Discovering Uni-Verse Unicorn Surprise Toys!

Dear mummy, I’m forever on the look out for new original toys and this little cloud floated onto my doorstep recently. But it’s no ordinary cloud, it’s a Uni‐Verse cloud full of wonderful toy surprises and makes a change from all the grey rain clouds we’ve had recently.

UniVerse Toy Review

Introducing the out‐of‐this‐world unicorns of Uni‐Verse! I had so much fun unboxing these surprise collectible unicorns hidden within every Uni‐Verse cloud. The packaging looks super cute and the clouds have little emoji inspired faces on them. The best bit of all is that they hide a surprise.

Uni-Verse Toy Review

I dunked the cute looking cloud in warm water and it magically dissolved turning into gooey slime. It changed the water’s colour, hinting at the world the toy unicorn is from! See the big reveal in action on my video. There were instructions on the packaging and a sheet inside to follow.

It was like a double toy surprise as the cloud itself was fun and turned into slime and then the blind bags appeared within. Make sure you put a towel down as it can get quite messy! You can also cut the surprises out of the cloud too, as I wanted to keep one to play with.

I had fun unwrapping each rainbow print blind bag and they revealed lots of surprises including two accessories, a unicorn figure and a tear‐shaped pet friend matching your character’s theme! Also inside was one scratch‐off unicorn bio card and a collectors poster. You just can’t go wrong with a few rainbows in your life as I’m sure you are all aware bearing in mind all the rainbows I wear!

Uni-Verse Toy Review
Arcadey Sadey

The unicorns come in all different shapes and sizes with the themes matching the fantasy lands they come from. Some have cool hair, some are fuzzy, some are metallic and others are translucent and glow in the dark!

Uni‐Verse Toy Review

I absolutely loved the tiny accessories, especially on the character unicorns I got. I found Arcadey Sadey a unicorn who loves playing video games, her favourite food are burgers and she hates her power running out. I discovered all this information from the scratch card that was included! I used my unicorn’s hoof to reveal their dislikes, likes, favourite food and rarity level. This is another clever way for you to interact with the toy and the accessories it comes with.

Uni-Verse Toy Review

I also found the super cool Anne-Arctica a translucent unicorn who loves snowmen, her favourite drink is hot chocolate and dislikes sunshine. Anne-Arctica came with a little snowman head?! Strange huh? I like that you can mix and match the accessories on all of the Uni‐Verse characters to create silly combinations!

Uni-Verse Toy Review
Goddess Goldie

I also unwrapped Goddess Goldie who is pretty glamorous. With seven whimsical worlds like Funtasyland, Sweet Treats Landing and Glam‐a‐Ganza Land, you can collect over 40 absurd Uni‐Verse unicorns! Adding their accessories on their horns and in their mouths it a great way from losing the tiny pieces!

Uni-Verse Toy Review
Glammin’ Cameryn

Uni‐Verse figure are the perfect gift for girls aged 5 and up and would make a great treat (we’ve recently seen them for half price online) I loved these toys so much that I bought some more with my pocket money and found Char-ming Ming! A uni-que fuzzy unicorn who loves lily flowers, her favourite food is Chinese and she dislikes beetles! Discover more characters by following #UniverseSurprise on twitter and Instagram.

Uni-Verse Toy Review

For the next wave (Series 2) we’d love to see the introduction of more characters focusing more on gaming, sports and science. Also ones aimed at boys would be cool!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: I was kindly sent some Uni-Verse Unicorn Surprise toys, all discoveries and silly horsey noises are my own.

15 thoughts on “Discovering Uni-Verse Unicorn Surprise Toys!

  1. What a cool toy! I like that it has that surprise element, and it just not dissolve in water, but it leaves slime behind it. That is fun! The little unicorns and so cute as well, such imaginative.

  2. Our grand daughter loves unicorns! These are excellent gifts for her, and my great-nieces too!

  3. These look very cool! What an excellent gift idea. I loved unicorns when I was a kid, so these would have made the perfect present.

  4. Olivia would absolutely adore these – she is such a big fan of unicorns. These look so cool and colourful.

  5. These toys are really cute! My niece Heidi loves unicorns and she would love these. May have to get her some for her birthday x

  6. Aww these are really cute and a bit different. What kid doesn’t love surprise toys?! They would make a great present for birthday parties as well

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