Our VE Day 2020: Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day

Dear Mummy, we celebrated the 75 Anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) and reflected on the date that marked the end of World War 2 on 8 May 1945. Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime Minister at the time, announced that it would be a public holiday and everyone celebrated by having street parties at the end of the war in Europe. So we looked to recreate that historical moment at home.

Of course we couldn’t have a street party due to social distancing measures, however that didn’t stop us from celebrating with a Zoom call with family and friends and having an Afternoon Tea in the garden. The Queen said the message of VE Day is “never give up, never despair”, remembering the sacrifices of the Second World War generation in her poignant speech.

VE Day 75 Anniversary

A lot of events and parades were cancelled this year because of the coronavirus lockdown, but we found ways to come together to pay tribute to those who served in the era-defining global conflict. My folks think it’s incredibly important to look back on historical events and commemorate this occasion. In the run up to VE Day 75 my folks and I watched some programs on telly sharing stories of people who have lived through the war and watched on local news how others were celebrating with social distancing street parties (some not so social distancing too).

VE Day 75 Anniversary

The day began with a national two minute silence at 11am, which gave us the opportunity to pause and reflect, remembering the lives lost and sacrifices made in wartime. Then the RAF’s Red Arrows also roared over parts of the UK, in a special flypast to mark the anniversary. We enjoyed painting rocks while listening to the Queens toast and listening to music from a big band.

Of course it wouldn’t be VE Day without a tradition Afternoon Tea, we made finger sandwiches and cakes which included nation favourites like battenburg cake and Victoria sponge, jam tarts and fondant fancies. I had fun baking my own cakes and even though the supermarket shops were empty, I still managed to get some basic ingredients.

VE Day 75 Anniversary

I made chocolate cupcakes with rainbows on. It wouldn’t be a celebration with Union Jack bunting, of course with most of the shops closed due to the UK lockdown, we tried to make our own (unsuccessfully) however luckily had some Union Jack bunting left over from previous UK events like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

VE Day 75 Anniversary

I also had fun learning abut VE Day with the help of Twinkl Learning Resources. I completed some reading comprehension – short accounts about the history leading up to the victory in Europe. I also helped to make bunting, paper chains and decorations with paint pens on the windows.

VE Day 75 in Lockdown

Even though we were coped up in the house, the sun shone and we had a full day in the garden, dancing and playing games. The Lindy Hop was all the rage in the 1940s. And I had a go at this swing dance. We watched some great videos on the internet of the professionals in action. VE Day 75 Anniversary

Did you join in with the 75 Anniversary of VE Day celebrations too? It’s definitely going to be a day we remember for sometime. We’d love to hear what you got up too!

Love Bella x

10 thoughts on “Our VE Day 2020: Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day

  1. It sounds like you guys had a lovely day. The chocolate cupcakes with rainbows must have been yummy! The afternoon tea sounds like a great idea. We still plan to do one before lockdown ends.

  2. It looks like you had an amazing VE Day despite the lockdown and social distancing. Those Afternoon Tea treats you made look absolutely delicious!

  3. I love this and love ll of the delicious goodies you guys made 🙂 The kiddos are adorable and looks like a super fun time! I cannot wait to get there to visit myself so thank you for sharing the fun pics!

  4. What a fantastic VE Day celebration you have had there, loving the Twinkle poster, which we did as well and the cakes. The painted rocks are a lovely touch as well.

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