At the carwash – yeah!

Dear Mummy, its funny how the simplest of chores can turn out to be the best treasured family moments. Over the weekend we had 3 generations (Daddy and Grandpa and me) cleaning cars out on the drive. I was desperate to get in on the action and I’ve never cleaned a car before so this was my first time!Bella washing a car

We moved the cars to front of the house so we had easy access to the kitchen tap, as my folks don’t have an outdoor hose. My mummy dressed me into some casual clothes after I tried to persuade her to let me wear my sparkly princess dress. She was such a party popper, however I did manage to wear my Mickey Mouse ears for a little while which went with my Dismaland t-shirt!

Bella washing a car

It was a really bright and sunny day and we were cleaning my mummy’s old car ready to sell it. It was very dirty and the alloys were black to begin with, I was amazed how shiny they came up. I kept staring at my reflection in the door panels and I was the perfect height to clean the side skirts of the car.

Bella washing a car

It kept me occupied for a good hour and was actually really good fun and great exercise for a kiddy like me with all that stretching and bending down to dip my sponge in the water bucket. I even managed to get in a bit of water yoga as well, mucking around with the water and playing with the soap suds. I loved splashing the sponges in the buckets and dripping the water on the pavement.

Bella washing a car

I loved seeing the results and the car changing colour from a dusty grey to a shiny silver before my eyes. I helped my folks carry water from the kitchen tap to the driveway and poured the dirty water down the drain. I was a really good little helper.

Do you like cleaning cars? It sounds like such a boring task but can actually be great fun. It helped me listen and follow instructions, made me feel that I was a responsible ‘big girl’ by carrying the water and gave me the opportunity to burn off some pent-up energy.

Love Bella x

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16 thoughts on “At the carwash – yeah!

  1. Oh Bella what a fantastic job you did and might I add just how cute you look washing Mummy’s old car. Ella and Holly are yet to endure the joys of washing our car. However they do link going through the car wash. Xx

  2. Kids and water is always fun! My children love washing the cars too, although I have to say they always come back in absolutely wet from leaning on the car whilst trying to wash it! Lots of fun and (sort of!!) helpful, too!

  3. Aww, such an adorable post! O loves car washing, but A hasn’t had a go yet, maybe they can both help this weekend! Love that Bella wanted to wear her princess dress! Car washing is definitely lots of fun for little kids, especially when they get soggy wet too!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  4. Yes, well, water, innit. My daughter likes washing up. I like to think this will last until she is actually capable of doing it all for me, but alas I suspect that it will last exactly until just before that point.

    On the other hand, I did get the kids to wash the floors almost unsupervised last week, so perhaps I am wrong.

  5. Ohh Bella what a great job you did. I’ve never washed a car myself either (I’m 26 so this is really bad!) But it actually does look like great fun. Mine is very horrible at the moment and we were going to take it to the car wash on Monday, but you’ve convinced me that I should probably try and clean it myself and let my daughter join in too!! I think she’d enjoy it as much as you did! Thank you for sharing this on #whatevertheweather . It sounds like you’ve learnt so many new great skills. x

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