Going wild at Little Africa, Paultons Park

Dear Mummy, we trekked into an unexplored section of Paultons Park last weekend. It’s called Little Africa and it’s located right next to Peppa Pig World within the park. With a very tribal theme it is a stark contrast to all the rainbows and dinosaurs from Peppa and George’s world.

Paultons Park in Hampshire unveiled its new Little Africa enclosure last month, which features funny meerkats, beautiful porcupines, silky lizards, creepy millipedes and cockroaches along with many other wonderfully coloured birds and exotic animals. As soon as we entered the park we made a beeline to this new attraction. We were excited to see all the animals and check out the decor of this African Savannah.

Little Africa at Paultons Park

The entrance is wonderfully done and really draws you in and in many ways transports you to another land. At the centre of the new enclosure is an aviary with a mix of bird species perching on an imitation baobab tree and watering hole, including trumpeter hornbills, Madagascar teal and black-crowned night herons.

Little Africa at Paultons Park

It’s great that you can walk through and see the birds the other side of the fence and Paultons Park is also famed for it’s amazing gardens and bird life. This is the first time I’ve ever been allowed inside an aviary to be with the unique birds, watching them swoop and sore over our heads, we half expected a crocodile to appear from the water at any minute!

Little Africa at Paultons Park Review

Little Africa also houses a number of animals native to the continent, including fennec fox and a Savannah monitor lizard, as well as one of the largest rodents in Africa, the Gambian pouched rat, and also the smallest, the African pygmy mouse.

Little Africa

We had fun in the nocturnal house, where the creatures of Africa came out of their hiding places to entertain us. It is a magnificent indoor area where visitors enter the dark to see a variety of animals in a low light environment. With tribal art on the walls and illuminated information boards we could have spent ages in there gawping at all the rodents as they scampered on by unaware of visitors prying eyes.

Little Africa Review

Little Africa is such an educational attraction too and we found out a lot about the animals we were studying closely. Everything was immaculate, the enclosures, the clear windows and the walkways it really was a pleasure to walk around. My folks were impressed by how friendly and confident the meerkats were around the public and even had a staring competition with them (see our short vlog). Having seen other meerkat enclosures in zoos and parks in the UK, Paultons should be commended for the space they have created for them. They seemed playful and comfortable in their environment though my folks wondered how they would cope in the height of the season with all us over excited little people!

We’d definitely recommend a stop at this new attraction and it really adds another great element to the theme park with all the attention to detail. We can’t wait to head back and see if there are any wildlife talks on next time! It would be great if there were a couple of members of the Paulson’s crew dressed in Safari outfits to add to the atmosphere!

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We were offered tickets to Paultons Park in return for this review, all onsite purchases were our own.

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35 thoughts on “Going wild at Little Africa, Paultons Park

  1. Paultons Park used to be so local for us when we lived in the UK and we loved it there. Little Africa looks really lovely and we adore Meerkats

  2. I remember going to Paulton’s Park when I was younger but it has been so many years now, I don’t remember them having animals but then I often don’t remember what I had for dinner! Love your photos!

  3. We love paultons park! I used to go all the time as a child and it’s nice to see it’s just so positive! This attraction looks lovely.

  4. Hi, I frequently drive past this park but have yet to visit. You looked like you had a great time and now I may have to a detour and pop in and visit #BloggersBest

  5. We were going to head to Paulton’s Park when we went to the New Forest but the snow stopped! We’ll need to return though, because we haven’t been to this part or the park before.

  6. Little Africa sounds and looks amazing. It’s a great addition to Paultons. We haven’t visited there yet but if we do swing by that way during a visit to the UK I’ll definitely check it out!

  7. I know for certain that both my kids would love to go to Little Africa, seems like a dream and full of adventure for little ones.

  8. We are hoping to visit Poultons Park next year when our daughter is a bit more able to appreciate it rather than just make snorting noises at Peppa. I wasn’t aware of this section of the park as my friends mainly take their kids for the Peppa section but then with it being new I guess none of them have seen it yet x

    1. Paultons Park is massive with so much to see! We like Lost World and the Japanese Water Garden. Peppa Pig World is awesome…with two new rides opening soon too!

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