Basingstoke LIVE

Saturday 12, July & Sunday 13, July 2014

Basingstoke Festival FlagsDear mummy, the weathers been beautiful recently! Last week we decided to visit the climax of Basingstoke Festival, Basingstoke LIVE. It marked the close of the month long festival organised by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. Basingstoke LIVE is a two day music festival which takes place in the centre of Basingstoke, Hampshire at The War Memorial Park.

It showcases local acts from all different genres of music. Basingstoke LIVE has 5 stages in this massive field. Each stage has it’s own theme and plays music tailored to its audience. Over the course of the weekend Basingstoke LIVE played host to over 140 acts. My mummy’s favourite stage was ‘Amped’ which played Metal, Rock, Punk and Indie. It was very loud at this stage and there was a lot of shouting going on! Bands to highlight were Blood of The Spectre and Ded Orse. Other stages played hip-hop, folk, drum ‘n’ bass and acoustic sessions. So something for everyone!

Basingstoke LiveThe music festival is surrounded by market stalls, food outlets and fairground rides and if you’re not into live music then there is loads for the family to do. Daddy took me away from the Amped stage as it got a bit loud for my little eardrums and mummy sat and watched the bands while eating her chips.

Daddy took me to the Creative Stage where we entered a black marque and were plunged into darkness, it was lit with funky neon lights and had funky artwork on display. This was more like it I thought, more my ‘scene’. Outside the creative tent, festival organisers put on displays and performances and there was an opportunity for people to create they own tie-die festival t-shirts, which was a nice idea by the council.

Basingstoke Live ArtAll in all a really good FREE day out, yes they aren’t major commercial acts, but it really highlighted the amount of talented musicians we have here in Hampshire. Don’t be put off by the youthfulness of this festival, the Unplgd! Stage had some easy listening and great songwriters on show….who knows one of these acts could be on Radio One soon.

Basingstoke LIVE returns in 2015

Bella x
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My Trendy Thursday (well Monday…actually)


We’re a bit late for joining in with Alexandra at for her weekly feature showcasing some of social media’s best dressed little people. Doh! As we’ve been all over the place, travelling up and down the South Coast. We’ve been to Portsmouth, London and Dorking during the course of the weekend. On Friday we were on location at BizzyKidz studio in London to update my portfolio pictures for the modelling agency. I wore a super comfy playsuit from Baby Gap which was perfect on this hot stuffy day.

Bella at BizzyKidzBaby Gap are also running a summer sale at present and this is one of the items they have reduced. It has easy poppers and is made out of super lightweight cotton. It’s one of my favourite pieces and I love the denim and little ditsy floral print. Credit goes to Daniella at BizzyKidz studio for taking this fantastic photo, she’s a very talented photographer. We had a fab time dancing around the lighting rigs and playing with the props, let’s just hope it leads to some bookings :) The agency has a lovely family feel about it and we would recommend them as a child model agency. The staff are friendly and accommodating. BizzyKidz also have a great success rate and work with a number of large organisations.

Fingers crossed we can get a job, as I love the camera darrrrling! Hehe ;)

Cheeky face at BizzyKidz

For more on BizzyKidz visit their blog. All pictures are copyrighted to BizzyKidz Agency.

Our travels continue as my little fingers can’t keep up with typing, so stay posted for our review on the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, visiting Polesden Lacey in Dorking and generally having a whale of a time in the sunshine.

Bella x
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Little Green Radicals Review

Little Green RadicalsDear mummy, at long last the Little Green Radicals sale has arrived! Unfortunately we didn’t get to it quick enough and a lot of the autumn/winter related clothes (long sleeve tops and leggings) had sold out. But we did manage to pick up this super cute summer dress, lovely earthy brown cardigan and funky striped berry leggings. It’s still the heat of summer but already my mummy’s directing her attention to finding clothes that are suitable for the colder nights.

Little Green Radicals PackagingHere’s a little review on the Little Green Radicals clothing we purchased. We had a bit of a who-ha with ordering, as the online stock was showing up differently then when they went to go to the warehouse and dispatch, but it was quickly and professionally dealt with by a lovely customer service representative called Gaby. Little Green Radicals are renowned for their quality and attention to detail. The cardigan we purchased had a beautiful embroidered owl stitched onto the front. They also are very ethical and all their clothes are organic and fairtrade. See their story.

