It’s awards season….again!

Blogging Awards

It’s the blogging awards season. Dear mummy, we’re a bit apprehensive…. we’re going into uncharted territory. We’re asking you guys for something….votes. This is the first year we’ve really seriously thought about entering the Brilliance in Blogging (BiBs) and MADs … Continue reading

How NOT to become a blogging monster

How NOT to become a blogging monster!

Blogging monster

Dear mummy, last week I posted a list of reasons why I think you might be turning into a blogging monster.

This week’s post is about helping you out of the blogging hole you’ve got yourself into. I’m giving you some pointers on how NOT to become a blogging monster mummy!!

Yes you have ambition, I get that mummy. But this constant striving to be the best at everything that you do must get you down.

I’m not saying have low expectations just don’t measure yourself on very successful professional bloggers!

A) you don’t have the time to be like them and B) this is a hobbyΒ that you enjoy. Not a business, not your livelihood.

So here’s my ten tips to STOP yourself turning into a blogging monster:

1) Stick to you guns mummy, you don’t have to be on every social media channel. Don’t spreads yourself too thinly. We’re not on Instagram you see…so what.

2) Take time out. For at least one day during the week don’t check your phone or computer.

3) Turn off notifications after 9pm. Don’t be a slave to notifications!

4) Limit your Twitter and increase your life balance. You don’t need to be online all the time! Leave temptation at the door. Hang your coat up and leave your phone on charge for the evening.

5) Blog for yourself. Do as much or as little as you want to.

6) Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers (they are travelling their own journey) it’s good to be different.

7) Only take your big camera when it’s a very special event – you don’t need it for a trip down the shops!

8) Be supportive of the blogging community. Show this though likes, shares and comments on other people’s blogs.

9) Have fun, when blogging becomes a chore it’s time to cut back or quit. Don’t feel that you have to do everything. When you don’t worry about followers and joining in every single Linky then you won’t feel the pressure to make everyone happy.

10) Don’t forget about family (especially in the evenings) disconnect from you phone and reconnect to daddy. *hubba hubba* πŸ˜‰

Heed my words of wisdom mummy! I want to see you put this into practice soon….and if you don’t…. I’ll take control of EVERYTHING! Hehehe!

Lots of love Bella (your lifestyle guru and blogging buddy)

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Are you a blogging monster?

Are you a blogging monster?

Ten signs you’re turning into a blogging monster…RAHHHH 1) Every moment has to be captured and recorded. Everything is a blog post waiting to happen. 2) Sometimes you over-share with the world. What a dirty word ‘over-sharing’. 3) You have … Continue reading

The Brilliance in Blogging Awards (2015)

The Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs) 2015

Dear mummy, it’s that time of year again! Awards season. We’ve had the Oscars and The Brits but this one is a bit closer to home. You see it’s time for the BiBs2015.

So what is it exactly? Well for all my non-blogging friends it’s the ‘Brilliance in Blogging Awards’ hosted by BritMumsΒ to celebrate and recognise the most creative and compelling parent and lifestyle blogs around today.Β We’ve only been blogging for a year, so we’re all fairly new to this crazed voting. Social Media is alive with the buzz of the #BiBs2015.

We don’t profess to be the best bloggers in the world, far from it – but we are different (slightly strange) and hopefully this is why we will stand out.


It’s not everyday that you get a small child blogging her way through life.

Yes, my spelling is atrocious and my grammar is appalling but my mummy proofreads my ramblings while I’m in bed asleep. She’s not the best proofreader though, being slightly dyslexic and finds the words just tumble onto the page like a bit of a mind dump. But she enjoys it and this is why we blog together.Funny parenting blogs

We share our adventures on this little online diary, our highs and sometimes our lows as a family. Anything that we see or experience we share through honest reviews and along the way we make recommendations through wish-lists and top picks. We’re active on social media and love joining in with #somum make dates on Twitter.

I like to think I’m humorous and I love to make people laugh. So if you like our light-hearted take on life and enjoy our blog please vote for us in the ‘Fresh Voice’ category of this year’s BiBs2015.


To vote for little ol’ me just swing over to the BritMums Nomination Form

We’ve picked our favourites…have you?

Love Bella x

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