My Greatest Showman Birthday Party

Dear Mummy, roll-up roll-up! Come and see the greatest spectacle Basingstoke has ever seen… well at least in my head it was the greatest party I had ever seen.

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

It was my 6th Birthday Party after all. My folks had spent a lot of time organising it after my first party date fell through due to the snow, however we were back on track without a snowflake in the sky. Thirty of my friends and family helped me celebrate in our local village hall.

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

The theme was The Greatest Showman and we were fortunate to be joined by Playhouse Parties and the talented ringmaster Daniel. He orchestrated an amazing couple of hours filled with magic tricks, circus games and dancing, all to the backdrop of The Greatest Showman Soundtrack.

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

Even after all the hassle of the snow, Daniel was accommodating and professional at rescheduling at short notice. Not only that but he kept us in the loop and my folks had great communication with him leading up to the event which put my mind at ease.

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

Party guests donned their circus outfits and we had Ann Wheeler (the acrobat), a couple of little ringmasters but sadly my mummy chickened out of her bearded lady costume, she didn’t want to frighten off the school mums!

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

Our table was dressed in red, blues and whites with a really cool backdrop we obtained off Amazon for a bargain price. Table decorations were picked up in the Party Pieces sale earlier in the year and balloons filled up from our local Hobbycraft.

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

Our fabulous cake was made by a family friend who’s been making our cakes since my mummy was a little girl. Of course it had to be circus themed.

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

My folks served hot dogs and freshly cooked popcorn, along with lots of treats. Sadly if they could have hired a candy floss machine they would have done but the thought of sugar crazed kids wasn’t THAT appealing to them! Check out my video below to see all the action. (We haven’t included any of our party guests for privacy reasons, so don’t worry I wasn’t alone!)

My mummy has vowed this will be the last big party she’ll hold for me (I don’t believe her) as she loves planning parties and it’s a great excuse to see family.

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

Having an entertainer at an event really takes the stress out of having to keep kids engaged, involved and happy at birthday parties. We were super impressed about how Daniel managed the children and kept them all happy and included. This gave my folks a chance to speak to guests and soak up the party atmosphere!

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

At one point Daniel had all of the children totally engrossed as he performed tricks and played the Limbo with them! It might have been the fab Ringmaster outfit he was wearing that drew them in but I’m sure it was his energy and charisma. One child even whisper to his mum that he WAS the REAL Greatest Showman!

The Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

I knew better however… it was his sidekick that had come from the Farnborough Circus! So what was the last party you went to? Was it themed like mine?

Love Bella x

Disclosure: Playhouse Parties offered us a discounted price in order to conduct a review and share with our followers. All photos, giggling and circus posing are our own!

46 thoughts on “My Greatest Showman Birthday Party

  1. That is one amazing birthday party. I don’t think she’ll ever forget that for as long as she lives. Spectacular.

  2. Wow this is amazing! I love the greatest showman! I’m not sure if I’d get away with having the same theme for my 20th Birthday coming up. But believe me I’m tempted.

  3. I’ve not actually seen the film so I can’t relate to the theme to much but it does have that circus feel with the fab decorations and colours. Your cake looks incredible

  4. Me and my family really enjoyed watching that movie several times. That greatest showman birthday theme party is absolutely amazing idea. Looks like a fun event!

  5. It was an awesome Birthday Party! Greatest Showman theme is something that my kids would really love as they love circus so much.

  6. Happy 6th Birthday Party Bella, you totally look like a princess and what a show it was!! So glad the snow did not stop the party

  7. That looks like an amazing party. Eliza adores the Greatest Showman and would love something like this. The cake is pretty awesome too – Happy Birthday Bella

  8. Wow! I would have loved a party like this when I was younger! I don’t have children myself, but will share this post with a few of my friends who do. I am sure they’ll find it very useful x

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