Dress printOriginally I had picked a long sleeve top to go with my berry coloured leggings, but they had sold out after I placed the online order so I was offered another choice of the same value or similar, so I picked the gorgeous chocolate coloured cardigan.

Bella in Little Green Radicals DressThe goods arrived quickly and came with a cute little owl postcard. It was all beautifully folded and presented. And the clothes were true to size, neither too big or too small for me.

I wore the dress straight out of the packet as I loved it so much. It was light and soft cotton, so perfect for this hot muggy day.

Owl detailThe berry legging we’re perfect too and we loved the colour ways. The cardigan, obviously wasn’t our first choice but looked pretty to and was a great cover up.

I would love to be able to afford their clothes at full price, but until I get my own pocket money I will leave the sale shopping to my mummy. She loves a good bargain.

Bella x

Family Fever

Digital Revolution at The Barbican, London

The BarbicanSomething slightly different on the blog today. Mummy visited the Digital Revolution exhibition at The Barbican in London last week. A greatly anticipated event which had been on my mummy’s radar for some time. It was listed on Time Outs 10 Top Things to do in London last week.

The Barbican is Europe’s largest multi-arts venue showcasing art, music, theatre, dance, film and supporting creative learning. It looks like a plush cinema when you enter and ‘creatives’ fill the foyer on their trendy laptops and smartphones, working and having meetings.

We’ve traded the outdoors for indoors as we explored all things digital. Digital Revolution brings together artists, film-makers, CGI specialists, game designers, musicians (such as and architects. Wow mummy! This exhibition looks really interesting, even for a non-geek like me! It’s an interactive show, so ‘do not touch’ doesn’t apply here! My kinda place!

Digital pets! Is this in our future?

The Petting Zoo at Digital RevolutionAs we walk into the Barbican we are greeted with a hub of activity, people are staring at something in the walkway near the entrance to the exhibition and ticket desk. On first glance it looks like hanging celling lights with funky LED lights, but as we walk past it, it follows us. Ooooo spooky! We realise that this is actually part of the exhibition called the Petting Zoo by Minimaforms who are an architecture and design studio.

It’s three giant robotic pet snakes which have the ability to adapt to their environment, mimic and touch their audience. The robotic installation of artificial intelligent creatures are designed to learn and explore behaviours through interaction with the public. It seems very alien. They love the attention and mummy spends a great deal of time playing with theses giant snakes. They follow her hand and shy away as she plays peek-a-boo with them. I think, artificial intelligence? Surely this is the rise of Skynet?? I’m worried.

The curve at Digital RevolutionsAs we turn to gain entry to the exhibition, we hear a familiar voice walk past us, mummy looks and is starstruck….it’s none other than the most famous musician/male pop artist in the charts Wow! He looks just like he does in telly, my mummy thinks, grinning from ear to ear! He’s here to ensure his installation PYRAMIDI is running smoothly and to gauge public feedback on this opening day.

It’s further in the exhibition, so we make a note to visit it. He disappears into a lift with his mates and we, completely awestruck, head into the main exhibition. It’s very dark in here…….as we enter what as know as The Curve part of the Barbican, we are transformed into a world of large digital screens, the gentle humming from computer screens and lots of computer geeks playing on games consoles like PAC Man and Space Invaders. My mummy feels very nostalgic.

It’s like a computer museum, charting our digital past, cataloging early computers, digital artworks, video game cult classics and really old CGI footage.

However it has a computer expo feel about it and people are shuffling from one light box to another. It’s cramped and overwhelming, too much input Stephanie! We don’t spend long in the first part of The Curve.

Creative Spaces

Gravity filmmakingNext on the list is something that we really must see…it’s called Creative Spaces, a behind the scenes look at films like Gravity and Inception. We are immersed in large screens taking us through the visual effects from Oscar Award winners Tim Webber at Framestone and Paul Franklin at Double Negative. We watch how they use different techniques from CGI and filming rigs to light boxes and robotic cameras to make these blockbuster movies.

