My mummy’s sparkly nails!

Dear mummy, wow! Look at your nails!? Jeeze…you NEVER do your nails. Mainly because you NEVER get the time to sit down and do them.

However you’ve been so impressed with one of your Christmas stocking presents that you have started to make an effort with your nails.

Glitter nails may not be to everyone’s taste but my mummy loves purple and anything that sparkles.

Like me she’s a bit of a magpie.

W7 Nail Bling kitShe trying out the W7 Nail Bling Kit in Purple which you can find online at £5.95 from Amazon, eBay and other independent cosmetic resellers. It comes with one dark purple nail varnish and two little pots of glitter. It’s like crafting and messy play for the nails I think, but I’m not allowed to get involved while mummy hides herself away in the bathroom and I watch telly with daddy.

It doesn’t take her long, 5 minutes later she’s out showing them off.

The process is simple, just paint your nails and dip them in the little pots of glitter. There’s a fine purple dust and larger ‘mirror’ glitter to choose from. My mummy uses both! Her nails are overloaded with colour and not very neat (super quick though!) and I think they look fab and love the way the light reflects off them.

W7 Nail Bling Purple VarnishAt only £5.95 for the nail bling kit it’s a real bargain and worth the money. You can actually buy them cheaper online if you hunt around! My mummy’s used the kit 5 times and it still keeps going.

A great bit of fashion fun, keep an eye out for this W7 brand. The glittery nails lasted 5 days too! They come off really easily as you tend to find the glitter flakes off after a couple of wears leaving the deep purple nail varnish underneath. Ordinary nail varnish remover worked well on the remaining colour.

Who needs an expensive nail bar eh? ;) Super impressed, a quick fix for scrummy mummies.

Bella x

Family Fever

Visiting Kingston Lacy, National Trust, Dorset.

January 19, 2015.

Dear mummy, this week we headed across the county border into Dorset to visit to Kingston Lacy.

Kingston Lacy National TrustKingston Lacy is a Grade 1 listed country house and estate owned by the National Trust. It’s just on the other side of the quaint Wimborne Minster, off the A31, past Ringwood and the New Forest.

It’s a bright and sunny day so we decide to brave the cold and go on an hour journey down the motorway and into the countryside.

We nearly get lost heading to Poole (which wouldn’t be a bad thing as we quite like the coast and the beach) after doubling back a couple of times we finally find Kingston Lacy.

Huge imposing gates and a long drive lead into the car park right next to the entrance to the visitors reception.

With plenty of space to park, we bundle everything into the buggy (warm clothes, wellies, rucksack, camera and changing bag etc) and head into the estate. The entrance doors are narrow and we have trouble getting the buggy through. We have to get help entering the visitors reception and this is the first hurdle of the day.

Kingston Lacy National Trust 2It doesn’t help that mummy is on her own with a troublesome toddler making mischief – the sun is a blessing on this cold day but also a curse.

It hurts my eyes and I winge all the way to the main house, my mummy tries to walk against the low sun in the sky but it still bothers me.

Finally, I’m let off the rein onto the grass where I have a really good run around, tripping over my own feet in excitement and covering myself in mud.

It seems quiet but then again it is midweek. There are only older couples waking around the estate and I destroy all the peace and quiet with my laughing and shouting.

In fact my shenanigans draw so much attention that people start to walk the other way!! However it does draw some interest in the form of a friendly black cat. He runs over from the main house to give us a big leg rub.

Kingston-Lacy-ReviewWe follow him to the little gardens, past the ancient 6.5m-high obelisk and he mysteriously disappears. Hmmmmm spooky…..We explore the Kitchen Garden and the Japanese Garden.

Unfortunately Lime Walk is closed today, so we miss the carpet of Snowdrops. However, we do see lots of Snowdrops poking out of the brown soil in and around the woods.

We play on the South Lawn and then head into the cafe to warm up with a cuppa.

Hurdle number 2. Doors aren’t wide in the cafe area and a lot of the seating has been sectioned off for NT staff training. So we are squished in this barn/stable style cafe with wonky cobbled floors and chairs all bunched together.

