Space Homeschooling Ideas

Star Date – June 2020 –  IHaveNoIdeaWhatDayItIs

Dear Mummy, all the days are merging into one, as we continue on our homeschooling mission. There’s no going back for the foreseeable future and with plenty of hurdles to navigate. Mainly the extra long school holidays and closures we’ve decided to escape into space. I have my trusty crew with me, also isolated and locked into this adventure.

Space homeschooling ideas
Using the Twinkl website resources online

It’s the final frontier, one in which we’ve never discovered before and both my folks are helping me on my learning journey. Even my Barbie Doll has come along for the ride! We’re dressed and ready to go.

Space homeschooling ideas
Grab your crew!

We’ve decided to do some really cool Space themed topics for the next couple of weeks, inspired by the SpaceXMission which launched last month by NASA.

Space Homeschooling Ideas
Make new friends! Thanks Tremor for being my space buddy

Heres a little background about what’s triggered our learning this month. We watched as Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were blasted off into space. When NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were launched toward the ISS, they weren’t alone. Joining them on the SpaceX mission was a stuffed toy named Tremor. The sequinned dinosaur, made by Ty was used as a zero-gravity indicator for astronauts on the Dragon Endeavour. I was super lucky to get my hands on this little fella, so this week we’re focusing on Space as my home-schooling topic!

Space homeschooling ideas
Reading about Space!

What you can do to join in?

Visit SpacePlace to do your research

1) Watch NASA on YouTube

2) Make a Space Station or a rocket

3) Read about some famous Astronauts

4) Make a Solar System

5) Read about Pioneers in the Space Race

6) Create a time capsule box for any visiting Aliens

7) Try some space food (you can picked freeze-dried food online) Or make some star shaped cookies like I did!

8) Pretend you are in zero gravity (get an adult to help you)

9) Design your own Space Mission Patch and give it a cool Op name

10) Write your launch sequence

Check out my Space Pinterest Board for more ideas!

Space homeschooling ideas
Making alien space ships from paper plates!

I was amazed when I saw my Ty Beanie Baby Tremor, the Flippable Dinosaur in Space. He’s the astronauts mascot, so I’ve been having fun making TikTok videos with him! Which toy would you take up into space with you?

Love Bella x

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Space Homeschooling ideas

20 thoughts on “Space Homeschooling Ideas

  1. Space really is fascinating isn’t it? These all sound like some great things to get learning about when it comes to Space and with so many people homeschooling it will be great to offer them these ideas.

  2. I am loving her space suit! I used to absolutely love learning about space when I was younger

  3. Learning about space is so much fun isn’t it?

    I used to collect TY Beanie Babies when I was younger. Me and my sister had over 100 between us!

  4. This is such an awesome learning idea. My grandson is fascinated with learning about the planets, asteroids and meteorites. I am going to share this with my daughter. They will have loads of fun!

  5. Jack is obsessed with space and loves learning about it – he is always watching videos or reading books or articles about it!

  6. I love this! I’m a single mama whose been in lockdown for 4 months with my 6 year old daughter, I think I’m going insane! Haha. I’m a new blogger, I’ve always wanted to do it and I thought what better time than now! My little girl loves space so this was amazing to read. Thank you ❤️

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