Making Bathtime Fun with Funatic Foam!

Dear Mummy, I first saw Funatic Foam at the London Toy Fair so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these bath time bottles packed with fun. Anything that encourages me to jump in the bath and get clean is good with my folks!

Funatic Foam Review

Funatic Foam is a gorgeously scented foam soap that can spray up to 3 meters. It comes in 3 different scents and colours which include;  Blue Bubblegum, Green Apple and Pink Berry. The foam is real soap so perfect for cleaning and bathing in a fun and exciting way.

Funatic Foam

The recyclable bottle has an easy to use trigger nozzle allowing even the littlest hands to use it effectively and it’s lightweight. Funatic Foam has a no stain formula, which is a good thing as I gave it a whirl at my grandparents house in their immaculate bathroom and there was minimum mess. It doesn’t sting in my eyes and felt good on my skin.

Funatic Foam Review

I had fun drawing numbers and shapes and even writing my name on the tiles and shower shield. The foam was a pale colour so didn’t stain but I think I would have preferred a brighter colour to see my creations better!

Funatic Foam Review

They smelt amazing and the blue bubblegum scent was my favourite! Just watch out though as it can become quite slippery when playing so make sure you have a grown up with you just in case. Check it out in action!

You can buy Funatic Foam at Tesco and it’s £5.99 a bottle and makes a great alternative to bath bombs as it lasts for up to eight fun-filled applications. It’s going to be awesome in the Summer for foaming up a slippery slide and paddling pool water fights!

Bella x

Disclosure: I was kindly sent 2 bottles of Funatic Foam in order to review! All photos, rubber ducks and soapy opinions are my own!


18 thoughts on “Making Bathtime Fun with Funatic Foam!

  1. That bubblegum aroma sounds so nice, I can imagine the sweet smell all over the bathroom. It’s great that this product is so child friendly and it doesn’t sting the eyes.

  2. Oh how fab! That totally makes shower and bath time more fun than normal and I bet the different fragrances are amazing! Oh to be a kid again! Sim – Sim’s Life x

  3. Can we discuss how big you are getting firstly? I havent visited your blog for a while so I can’t get over how big you are!
    This sounds lots of fun… 3 meters!! I think I’d have to hide that information from my little one haha!

  4. Ill be honest, im not a big fan of Bath Bombs and this would be a good alternative, my kiddies would find it fun

  5. We are always looking for the new fun thing of toy to bring to the bath and this looks so fun! I would love to get this for my kids as they spend hours in the bath and this will keep them busy

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