Camp Bestival 2017 warm-up with Big Fish Little Fish

Dear mummy, it may be snowing in the South of the UK but we’re setting our sights on the summer! Last year we visited one of the biggest family friendly festivals in the UK called Camp Bestival.

Camp Bestival Review
Chilling out at last year’s Camp Bestival

However this year we needn’t wait until July as the party kicks off early in 2017 as Camp Bestival goes on tour. Team CB are joining forces with Big Fish Little Fish events to celebrate this year’s Pop Stars & Rock Stars theme with a series of family raves!

Camp Bestival are raving their way across the south from February to April, hitting Farnham, Bristol, Southampton, Balham, Margate, Bath and Bournemouth ending up at The Mangle in Hackney.

We were lucky enough to be invited down to the family rave in Farnham after reviewing it last year. Big Fish Little Fish have become a big deal on the family arts scene hosting top quality raves for all the family, featuring the cream of the A-list DJ scene and myriad fun and games for kids of all ages.


We were super stoked to hear DJs Baker & Beale spin the decks on Saturday to a sold out crowd of parents and children. Free glowsticks, balloons and transfer tattoos were handed out to children while adults could indulge in a cheeky pint during the afternoon from the bar. The venue was at Farnham Maltings which also had a chill out area upstairs by the cafe and a bar with couches and seating so kids (and adults) that were overwhelmed by the disco could take a time out to catch their breath!

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

At the back of the venue there was also a baby soft play area, with a ball pit and tents which was still in the heart of all the action and gave new parents a chance to listen to the music, feed and take in the atmosphere.

Big Fish Little Fish

We loved making Rock Star Masks in the Captain Cookie craft area. They had a wealth of glitter, sticky hearts and stars, pre-cut designs and gems to embellish our creations!


I also liked colouring in the wall mural at the back of the venue which depicted a whole host of famous pop stars and rock stars. Such a great theme for this years Camp Bestival! Our full video is below which gives you a taste of the 2 hour event!

We got into the festival spirit at the Camp Bestival Pop Stars & Rock Stars Photo Booth and had the opportunity to dress up and pretend to be pop stars.


Many were sharing their photo booth snaps with the hashtag #CB17ontour and #BFLF to win one of three Camp Bestival 2017 family tickets which were up for grabs!

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave Review

Check out the tour dates and details listed below. We had a fab time raving and really enjoyed this experience.

Tickets and more information via

Camp Bestival 2017 tour dates

We can’t wait until July now, roll on Camp Bestival! We’re all warmed up!

Love Bella x

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51 thoughts on “Camp Bestival 2017 warm-up with Big Fish Little Fish

  1. This looks like lots of fun and I would love to go! it’s a shame they all seem to be down south hopefully I can find something similar up north.

    Jodie x

  2. I’ve never heard of this kind of festival, but it looks like an awesome time! I wonder if they do something similar here in the States?

  3. Bella, this looks like such a fun festival and you look so adorable dressed up like a rock star! I really like the rock star mask that you made, you look so happy wearing it. You must have had such a good time at the Camp Bestival Warm Up x

  4. These look amazing! I must try to make the London date! I worked at the first Camp Bestival and it was so much fun ❤

  5. We’ve been looking into going to Camp Bestival, this looks like a great introduction to it to see what the kids think. Great that there is one in Hackney, not far from us at all 🙂

  6. I’m sure your kiddo had a lot of fun! I love the candid shot of her wearing a creative rockstar mask! Cool that you were able to bond during this Bestival!

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