We put the buggy away in the corner and mummy juggles an overloaded tray, soup, hot drinks and while dragging me to find a high chair… while staff look on. It’s a shame really as they could have helped as there where enough of them milling around. We then had the fasted lunch on record, as we felt unwelcome in the silent dining room, attracting unwanted glances from elderly couples.

Kingston-LacyBack outside we explored the courtyard while mummy finished her drink and I was causing mayhem, balancing precariously on little curbs and jumping in puddles. We set off to the woodland walk, my mummy pushing the buggy and me trailing behind her.

Unfortunately that’s when I fell, tripping over my wellies in my eagerness to hold onto the buggy. I split my lip on the gravel path :( a lovely ‘off duty’ National Trust staff member came over to offer us help which was nice and my mummy probably appeared rude refusing. A kind ‘on duty’ lady from reception came over to point us in the direction of the toilets while my mummy tried to comfort me and stop the bleeding.

Kingston Lacy Woodland WalkOver tired, with the sun in my eyes the rest of the afternoon was an upset one with our woodland walk rushed, we decided to head home and chill out on the sofa.

A long way to go for us but it was very pretty at Kingston Lacy. We can’t always have brilliant days.

We’d like to go back when the house and Lime Avenue is back open and when the Kitchen Garden isn’t as bleak. With safety in numbers I’m sure we’d have a lovely time with friends and family.

Bella x

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Living Arrows #3

Dear mummy, you got a new camera for Christmas 2014, a Canon 700D. Makes a change from using your iPhone. In 2015 you’ve set yourself the target of learning about photography and mastering the skill of taking beautiful photographs. It’s something you’ve been wanting to do for years. Posting one best image a week as part of the #LivingArrows project sounds like a great way to see how far you’ve come on with your photography.

Over Tired ToddlerThis week it’s an outdoor shot in bright sunshine. High contrast in the bright low sun and wintry shadows. In this photograph my mummy has captured an over-tired toddler!! My mummy had a hard time getting me to be still as I was running around everywhere ;)

Hope you like it, Bella x

Living Arrows


My love affair with Boden

Dear mummy, *Swoon* Boden. I have a confession to make…I’m really into this brand at the moment. It’s about as British as the weather and caters for every season perfectly.

My Boden outfitWe’ve been in a damp mood recently, so imagine our delight at introducing some spring colours into our wardrobes. To brighten up our moods and lives. Clothes really are a pick-me-up!

So if you don’t already know, Boden are an upmarket clothing company which caters to the fashionable modern British market. Offering a sought after kids range and scrummy mummy wear too. They do a great range of accessories *mummy sighs* and their catalogue models always look well ‘turned-out’.

Boden Baby GrowWe can only really afford their stuff in the sale, unless it’s a must have key-piece for the season. Boden’s clothes are well made and last ages (a testament to this is the long-sleeved baby body/grow which I wore this time last year, it still fits, washes well and looks great!) You could say their kids range is on the larger side but that’s great for a small baby like me which means I get to wear the outfits for longer justifying the spend.

Baby Bella in BodenWe were lucky enough to attend a friend’s birthday party at the weekend and I wore this beautiful lemon yellow tunic dress from Boden, tights from Mothercare and pretty long-sleeved floral baby body from Boden which my mummy picked up last Spring. My size 4 ruby slippers are from Star-rite…will my feet ever grow?!? A truly scrumptious outfit and a perfect splash of colour in this dreary January. We hope you like! My mummy will be looking out for sale and discounted items from Boden, but be quick mummy as everything sells out really fast! Keep an eye out for my mummy’s wish list soon x Bella x


Slings and Sling Meets in Basingstoke

Originally posted on NorthHantsMum:

You may have seen that I recently put out a plea to see if anyone had any advice or details about slings. I wish I had been able to find more about slings before my little one was born because once she was here there was no time to get things sorted. I really wanted to get one but had no idea where to start. I ended up buying a really expensive sling from Mama’s and Papa’s which we’ve used twice. Not the wisest of decisions.

After seeing my plea, Martina sent me a document that she wrote with Heather that she has very kindly given me permission to publish here. There is also a PDF document enclosed in this post which Martina sent which details the T.I.C.K.S. rule for safe baby wearing. I am going to post this on Thursday. If you are looking to buy a sling I urge…

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