My Ghost Jumper – Trendy Tots

After last weeks Halloween edit, it would make sense to model for you the fab little Bonnie Baby Ghost Jumper that has been causing a stir, mainly because it has now SOLD OUT. It was a AW/13 piece which we purchased at the beginning of the year in the sale as my mummy couldn’t resist the cuteness of it.

Bonnie Baby Ghost Jumper

It seems others agree, we’ve had some lovely comments from people while on our travels :) It’s just a shame I won’t be able to wear it again next year! Any ideas on upcycling would be greatly appreciated to prolong its life… maybe I can make it into a pillow or one of my dollies can wear it?

I team my spooky jumper with grey leggings from Tesco’s and wellies from JoJo Maman Bebe.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone! Love Bella x

Halloween Clothes


I’m going to run away to the Circus!

My first trip to the Circus – Sunday 26th October, 2014

Jay Miller's CircusShhh. Don’t tell mummy but I’ve decided to run away to the Circus. After seeing Jay Miller’s Circus up at Milestones in Basingstoke I’m awestruck. I want to fly like the glittery ladies do, on their rope swings high in the starry sky. My mummy won tickets to Jay Miller’s Circus after entering a competition online from MITKBasingstoke.

Little did she know she would win it. I think she was more excited than me.

She hasn’t been to the Circus since she was a little girl… back in the dark ages before they had T.V and digital gadgets. See, back in the olden days children played with wooden toys and were entertained by performers. So she’s getting back to her childhood roots and all that wonderment and awe comes flooding back when she see the Big Top.

The Circus 2Jay Miller’s Circus has been travelling up and down the country since 1987, entertaining families of all ages. For the price of taking your family to the cinema, you can be transported for 2 hours into the glitz and glam of the Circus. All the sights and smells of freshly cooked popcorn and sticky sweet candy floss, the anticipation of the death-defying acts and razzle dazzle. The funny clown scenes and the audience participation.

We arrive 30 minutes before the 2pm show starts. Mummy heads to the box office and queues for all of 2 seconds, the staff are very speedy…a good thing too, as there is a chill in the autumn air. Ticket in hand we head to the Big Top, it looks a bit ominous, bright colours tower over me against the grey skies, we can hear music and laughter coming from inside and families have already taken their places waiting for the show to start.

Jay Miller's Circus 2We are lucky enough to get ringside seats and would highly recommend them if you want to get drenched by the clown and get involved with the silliness. :) The way the Big Top is laid out, everyone gets a good view of the action, so no cranking of necks. There is enough space that I can have a walkabout on the soft dry grass…it’s not muddy and the Big Top is heated too, so it’s snuggly and warm. We settle down with popcorn and a wiggly worm which Daddy buys me and the drum roll starts!

The female ring master appears with a spotlight on her, the audience is plunged into darkness and everyone goes “Oooooooooo”. My eyes are wide and my jaw drops, I have never seen someone sparkle as much. The costumes are fantastic and the lights so colourful and bright. The music is loud and there is so much action I am mesmerised. We don’t want to ruin the show by giving too much away, because much of the specialness is not knowing what appears next. So here’s the performers that caught our eye, in no particular order…

The fantastic American CATHALINA LIEBEL on the Roman Rings, she’s one talented lady and both Daddy and I sit there with our mouths wide open…maybe for different reasons ;) he likes the leotards….

The CircusRingmistress KATIE ROGERS who keeps the crowd entertained between acts, PEPPI the Clown who is very funny and likes the ladies (if you know what I mean) Miss ZSOFIA on the cloud swing and the MILLER SISTER’S who have a combined 25 years worth of experience performing with this circus. British Hula Hoop Diva Miss JODI who came out with some fantastic shapes and played with fire! Miss PAIGE who bent her body all over the place, it made my mummy squirm. We were very impressed with the youngest unicyclist in the UK called JJ. All I kept thinking throughout the show was I want to be like them.

A great afternoon out and everyone we saw, that left the show, had great big smiles on their faces. In this day and age the Circus gets forgotten and is something that people wouldn’t ordinarily visit, all we can say is we had a great time, all the kids and adults loved the show and we will definitely be back when they next visit Basingstoke. For one day…trade the TV for the a live show and give yourself a bit of razzle dazzle.

Love Bella x

Jay Miller’s Circus is touring over the country and in Basingstoke until the 2nd of November 2014 – perfect for half term.

Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle ‘em
Give ‘em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate
Give ‘em the old hocus pocus
Bead and feather ‘em
How can they see with sequins in their eyes


All Our Own Crafts

Pop-up shop in Basingstoke’s Festival Place, Hampshire.

All Own Own CraftsDear Mummy, we popped into Festival Place in Basingstoke over the weekend and stumbled upon this great little shop that only opened a couple of week ago. It’s called All Our Own Crafts. It’s a pop-up shop selling crafts and other fun stuff made by local crafters. What a wonderful idea! It’s the brainchild of local artist and crochet extraordinaires Tracy at Eden Reborn and Kate at Loopy Needles.