Music makes the world go round

We move forward in the exhibition and suddenly we are ushered through a red velvet curtain in to a small dark room.

We realise it’s to see’s installation PYRAMIDI. Music pumps through the speakers and the wall comes to life with an animated visual backdrop. This Sound & Vision part of the exhibition explores how emerging technologies have changed the way we experience music. PYRAMIDIHere you’ll find a 6ft tall 3D animated head of, created using projection mapping that follows you around the room, alongside three robot instruments performing his newly commissioned song ‘Dreamin’ About the Future’, it’s a collaborative project created with Yuri Suzuki.

In this section there is also interactive and computer generated music videos which you can watch and listen too.

I believe in angels

Next up is a showcase of electronic artists who are well-versed in computer code. Using their talents to translate boring code and numbers into something visually beautiful.

My mummy with wingsA stand out exhibit in the State of Play section was Chris Milk’s The Treachery of Sanctuary. My mummy’s always wanted to have wings…and in this interactive exhibit she gets the chance. Gesture control and camera technologies are used in this interactive shadow play piece of artwork.

My mummy stood infront of the white screens and was amazed how her arms transformed into wings. A bit like Kinect on the XBOX or Wii Sports.

But far more sophisticated and beautiful than that. My mummy loved it and it was spectacular to watch her shadow fly away up into the air.

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Spooky mirrorIn the next room a creepy mirror hung on the wall, like one you would find in a fairground House of Fun. It’s by Rafael Loranzo-Hemmer called The Year’s Midnight. My mummy had fun playing around with this interactive mirror. A camera is positioned to one side and locks onto your face as you stand in front of your reflection.

It triggers an animation within the mirror (which is actually a cleverly disguised screen) and plumes of white smoke pours out of your eyes, it’s clever and we spend a great deal of time mucking around with it.

We also dance around in front of Daniel Rozin’s real-time sketchy Mirror No. 10 as our reflections are sketched in front of us, like a Photoshop filter.

Digital Revolution ticketsWe head downstairs after visiting the Indie Games Space, where mummy challenges her friends to some old fashioned platform games. She loses gracefully claiming she’s out of practice.

We then are plunged again into darkness as we walk into the unique three-dimensional light field where we manipulate and dance around beams of lasers and luminous forms.

It’s very intense with smoke machines and lots of lasers and feels like we’ve entered a laser quest game. I’m half expecting someone to come out with a laser pack/gun and zap us.

We’ve been in for nearly two hours! As we leave the Barbican the bright sunshine hurts our eyes, seems like we’ve been indoors all day and in a different world. This is just a brief overview of our experience at the exhibition, it’s definitely worth a visit and teenagers would love it! The Digital Revolution exhibition goes on until the 14th September 2014.

Bella x oh…and mummy.


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My Trendy Thursday


Dear mummy, we haven’t had our fashion show for a little while, Ickle Pickles #Bootd is taking a break until September, so it’s great to be joining in with Alexandra at for her weekly feature showcasing some of social media’s best dressed little people. Today I am modelling one of my favourite brands Bonnie Baby London who produce luxurious knitwear and beautiful cotton prints for little ones.

Bonnie Baby

This brand is so cool and every season we make the effort to buy at least one key piece from their collection.

Their clothes wear well, wash well and look fab.This outfit was my holiday outfit, I wore it when we went on our flight to Gibraltar as mummy wanted to put me in something that was super soft and comfortable for the flight.

So from head to toe I wore…. My super soft pink ‘Robin’ Rainbow cardigan, pink ‘Messie Molly’ Lolly short-sleeved t-shirt, pink ‘Nomad’ organic cotton baggy pants (my mummy calls them my happy pants!) little socks from Mothercare and my pink patent shoes from Start-Rite. A great holiday look, my mummy just wished they did adult sizes!

Bonnie Baby Molly Lolly t-shirtBonnie Baby Outfit

Bonnie Baby currently have a sale going on, so be quick and grab yourself a bargain!

Bella x
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