Away with the Fairies! My Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House Review

Dear Mummy, this week I’ve been transported to the land of fairies! My mummy likes to think that I’m away with the fairies the majority of the time, creating fantasy worlds in my head.

Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House review

I’ve always loved fairies since I was small, creating space in the flower beds, making small wooden doors and leaving teeth under pillows. However I’ve never really had any fairy toys that I could interact with in this way – that was until I was sent some lovely toys from the Playmobil fairies range.

Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House review

I’m always on the look out for toys that help promote my creativity and nurture my imagination and Playmobil is a great start! The big elves at Playmobil HQ sent me this wonderful Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House for me to review! Check it out on my video!

This really is a lovely set for a little fairy fan like me, it’s so intricate and detailed. I actually started playing with it while we were taking it out of the box! It’s around £25 and available from all good toy shops. I like that I can play with other Playmobil characters as all the accessories can be repurposed too! Great for when friends come over with their Playmobil.

Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House review

Playmobil is great at capturing the imagination of little ones… and big folk! My mummy and daddy remember playing with Playmobil when they were younger and the toys really do stand the test of time. I enjoyed setting up the characters and adding their fairy wings, they are great for role play and really spark the imagination of children. I created a whole fantasy land.

Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House review

The playset is a great size and came packaged in a large cardboard box with a beautiful illustration of what’s included in the box helping to engage me straight away. I studied it for some time, figuring out how to put the toy set together. I didn’t need to worry, as inside the box were instructions and it was child’s play to put together! In fact I beavered away while my folks looked on, putting the pieces together and getting it set up the way I wanted myself.

Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House review

There are 123 pieces in the Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House playset. The main piece is the tree stump fairy house furnished with a table, a fairy throne and other accessories. It’s the perfect place to hold court.

Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House review

The top of the Fairy House can also be used as another play platform and I set up a camp out. To help my characters find their way around at night, there is a glow-in-the-dark lantern to guide them hanging from a branch. The playset includes many animals such as an owl, deer, butterfly, a turtle and foxes.

I love the extra pond scene too and it gave me another area to play with while creating stories in my head. There’s everything you need to recreate a scene from Sleeping Beauty, like a spinning wheel, hairbrush, wand, throne room accessories, table and mirror set and blanket. I also loved the book and quill, glittery bottle and treasure chest with jewels.

Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House review

So what do you guys think of this Playmobil set? I really love how the fairies toy range is expanding. I’m also super excited about the new releases coming out this year like the Playmobil Scooby Doo sets and Back to the Future ones! I might have to fight my mummy and daddy for those though!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly gifted this playset from Playmobil, all building, magic and storytelling is my own.

11 thoughts on “Away with the Fairies! My Playmobil 70001 Fairies Fairy Forest House Review

  1. What a fabulous toy for letting children run away with their imagination! I’m sure my daughter would have loved this when she was younger! Sim x SimsLife

  2. Our great-niece will be 6 in October. We usually celebrate her and her sister’s birthdays the same day, as theirs are fairly close in dates. She would LOVE this for a gift!

  3. This looks like such a wonderful playset. My kids love Playmobil and Olivia would love this set!

  4. That’s really good value for £25, there’s quite a lot included in there. I used to love Playmobil when I was younger x

  5. WOW what an amazing set and so many accessories and parts that come with it too! My little girl is a big fan of Playmobil too and she can spend hours creating stories and playing them out, I know she would love this set! I always love all the little details that are thought about in Playmobil which really enhance play too!

  6. It looks like your daughter was over the moon with that set! I really like Playmobil all the accessories mean you can play for hours! I can’t get over how much is included in this set for the price.

  7. That’s a very cute toy set. My niece would love it. Play mobile toys are great as a fun activity. Your little lady sure loved it, just look at that awesome smile.

  8. Bella, my son loves Playmobil too. He has so many sets that we had to buy a big chest to put them all in. I like the look of this fairy set, seeing as I’m a big fan of fairies too. Always great adventures to have with Playmobil. Hope it brings you lots of hours of fun.

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