The shop specialises in vintage crafts, prints, jewellery, candles, cards and decorations and what’s more it’s all HANDMADE! My mummy was instantly drawn to the shop, she loves bright and colourful things and can’t resist a bit of quirkiness in her life. The shop is open and opposite TK MAXX until Boxing Day, perfect for one-off Christmas presents.

The staff are helpful and friendly and allow you to browse the store without pressure buying which is great. I love the Alphabet Flashcards from Hope and Rainbows, the colourful block paintings from Stephanie Block, the Fairy Doors from Butterflies and Cupcakes and the Sock Animals from Snuggly Sockimals. Such a great selection baby clothes, vintage shabby-chic pieces and items for Christmas too.

All Our Own Crafts ShopWhat’s nice is that they also provide a Christmas ‘Wish List’, so my mummy is going to pop in nearer Christmas and fill out her sheet of items she’ll like Daddy to buy for her….much better that the typical box of chocolates and underware that she usually gets (no offence Daddy!)

The shop space is big and is a temporary position for All Our Own Crafts, if they prove to be popular they might return to another unit in the New Year!

They are also introducing craft workshops in the store, and have a large table with craft items (paper, pens, paints etc) for visitors to play with when they browse through the items. I can’t wait to go back during the Christmas shopping weekends and stay with mummy and draw while Daddy shops for us :)

All Our Own Crafts have only been open a little while and already they seem to be drawing in the crowds (no pun intended!) If you are in Hampshire shopping for Christmas, then we would definately recommend a visit to this wonderful store in Festival Place, Basingstoke. You can keep an eye on their workshops and opening times on their Facebook Page. We’re supporters of all things locally sourced and made.

This is great example of how Basingstoke is starting to support local Artists, Crafters and Businesses. Well done!

Lots of Love Bella x

All our Own Crafts Basingstoke


Our Angel Delight Tea Party

This is our competition entry for #AngelDelightMoments Linky Challenge for BritMums and Angel Delight. We hope you enjoy reading and watching our little video :)

Dear mummy, it’s not everyday you get really excited about something. Today is the day my little package turned up in the post. A small pink box with my name on it! Wowee mummy, a parcel for little ol’ me! We’re going to be trying out the new flavour of Angel Delight…and this is why you are so excited. It’s not the Strawberry or the Chocolate or the Banana…or even the Butterscotch flavour…’s BUBBLEGUM! Weird? You may think so and this is why we are testing it out.

#AngelDelightMoments 1So what is Angel Delight? It’s a quick instant dessert, you add the flavoured powder to fresh milk, leave it to set and Voilà! It only uses natural colourings and is suitable for vegetarians as well. Families around the country have been enjoying Angel Delight since 1967 (That’s before you were born mummy! A long, long time ago…when the dinosaurs existed!) I can’t imagine what the cavemen would have used to whip up their Angel Delight? A T-Rex bone? You inform me that actually it wasn’t THAT long ago. Opps.

Anyway, as I’m only a baby, we enlist the help of my friend Jeremy to help mix and prepare the Angel Delight. But we find he’s as much use as a chocolate teapot as he’s a stuffed animal (Shhhh don’t tell him I said that, as he’ll get upset) So Jeremy will hold the Angel Delight and model the product placement instead.

Mummy tells all my other toys that there will be a tea party after we make the Angel Delight, so I grab all my cups and saucers and get ready. Mummy makes the Angel Delight while I look on, pouring in 300ml of milk into a large glass bowl and hand whisking it. She doesn’t spend long whisking the mixture until it become light and fluffy. The magic dust (AKA the bubblegum Angel Delight powder) fills the room with a lovely smell which reminds me of the fairground. It’s a sweet smell and reminds my mummy of when her Grandma used to make Angel Delight for her….back in the day!

#AngelDelightMoments 2My mummy’s favourite flavour is Strawberry, she’s not too sure of the bubblegum flavour…however my Daddy loves it! Leaning over and swiping a finger in the bowl and smacking his lips. YUMMY! I’m still not impressed at my mummy and daddy mucking around, and stomp impatiently.

Surely it’s time to have some now??? Mummy pours the fluffy mixture into a Sundae Glass and a Banana Boat and pops it into the fridge to set. It doesn’t take long, within 5-10 minutes its set. I don’t think Jeremy and I can wait, so we lick the bowl when mummy’s not looking.

We set up our tea party in the front room and I invite my toys over to play. We decorate the Angel Delight puddings with sweets….I think I’m in heaven, and so does Daddy….I swear those Haribo adverts were based on him! He has the biggest sweet tooth in the world. Tah Dah! It’s finished. We all dig in and enjoy the Bubblegum awesomeness that is Angel Delight.

Look out in Tesco’s stores for this new bubblegum flavour and treat your family to it today :) Visit Angel Delight on Facebook

Here’s our little video…we hope you like it :)

Bella x (and family)