My festival look with GoGetGlitter

Dear mummy, last weekend we were at Blissfields Festival in Hampshire having a house party in a middle of a field. While we were there we indulged in a festival trend that’s sweeping festivals up and down the country called GoGetGlitter.

GoGetGlitter Review

GoGetGlitter is a specialist face and body art company, located in london. GoGetGlitter travel around the world working at festivals, corporate events and parties and they add a little sparkle everywhere they go! Working from their funky pop up stand, their team of trained professionals offer custom designs for festival goers, parties and corporate events.

GoGetGlitter Review

We follow their colourful feed on Instagram and love the festival looks they create, so when we saw their stand at Blissfields we just had to give it a go. It was like a mobile make-up stand, with full-sized mirrors, comfy chairs and Hollywood style lights. I was drawn to it straight away. Like a magpie I love glitter and everything that sparkles.

GoGetGlitter Review

GoGetGlitter have 10 festival looks to customise and knowing how much I rub my face my mummy recommended that I had my arm painted so it would last longer. I picked my ‘war’ paint from a beautiful range of jewel-like colours, a stencil and the make-up artist dabbed glitter on the design and brought it to life!

Go Get Glitter

My mummy preferred to have something on her face that was really eye-catching for the festival. So, here our festival look. We were really impressed by how speedy they were and our make-up only took 5 minutes and looked super professional. The GoGetGlitter girls were friendly and talkative and really made the experience worth it. The results were beautiful!


My mummy got her face painted like a mermaid for £10, which looked awesome and lasted 24hrs, it washed off really easily too. Using water-soluble glue, facepaint stencils and large chunky glitter to looked awesome! (The photos don’t do it justice!) My mummy wore black jean hotpants from Primark, a black knitted festival cardigan from Primark, a moon pendant from Top Shop and a super soft tee from H&M, her festival wellies were from Trespass at a bargain £18! See, who needs Hunters!!

Blissfields Review 2016

I wore a pretty set from M&S at £18and a flower headband picked up from the festival.

We hope you like our style and are inspired. If you fancy seeing more pictures head over to our gallery here.

Love Bella xx

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31 thoughts on “My festival look with GoGetGlitter

  1. As much as I hate glitter, this does look really cool and I’d definitely get one done if I were to see them at a festival. Glad to hear it washed off easily haha!

  2. 100% taking my kids to a festival next year! Been avoiding it because they are so young I keep thinking it will be too much hard work but I loved festivals and I want my kids to love it too. Your photos have made me want to go again! xxx

  3. Oh my goodness I am LOVING the glitter. Reminds me of when I went to Ibiza on holiday! You guys look fab and looks like you had a great day out. I need to look into family friendly festivals. Thanks so much for linking up 🙂 #weekendtotstyle

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