Adventures with #Somum

Dear mummy, every second Wednesday of the month you join other parents online and have a good natter. Between the hours of 20:30 and 22:00 you chat on Twitter using the hashtag #somum. It’s a creative make date (Twitter party) hosted by Pippa at Story of Mum, where you make something creative and talk at the same time.

You talk about everything and anything…ranging from parenting trials and tribulations to jokes and GBBO. Whenever you feel down #Somum chats always make you feel happy!

Somum make dates

In the past you’ve created

  • Leafy Love Notes
  • Hope Boats
  • Embrace Happy Hearts
  • Yes Vests
  • Cartoons and film titles of your life.

#SoMum Yes Vest

They are all based on your experiences as a mum. It’s very therapeutic to make something to help you get through the  tough times and be kinder to yourself. What’s more is that the #Somum community is friendly and very supportive.

So if you stumble across my blog and read this please hop onto Twitter using hashtag #SoMum and have a look at all our creative masterpieces!

#somum hand 2

Somum Twitter chat

It’s lovely to find like-minded people on the internet that help you raise a smile. This is a reason to be happy!

Love Bella and her mummy! X




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