My first trip to Petworth

Dear mummy, wow! What a day! This was the first time we’d gone to Petworth House inbetween Midhurst and Shipley on the A272 in West Sussex.

Petworth House

Petworth House is a 17th-century mansion owned by The National Trust. It’s set in a 700-acre deer park and famous painters such as Turner and Constable have painted its landscape. Mummy and Daddy have wanted to visit this place for some time and the ‘Constable at Petworth’ Exhibition is on. We leave bright and early and head off for our 1 hour journey through Petersfield to Petworth.

Me at PetworthPetworth is a lovely village with quirky shops and loads of antique stores, as you drive up to Petworth House you follow a large estate wall, which looks like a castle wall! It’s very high and intimidating. Some really fancy people must live here I thought! The grounds are massive and we park up in the National Trust carpark, (if you visit remember to bring some pennies if you are not a member though, as it is pay and display). Luckily for us we have a NT window sticker. Mummy and Daddy take ages to put their wellies on, and I can hear them huffing and puffing pulling them on over hot woolley socks. Today will be muddy….and I love MUD!

Petworth Park

The car park is empty-yipeeeeee! We have the whole place to ourselves!! The staff in the visitors centre were very nice, greeting us with huge smiles and directions. It’s time to explore and I’m kicking my legs in my buggy eagerly anticipating tree climbing and mudslides. Mummy says thank goodness for the decent paths! My little friend Finn has joined us today, he’s a bit bigger than me but equally as excited.

Petworth DomeMummy spots something on a hill, we later find out it’s an Ionic Rotunda, we pause to take photographs in the bright sunshine and head to the tearoom to fill up before our 3 mile expedition around the pleasure grounds.

We find the tearoom located behind the big house and see these large four legged creatures pulling a carriage, ones called Poppy and she’s a horse! I definitely want a ride on her!

Petworth horsesThere are two tea rooms, ones more like a cafe, so we stop in there, it’s very busy but luckily we manage to grab a long table in the middle of the room, where I am quite happy to people watch and eat my sandwich.

Mummy and Daddy have yummy sausage rolls, I try to eat theirs also – but only manage to drop it on the floor….nah, didn’t want it anyway. After devouring our food and tea we head back to the horses and mummy takes me on a carriage ride!

Petworth CarriageI feel like a Queen and give a royal wave! The horses are trotting around the grounds and I lean back and gaze up at the blue sky as the trees whizz past us. Finns, on the other hand, is looking a bit queazy! We disembark from the carriage with the help of a lovely footman and feel very pleased with ourselves.

Petworth Park

Great fun waving at all the walkers and children around the grounds, lots of giggles and smiles. Even Turtle, my best friend, comes along for the ride! We then start our epic walk around the grounds heading towards the front of the house to get a better view.

The pleasure grounds are amazing! The house looks pretty awesome too!

Petworth LakeWe all stop to take the view in, looking across the gardens towards the lake and the hills beyond. The ground was slighty soft underfoot from all the rain we’ve had since the new year. However it doesn’t stop us exploring the other side of the lake to go deer spotting.

A lot of other families are now walking in the grounds and we can hear children screaming in delight and running around like mad idiots! This is great! I’m carried for a little while so I can touch some trees and feel the grass, but it’s all too much for me and I end up sleeping half way around our hike.

Petworth House

On our return we’re all pooped. We’ve been walking for hours around the whole grounds, dodging swamps and rough grass, deer and rabbit holes. It’s been fun so we stop for another warm cuppa (a warm bottle for me!) I terrorized a toddler in the restaurant by chasing him around on my hands and knees while my family enjoy ginger cake and scones.

A great day was had by all! And even though the main house was closed over the winter, we can’t wait to come back in March when it re-opens! Thanks National Trust!

Bella x

Life Unexpected

2 thoughts on “My first trip to Petworth

  1. What a shame the main house was closed, but it looks like you had so much fun regardless. How amazing to get to ride on the horse drawn carriage. It looks like such a beautiful day as well, some much needed winter sunshine. We’ve had a lot of that lately and I’m hoping it stays. I wish these big houses didn’t shut off in winter, we love exploring them and it’s hard to find much to do in the colder months. It looks like you really made the most of the outdoors area. It’s so pretty. Thank you so much for linking your adventure to #whatevertheweather xx

  2. I love the sound of the horse and carriage ride, a great way to get around! Sounds like you all had a great time despite the main house being closed and the toddler terrorising! The National Trust certainly have some great properties to visit.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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