My Favourite Ladybird Picks

Dear Mummy, I start BIG school in September and am very excited. There are three reception year classrooms at my new school and I’m in the Ladybird Room. My school uniform is also red so we’ve been looking for ladybird accessories and toys to get ourselves into the mood for starting school.

I’ve always been attracted to the ladybird print of red with black spots and it very striking. Here’s our top Ladybird picks from the high street and I’m totally in love with the mini ladybird sheepskin boots from Emu and ladybird hair clips from Lottie Nottie. Sadly I won’t be able to wear the boots to school however I can wear ladybird wellies in the playground!

What’s your favourite ladybird item from the selection below?


Ladybird Picks


  1. Wheelybug Ladybird Ride-On Toy, Tesco – £69 
  2. Ladybird Shorts, H&M  – £7.99
  3. Ladybird Wellies, F&F  – onsale £5
  4. Lunch Bag Backpack Harley, Trunki – £12.99
  5. Ladybird Umbrella, Bugzz Kids –  £12
  6. Ladybirds Hair Clips, LottieNottie – £3.99
  7. Harley Ladybird, Trunki – £32.99
  8. Ladybird Sheepskin Boots, Emu Girls – £79.99

So what do you think of my ladybird picks?

Love Bella x




32 thoughts on “My Favourite Ladybird Picks

  1. I love the look of those wheelybugs – I meant to get one for my eldest daughter, but I think she’s a bit old now. Those wellington boots are just so cute too 🙂

  2. My sister is obsessed with ladybirds and think she’d really like these so will be sure to share 🙂

  3. These are all adorable, good luck to you in Ladybirds. Sebby will be in Oak……..can;t find any accessories for that LOL

  4. I love ladybird print too, it’s why I always have to stock up on the spring bath bomb when it comes into stock. I love the wellies x

  5. When I was a child everything I owned was from Woolies, so I had so many ladybird things, including Ladybird Wellies and Slippers 🙂 I definitely think mummy should buy you those wellies, especially as they’re on sale x

  6. Aww all of these are so cute! My nanny kids already have the ladybird wheelybug. My nanny children (the girl twins) would love those ladybird hair clips!

  7. The umbrella is so so cute! Erm… I wonder if they do big sizes for 24 year olds? Would definitely make grey days in Manchester a little bit better!

  8. I used to love ladybird prints as a child! The umbrella is so cute and something I would use now!

  9. Good luck Isabella at your new school but enjoy your summer first, don’t wish the time away. Love the selection of ladybird items here.

  10. How exciting for you Bella, that you start big school in September. My little boy is just coming to the end of his first year, and I can tell you that it has been exciting and wonderful, so I know you’ll have a wonderful time. Red is my favourite colour, so I very much approve of your uniform; and how fab that you’ve been looking at labybird things. They all look fab. I think my favourite though is the little hair clips, which I would be happy to wear myself. So cute.

  11. Congratulations on the big school! I LOVE the lady bird umbrella! Wish there was something like this for adults haha!

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