My L.O.L Surprise Birthday

Dear Mummy, I can’t believe that I’m seven! Long gone are the baby and toddler years and I’m looking forward to becoming a tween soon.

It’s been really good fun charting the years through this blog and we’ve always shared my big milestones.

LOL Surprise Themed Party

This year my folks hosted an L.O.L Surprise Birthday Party for me and it was definitely a change from the Greatest Showman theme last year. Everything seemed more grown up. 

Greatest Showman Party Ideas

I missed going to the L.O.L Winter Disco Toy Launch in London last year so we recreated it in our local hall and invited all of my school buddies, family and friends.

LOL Surprise Themed Party

My folks sure know how to throw a party and it’s a great excuse to see loved ones and get the family together.

L.O.L Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

I had an L.O.L Surprise Cake from the same bakery in Southampton that made my mummy’s cakes when she was a child. They did a fantastic job keeping the colours and branding the same!

LOL Surprise Themed Party

My mummy ordered backdrops from Amazon and we hired a great DJ/Entertainer (who we’ve used before at my Pirate themed 4th Birthday Party.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party Ideas

My mummy selected the party decor while friends and family helped set up the room. I had a really cool disco with a fancy dress area where we could wear costumes, grab inflatable props and boogie on down. Everything my mummy got was off Amazon and can reused for other events! I was really impressed with my super large L.O.L Surprise backdrops and they are now up in my bedroom!

LOL Surprise Themed Party

With silver foil curtains, glow sticks and crazy inflatables, party games and dance-offs I had a fab time! I hope you enjoy our piccys and it’s great inspiration for others looking to host an LOL Surprise Party!

Love Bella x

16 thoughts on “My L.O.L Surprise Birthday

  1. What an amazing birthday party your mom put up for you! You are a very lucky girl. 🙂 It’s so amazing that the bakery who did your cake is the same one that used to make them for your mom when she was a child. Happy birthday!

  2. What an awesome looking LOL Surprise birthday! I have to admit when I first read about LOL Dolls I thought they would be a fad but they seem to be in for a long run now – it is great children still love them so much!

  3. Birthday parties are such fun, and it is always nice to have a theme that you love. This certainly looks like you absolutely adored it, and that cake looks amazing! Happy Birthday, Bella, I can’t believe you’re seven already!

  4. What an amazing birthday party, it looks like so much fun! My little girl is also a huge L.O.L Surprise fan and has asked for an L.O.L party for her 6th birthday so thanks for the inspiration too! xx

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