A toddler free day!

A toddler free day! We had a hectic bank holiday weekend, so my mummy was prudent and booked off a ‘buffer’ day before she went back to work. This was her rest day. A day where she just kicked back and relaxed. It was her bank holiday in lieu. On Tuesday the weather was wet and miserable. It was dark in … More A toddler free day!

Our May Day Weekend

Dear Mummy, phew it’s been another hectic weekend. We’ve been trying to dodge the rain and chase the sun around Hampshire. On Saturday my mummy took a day for R&R to recharge her batteries after a stressful week at work while my Daddy took me to a local soft play centre. The weather was awful … More Our May Day Weekend

Reach for the Stars!

What does motherhood mean for you? Dear Mummy, you’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. A friend mentioned in passing that “once you had kids your purpose in life was to be a memory for them”. Wha?!? So what happens to your life after having kids? You just don’t have one?!? You’re a ghost … More Reach for the Stars!

twit twoo

Twit Twoo Dear mummy, as a baby I come across a lot of magical and awesome sights. One of those sights is my Grandfather’s massive collection of owls. Owls are some of the most interesting and mysterious birds in the world so I can see my Grandfather’s fascination with them. They are beautiful creatures with … More twit twoo