Lush Southampton – New Store Opening

Dear Mummy, at last the new LUSH Southampton store in WestQuay has opened! My mummy has a soft spot for her hometown LUSH store which has relocated from the tiny Bargate shop into a massive unit in WestQuay shopping centre which is three times the size and has created extra jobs in the city.

LUSH Southampton Review

We were invited to the press opening of the new store and with excitement in the air, head LUSH honcho Mark Constantine making an appearance and girls dressed up as bath bombs, everyone was super excited to get inside and have a nosey around. It was very busy so my mummy waited until the end to take piccy’s and video. She loved the old store having visited last year after moving away from Southampton. Her local store is now Basingstoke 🙂

LUSH Southampton Review

When my mummy arrived the event was in full flow, drinks were being handed out on platters and staff were on hand to answer questions about the store and offer demonstrations. My mummy was treated to a hand massage from Zoe, who’s she’s met before at the Basingstoke store. They discussed spa treatments and the best products for muscle relaxing, as my mummy has suffered intercostal muscle soreness since her hospital stay and she was a wealth of knowledge.

LUSH Southampton Review

The store was so clean and colourful, with a dark and fairly muted backdrop offering a great canvas to highlight LUSH’s products. The bath bombs and soaps really popped and were super eye-catching even from the walkway outside! There’s a little video of the inside of the new LUSH Southampton store below and as you can see it’s a lovely modern unit with plenty of space to browse.

LUSH Southampton Review

My mummy went around each section in the store from bath bombs, skincare to haircare and make-up looking for treatments and the best products to aid her recovery from recent surgery and give her the pick me up she needed. Lavender infused products and essential oils, clove, mint and sandalwood caught her eye. Her absolute favourite part of the opening party was the demonstration area at the front of the store. Sophie from LUSH Kitchen was on hand to help her make her own bath bombs.

Lush Southampton Store Review

We can’t wait to return to shop in this store and its going to be much easier to navigate around during the Christmas rush! Everything was laid out beautifully and it showcased all the products in their full glory. My mummy could have spent ages browsing in the store and taking to staff, however after a couple of hours it was time to drag herself away and return home.

A huge thank you to LUSH Southampton for inviting us along to have a sneak peek at the store before it opened. My mummy couldn’t resist buying some new bits, even though she was gifted a goodie bag to take home with her, so she treated herself to the body spray in her favourite Twilight scent.

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We were invited down to the store opening in order to write a blog post about the event.

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29 thoughts on “Lush Southampton – New Store Opening

  1. I love Lush too Bella. Lovely to see a good size shop. My “local” Lush (a mere 60 miles away) is very small, and horrible when it is busy. I love the layout of Lush shops, I always feel so excited walking in. I’m a bit silly that way.

  2. Unfortunately the combined strong smell of all the lush goodies in one place gives me a major headache but their items are lovely individually!! This store looks huge!! Great photos!!

  3. I love Lush and have passed on my love to my Daughter, we often used to go in and treat ourselves on our girs shopping trips, sadly due to her illness we havent been able to but I do still get her treats from there. It sounds like you had an amazing time x

  4. Lush is one of my favourites and I absolutely love it when new stores open. I went into the huge Oxford Street store yesterday x

  5. My OH and I still haven’t been to Lush… There’s one in town near us, but we just never get around to going there haha

  6. Oh wow I love LUSH so this sounds like a heavenly treat. I too could spend hours just browsing and sniffing everything. I think the storeds are so beautifully laid out. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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