Reach for the Stars!

What does motherhood mean for you?

Dear Mummy, you’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. A friend mentioned in passing that “once you had kids your purpose in life was to be a memory for them”. Wha?!?

So what happens to your life after having kids? You just don’t have one?!? You’re a ghost of your former self? You lose your identity and live your life through your children?

I’m a toddler. I know I am the apple of my mummy’s eye. That her whole world now revolves around me…but does it make her selfish that’s she’s not done living her own life?

She still wants to do things separate from her family. She wants to continue seeing the world with me in tow, tick off her bucket list and achieve and learn new things.

My mummy’s response to her friend was “there’s still life in this old dog yet!” My mummy is only 34!

Me and my familySo in answer to my mummy’s friend. Your life doesn’t end when you have children. It just gets a bit more complicated. A bit more full (in such a wonderful way!)

You can still reach for the stars, you just have a little less time in the day, an extra passenger and someone to share it with.

Love Bella and Mummy and Daddy x



2 thoughts on “Reach for the Stars!

  1. I think when you become a mummy your life just gets so much more fun and exciting! We get to do so many fun things as a family and sometimes I look at my friends that don’t have kids and I think their lives look a bit boring 🙂 xx

  2. So true! I never knew I could get so much done in a day since I had a baby! Who knows what I did with my life before she came along.. 😉 #TwinklyTuesday

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