Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

Dear Mummy, a new collectible toy is here. You know how much I love surprise toys. But this one has a twist as it incorporates crafting into the toy unboxing! Ravel Tales Series 1 from Character Options is rolling into stores now. It’s like the fun of pass the parcel for older children and it lets you unwind each layer to uncover nine fun surprises inside. 

Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, as the more you unwind, the more you find. Ravel Tales takes the unboxing experience and surprise reveal to the next level! I like that there is hardly any packaging waste apart from the cardboard box it comes in and everything can be repurposed.

There are crafting activities, sticker sheets, charms, accessories and lots of wool throughout the unraveling reveal. We’ve never seen anything like it!
Check out our super speed Ravel Tales TikTok Toy unboxing!

Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

It looks just like my Grandma’s ball of wool in her knitting basket! However all is not what it seems. At the end of the ball of yarn, [Spoiler Alert] you will reveal a surprise Ravel Tales plush character, but ssshhh don’t spoil the surprise 😉

Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

There are 12 collectible plush pals to unravel and reveal — plus the extra excitement of possibly finding the rare Raveller! There’s so many cute characters to find – Knittens, Button Bears, Purl Ponies and Pom Pom Pups too! Will you uncover a Rare Raveller? Look for Banjo and Piccolo, each with gold and sparkle details. Each sold separately.

Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

[Spoiler Alert] When you get to the end of the unraveling process, you’ll also discover a blanket with the plush pal inside. The blanket can be stuffed and stitched with the included colourful string and wool to make a cute little bed for my new surprise friend! I was lucky enough to find a Unicorn and a Puppy in my wool ball.

Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

Ravel Tales are designed for kids ages 5 and up. The best part of Ravel Tales is that the wool and string you unravel can be repurposed into headbands, braided bracelets, and more. My mummy quite likes this for herself. You can use the included charms to add a little dazzle to friendship bracelets or necklaces too.

Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

Ravel Tales make a perfect birthday party gift or stocking filler and once opened a new buddy to cuddle with! It kept me occupied for ages and would be a great gift over the school holidays.

Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

The wool and string is great for my craft drawer too and even though I was desperate to see who was hidden inside the ball of yarn I loved doing the crafting challenge afterwards!Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

Ravel Tales is a super fun, new addition to the mystery reveal trend in 2020. You can find them at Argos, Smyths and on Amazon now! My Ravel Tales comes with me now wherever I go (I made a little lead for my puppy). We don’t know the price yet but hopefully they will be under the £10 mark as this would make it easier to collect with my pocket money as I can’t wait to collect more. 

Bella x

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent some Ravel Tales toys to review, all photos, videos and crafting efforts are our own!

11 thoughts on “Unraveling fun with Ravel Tales! #RavelTalesToys

  1. How cute are these! What a cute way to find a surprise toy as well. It is great that you can do so much with the packaging as well and it isn’t wasted.

  2. What cool and cute toys! They look so colourful and fun and I love the packaging too. Olivia would definitely love these!

  3. That would be a really nice gift for a little girl. I think my niece would like this for her birthday. I am sure she will be so happy to find that special surprise after unraveling the yarn!

  4. This is so cute, I can see little girls having hours of fun with it and hooray for no plastic

  5. My youngest loves Unicorns! however she also loves doing crafty things and will often want t make things, this looks great and they would no doubt enjoy this.

  6. I totally love the mystery element of finding a toy inside these Ravel Tales Toys. My daughter is still into Unicorns and would adore this

  7. I love how bright they are! Fingers crossed they do stay under a tenner because it’s great for teaching children to save money but not having to wait too long

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