoughts on “My Hotel Chocolat Easter Surprise Egg!

  1. I’ve never heard of Hotel Chocolat but their stuff looks amazing! Love Easter and the chocolates that come with it!

  2. How lucky you were! I love Hotel Chocolat, and I can imagine those treats went very quickly on Easter Sunday!

  3. Looks like lots of good treats ended up in the Easter basket this year; I’ve never had Hotel Chocolat (in the US- is it available here?)- but you made me want to try!

  4. Their Egg on toast Lick Chocolate lolly sounds a really neat and awesome idea for the kids. It must be really nice to receive all these amazing goodies for Easter.

  5. OMG my kids would have totally loved this especially that huge giant egg!! We get lots of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat but not as Easter so would definitely head to their shop next year.

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